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  1. Looking forward to it.
  2. Hi Gents Debating between the 9' 6" Century Slingshot and the 9' 6" ODM Frontier X Going to be used as a lighter daily driver so to speak applications. Bucktails up to 3/4-1.5 oz, SP minnows, redfins, soft plastics/shads/ 9 inch sluggos, smaller metal lips up 2.5 oz and the occasional topwater stuff. I held a frontier x about a year ago and I did cast a slingshot maybe 2-3 years ago. But I am having a hard time making a comparison in my head now that time has passed. There isn't anywhere that I know of locally that carries the ODM. A friend has the slingshot so I can go cast it again. This rod will almost solely be fished on the open beach. Questions: Which has faster action? Which will throw the lighter stuff and the heavier stuff better? What weights under or overloads the rod? What it the sweet spot of the rods? Overall impressions when fighting fish? Does the ODM feel more bulky like comparing the CTS Vapor trail to a GSB? Rods have a certain feel that is hard to describe and everyone likes something different. I can appreciate both the Century Stealth super parabolic and the CTS Surf and jetty stiff powerful and fast. Where do these rods fit in? Thanks to all that take the time to respond Lee
  3. I am not sure what you might be throwing in the surf if you consider the 120 heavy? I believe 120 is the length in mm not the weight. I think it weighs1 1/8 oz? To me that is light. I suppose it depends on your gear.
  4. It looks like you have the smaller box. Mine is 12 inches deep and works great. I have mine filled with large metal lip swimmers and they do not tangle or get caught on the bottom. The box is deep. Each slot has a divider. Good luck with the sale. Lee
  5. CVS Pfizer
  6. I have a 10 foot DNA 3/4-4 oz. That rod will pair with a VS 150, VS 200, and Penn slammer 3 3500, or 4500. Remember the Penn slammers are a size up from comparable Shimano reels. I also have a Shimano Saragossa 5000 that works. There is some personal preferences and but in terms of weight and balance, I would say somewhere between 13-16 oz would make sense. The VR 50 weighs 8.9 oz according to the Van Stall website. Not only will that NOT balance IMHO but line capacity will be an issue when using 30# braid especially if you have wind at your back. Remember most people put on some backing and when you start casting deep into your spool you get more friction and lose distnace. Lighter reels are not always better and in some cases much more of a hindrance especially in a strong current or crosswind. You may need a faster line pick up and a small spool will not give you that. If you are not tight to your plug it's hard to set the hook and you will miss fish. Just my two cents. Lee
  7. Congrats on landing a fish on 4#. I never fished for Corbina but hard to imagine having to drop down to that light a line in the surf.
  8. It can be really mellow weather then. The point can have Strong rip and wind and tides can be really dangerous. Very important in a boat that size is to follow the weather closely in terms of wind direction. WInds can change drastically from am to pm and depending on which way you head after leaving the inlet can mean a tough ride back. Be safe and have a blast. Big fluke, bass and blues.
  9. Rod technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. There are so many great choices at this point. Best advice IMHO is to try a bunch of rods if you can. Especially if you are newer to surfcasting. If possible actually get on the beach with the rods and throw the plugs you have in your bag. Lami and ODM have some fantastic rods at a base level. Now with that being said, I still believe there is a difference with the higher-end rod models. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that. WIll you cast further and or catch more fish? Probably not. I don't think you are all of sudden going to get 30-50% more distance. That has to do with technique. Basically like comparing a $20 bottle of whiskey to a $30 bottle. Is there a difference? I would say so. Both will get ya drunk and both could be a basic daily bottle but I would prefer the $30 bottle at this point in my life. It's just a bit more refined. I have fished both the 10 and 11-foot century stealths and I can't tell you that it's insane when you are hooked up to a fish. The bend is just magic. Very moderate action. I also have tried the slingshot and am having that built right now. Totally different animal. Much faster and the power feels like it will throw above the rating 3.5oz with ease if need be. I would say that the CTS vapor trail is somewhere in between these two rods. Much more crisp than the stealth but way more moderate than the slingshot. I fish a lot of rods but I find myself reaching for my CTS or Century rods more than any other.
  10. I'm in. Thanks dude!
  11. I have also had Mke at Saltwaters work on my reels and he was also great.
  12. Is the slingshot sold?
  13. Plenty of waders with pee zipper. Dryft, LL Bean, Froggs Tog. I went that way years ago and will never go back. You can also get a wetsuit with a pee zipper. I also have that and it has been a godsend when standing on a rock for four hours and not having to marinate in my urine. Lee
  14. I'm in. Thanks
  15. TAP Plastics in San Jose CA. Look them up