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  1. Phil. So sorry my mistake!!! I forgot that this was your thread. I have a bunch of for sale threads going. My apologies. Lee
  2. Thank you Phil Payment received please close.
  3. The more I think about it I’d prefer to just do a straight sale. It’s more straightforward and I’m really trying to downsize the amount of plugs and gear that I have. Just let me know if you want to do the purchase. Thanks Lee
  4. Sorry meant to include that. They are all 6 inches
  5. The black/gold darter is new. I can do all three for $55. That covers my shipping costs of $10. Let me know. Thanks Lee
  6. I found another in black. I can take pics. We shall figure it out. Lee
  7. Tim payment received. Please close. Thanks
  8. If I don't hear back by tomorrow a.m. then they are yours.
  9. Could you do $35 to help cover my shipping costs? Cause by splitting I am going to have to ship twice. Any chance you Know Johnny Esposito out in Montauk or any relation to Espo’s surf and sport? thanks Lee
  10. Payment received. Please close this thread.
  11. Okay they are yours pending payment. Sent you a PM Thanks Lee
  12. 3 pencils $60 Shipped These have been fished lightly and have a long fish catching life ahead of them. Mike is one of my fishing partners so you can be assured that these are all his plugs. You can only imagine how many of them I have accumulated over the last 15 years of fishing with him. I almost exclusively fish Fixter wood. Anyway, I need to thin the herd a bit. Storage is getting ridiculous. 6 inch 1.5 oz 6.5 inch 2.5 oz 7.5 inch 2.5 oz Sold as a lot.
  13. Christian Okay well let's circle back in a few days.
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