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  1. I used to fly fish there a lot and I would walk out with my stripping basket full of trash every time. I would try to have the suspected perps see me do it. I think they shut that area down some years back because the idiots set the marsh on fire.
  2. ya never know. just saying.
  3. got a game cam? might get some nice pics.
  4. Seems like they wear the white jersey. Just going on recent memory. Trend?
  5. Im going with skinny Albert.
  6. I have harmony stowaway tires that break down easy and can be stored through a 10" hatch. They work fine for my T13 on sand but wish axle was a bit longer. Got mine for a 100. The fact that I can store them in the hull is what sold me on them. The less I have on deck the better.
  7. I miss the old stadium. Still seemed new to me, must be getting old. Ramps made getting in and out a lot smoother and faster.
  8. Props on your closing speed, well done! I hope those dirtbags get their karma.
  9. I'll sign up for that anytime. Nice get.
  10. Good posts here. There's nothing wrong with packing up the kayak, heading down then looking at conditions and not putting in. I check weather, tide, wind etc before heading out, but sometimes the eye test keeps me from launching. Have a backup plan, surf fishing, birding, biking etc can make a trip worthwhile. Make sure ya give "me" time as much chance to succeed as you can.
  11. Breaking surface? I guess snappers or little bunker.
  12. Thats what Im talking about! Nice get.
  13. ditto, the 550 with 20lb fireline on a 7ft gives me many options. i dont use reels too big on the yak because for me the boat on water is the first stage of the drag. the real fast fish get on the reel drag first.