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  1. I'm going with the "simply that stupid" theory after all they voted for him how smart can they be?
  2. it's gonna be a brutal 4 years
  3. she contacted France too. she tweeted that one,
  4. he just like to talk and stir stuff up.
  5. anyone of of you hiden supporters whom actually thought this guy was gonna run the country are dumber than you sound on here. I mean C'mon man! 2 months in and she's already doing a job that the president does. no other VP has done it. train wreck in the works....
  6. all in all I think this whole episode was a plan to pull the traitor/weak reps out of the grass, now we know who they are. it aint over lol
  7. Pathetic joke
  8. notice they were mostly white, what asshats
  9. and failed
  10. Trump 2024
  11. again! and look like fools
  12. Claim The Biden administration had to "start from scratch" with a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan because the Trump administration had no working plan. Rating Mixture About this rating What's True The Biden administration signed executive orders to create a new national plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines after states and hospitals reported dwindling supplies and unclear guidelines for how to immunize Americans under Trump. What's False However, the Trump administration did have a plan in place for distributing COVID-19 vaccines, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden's chief COVID-19 medical adviser, said the new administration would incorporate some aspects of that Trump-era strategy in its ongoing work.