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  1. $450 Shipped Used but not abused. This real was opened up last year by Mike at Saltwaters and did not need anything. Has not been used since. Mostly used on sand beaches. Hence it has some rash on the spool. That does not affect the real in any way mechanically. 10 out of 10 mechanically. This was basically my back up reel the few years. Selling to fund a new rod purchase.
  2. $125 excellent condition. 10/10 mechanically 8/10 cosmetically. I am original owner. Prefer Santa Cruz or Central coast pickup. Add $10 for shipping.
  3. Flatlander blitz bag is great for small minnow plugs. I also use dividers in my 2,3 and 4 tube plug bags, that have 3-inch tubes. It adds some weight but is well worth the tradeoff for me. Belly hook only plugs and you can stuff a lot more in a 2-tube bag. Lee
  4. I love the Dryft waders as well. Great fit, design and tough. I have also had several pairs of older front zip LL Beans and those also had a great fit. The front zip has been a game changer. Stay hydrated and take a piss really quick. Especially nice in nasty weather. Lee
  5. I had some lessons from an old salt last season. Once I got the hang of it, it was a blast! It has advantages. Lighter gear in deep water and fast currents where I thought you needed a heavy diamond jig etc. It outproduced the diamond jigs. We had 4 of us trying different techniques. Simple bucktail hair was the ticket on those outings. We liked it so much my buddy is making tying some jigs as I write this. Found some hooks on the Bay. It was tough to find the right weight and hook sizes.
  6. Nice setup. Congrats.
  7. Is this the newer x version? Because the line lay looks hourglass shaped which was a symptom of the older VS? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info. I believe that this is more or less the same rod I have called CTS Surf and Jetty? 9 foot 1-2.5 oz but can throw almost three with authority. A lot of power for a 9-foot rod and like you said great for bucktails, metal and the like. Very fast recovery. One of my favorite and was looking for another. Does that sound like the same rod? Lee
  9. Pics of the Baycaster, please? Butt to reel seat measurement. Factory rod? How old? Condition? Thanks Lee
  10. Are these all gone?
  11. Ya the spear fishing part was a bit tough to watch.
  12. Maybe you can send him this.
  13. Well let’s call him out try educating him. There are plenty of long time Salmon guides that can put it all in perspective for him. You can send me a PM if don’t want to advertise his site by posting here. Thanks Lee
  14. I have not seen any on insta? I must be following the wrongs guys. LOL How sad that it's come to this. Hard to blame them. They probably think that's a decent fish. It's been the same surfing the last 15 years. People have no clue and know nothing of what they do. Maybe we can drop some knowledge on them. We need new blood in the sport to have the power to make changes in the fishery. Lee
  15. So they are admitting that the fishery had a significant collapse 20 years ago. Since then they have not done anything to help restore the fishery? Their excuse is that people who fish for food will not be able to eat? That has absolutely nothing to do with managing a fishery for abundance, not to mention that if these meat fishermen were able to catch 2 fish that were 30-40 inches instead of 18-25 inches they would put more meat on the table. It is a completely flawed argument. You can not have big fish if you kill all the small fish. Dereliction of duty. I have been fishing for stripers for 45 years. The last 20 years here on the west coast since moving here in 2002. In my experience, the fishery has seen a major decline in those 20 years. I have seen the same decline on the east coast over those same 20 years. Back east in the 80's the fishery had collapsed and they put in strict limits and even a moratorium in some cases. It worked and the fishery came back like gangbusters to world-class in just a few years. So I am paying for a license so some DF&G person can ride around in an 80,000 truck and catch a guy with a 16-inch striped bass. Please tell me what fishery in California is thriving under their management? My comments are not aimed at the guys and girls wardens etc.. who are trying to make a difference out there. It's the higher-ups I want to get rid of. Late-night rant over. Lee