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  1. Fantastic. Nice stick. That thing is probably nano light. I have a steelhead rod that I sometimes fish early season or if I know it's basically a schoolie bite. Has to fun with the small fish and if you gets omething with weight WATCH OUT! Tightlines
  2. Congrats. What blank is that and did you wrap that rod?
  3. SC beaches all closed now until April 16. It could be a lot longer. Too many folks from other counties coming over to the beaches etc... Stay in your own hood, please.
  4. Here we go again.
  5. Can you and would you ship to west coast?
  6. Can you and would you ship to west coast?
  7. Can you and would you ship to west coast?
  8. Virginia I believe. SOmwhere down that way.
  9. SCROLL TO END TO SEE PIC OF FULL LOT $200 Takes the whole lot including PayPal and shipping Lemiers Plug Works Jitterbug $45 DROP TO $30 AH Swimmer 2.8 oz $27 DROP TO $20 Gibbs Bottle Darter 3.25 oz $27 DROP TO $20 AH Squid 1.8oz $45 DROP TO $30 AH Spook 2.5oz $27 DROP TO $20 Fish On 8 Metal Lip 4.7oz $50 DROP TO $40 RM Smith Metal Lip Bunker 3.5 oz $27 DROP TO $20 RM Smith Metal Lip Herring 3.5 oz $27 DROP TO $20 Prices include PayPal fees. Add $5 shipping for single plug purchase. If buying 2 plugs or more I will pay for shipping. Most of these have not been fished much or at all. All swim great. Just reducing my stock of doubles and triples. Enjoy Lee
  10. I have 3 brand new in package. One spoffords Ballistic missle and GT IceCream needle nose and flatFace. All 3 ounce. Let me know if interested.
  11. Okay these have been sold to Max Deresh. Thank you all.
  12. Okay they are yours. Sending PM
  13. Okay thanks.
  14. Downsizing my ridiculous plug collection due to storage capacity. These have been carried and fished very lightly. Still have original hardware on the back but hooks are rusty. Photos show normal wear from storage etc.. plugs are in fantastic shape. You already know the ability of these lures to entice big fish. You will will now have 2 awesome swimmers to throw in the boulder fields on your next trip to Block. Heck Gary may be on the rock next you to give you a few tips. Both are Juniors 6.5 inches approximately 2.8 oz I cover PayPal and shipping. Black Pearl $70 Bluefish Scale $65 Thanks for looking. Lee
  15. Appreciate the offer. I want to let it ride for a day to see if I can sell the whole lot. If not lets add $2 for shipping and tomorrow if no one takes the whole lot it's yours for $37. Is that a deal?