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  1. Signed
  2. I just got a couple in the mail today. Tested them in the pool. With a weighted wide gap hook has some side to side action when twitched and nice level flutter when falling. WIth a jig head way better side to side darting action when twitched very noticeable difference. May try them tonight in the surf here in Norcal for stripers and then next week when back east for bass and blues. Lee
  3. Sweet to have it so close to home last year. I have also been to the Francis beach ones up in HMB a couple of times. That is a real slog with weekend traffic from the East side of Santa Cruz. Basically, need the whole day. Wife/kids/chores take a hit. San Gregorio might be a great halfway point. Also nicer to be away from so many beachgoers at Francis etc.. Appreciate all your time and effort you take to put this on. Lee
  4. Incredible post. Thanks for taking the time and writing it down better than most ever could with the same knowledge. There is soo much truth in your post that a newbie would be smart to take it to heart, commit to it and take a few years to see why what you said works. This is more or less what I try to convey to new folks. The gear, casting tides, swell etc all that is great. The hardest piece that I have had people understand and believe is confidence in what you are doing. To actually believe that you WILL catch and when we are talking about big fish just multiply all that 100 times as you may only get one chance in many many hours of casting and if you're not ready then well.... In the end, this a great read for everybody because we all forget stuff and get stuck in our ways. Thanks, Tightlines Lee
  5. I have way too much gear. SANDALS have been by far the easiest and cheapest IMHO
  6. Great post. I have done Striper sashimi a few times. I have 2 questions. How necessary is it to freeze the fish to kill the parasites? I have never done that. Does freezing the fish change the consistency and or taste the meat. Thanks Lee
  7. Van Staal all the way. I have a bunch of them. I also have a few slammer 3's. Great for both coasts.
  8. Certainly great to get specs and opinions and experiences from others. But there is just no way to know what you will really like unless: 1. You work with a builder who knows how and where you fish and really connect with ( preferably fishes with you sometime) 2. You go cast some of these rods with a bag of lures. One rod that I picked up last year (builder recommended Lou Caruso) and liked a lot was the ODM DNA 10 foot. I throw mostly 3/4-2 5/8 oz and it handled fish up to 21 pounds just lovely. For comparison, I fish the CTS Vapor trail 11 foot 1-3 and consider it a rod that is hard to beat for an all-around beach rod. In my opinion a little more refined than the ODM if that makes any sense, but for the price and availability, the ODM is hard to beat. In fact, once I picked up the ODM in October, I fished it exclusively through the fall. I also fish a few Century rods and they are stellar as well in certain situations. Like I said if you can borrow a stick from a friend or go to demo it will help a lot. Lee
  9. Yes! Good points. I Actually used to fish the Century Stealth S1 1-3 oz 11 footer. Super parabolic and slow action. Loved that rod when into solid fish. Felt like you could not pull a hook because the rod was such a good shock absorber. Probably would have lost a lot more fish due to user error if not for that.
  10. Many surf tops also have longer arms if I am saying this right. Basically, a looser fit for casting. Allows for arm extension. I also love tight cuffs. Even if not dealing with waves when you release fish water goes up your arms and wets your shirt sleeves. If it is cold that sucks. Well, actually it just sucks. I hate that.
  11. I have an older 1083 factory build. Have caught tons of small fish on it. It also has handled bass up to 30 pounds but I would not use it for that. I find it kind of sloppy compared to newer rods like the 9 foot CTS surf and jetty which can cast the light stuff just as well but can also toss a 2/38 superstrike popper. The CTS is a much faster rod, way more crisp.
  12. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing. SOunds like a blast. Have not been down that way since I was about 16 years old. My 50th is next month.
  13. I picked up the 10 foot DNA a few weeks ago and was right into fish for about a week. Had about 50 fish on it from 5-20 pounds. Paired it with several reels. Penn slammer 3 4500, VS 150, VR 125. For comparison, I currently own a 10 foot Vapor trail 1-3 oz, CTS 9 foot surf and jetty, Century Stealth 10 foot S1, Custom lami build on a lami 108L, FSC Marauder. I have thrown most of the range from bucks, metal lips, tins, sp minnows, pencils etc.. I did not try to throw anything over 3 oz. For me, it's hard to beat the vapor trail for most work, but I wanted something a bit smaller to fill the void. Compared to the 10-foot Century Stealth the DNA is much crisper, a totally different animal altogether. I think if this rod was $400 people would believe it was a $400 rod for whatever that means. In most cases I believe you do get what you pay for and in this case, I think you get more than what you paid for. If I had one rod to use all year (sand beaches) this would be it. I can not attest to it;s capabilities in the rocks with large fish in heavy current. For that type of work, I would use the Marauder. Mr. Lou Caruso steered me to this stick and for that I again say thanks. He hasn't steered me wrong yet. Thanks Lou Lee S
  14. I am not sure if this has already been posted, but I believe we should all take the time to read this. https://oneanglersvoyage.******.com/2018/08/rep-zeldin-continues-his-assault-on.html?m=1 Lee
  15. Ya forecast looks fairly typical although that bit of monsoonal moisture sometimes breaks up the Marine layer and there may be a bit more humidity than some are used to. So maybe a bit warmer than normal. Basically the same old sh%t.. Lee