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  1. Through-wired or not,..I pretty much rig every plug I throw, that way now,...in addition to not losing the fish, it is much easier to unhook them afterward (especially when it's a blue!!). Always upsize the hook as long as it doesn't kill the action,...it rarely is an issue though!! Also when a fish swings and misses the hook, it will usually come back for it,...just keep fishing and don't pull it away to speed reel it in!!
  2. I started with an Outback and loved it for freshwater, but as soon as I moved to the salt where I wanted to cover more ground, I started wanting something faster and easier to move against wind and current. I got an Adventure (Aka Revo 16) as a second boat,..figuring I would use them both, but I actually never put the Outback back in the water unless someone else was using it!! The difference in ease of getting from point A to B is like night and day in the 16 footer. I also sold the Outback and bought a Revo 13 for a second boat,..and used it exactly twice. I just can't give up the speed of the 16 footer,..."once you learn how to fly, you just don't wanna walk anymore" !!! Note: I would however take the Revo over the Outback for the same reasons...
  3. I used to get parts for Shimano reels that were 5 to 10 years out of production, if that eases your mind any!
  4. I have had squeaky pedals on an older drive,...in that case, I just removed the pedals from the spindles that they rotate on,...cleaned and relubed things and put them back together, which solved the problem. To get the pedals off, you just pry off the dust cap on the outside of the pedal which exposes a nut underneath which holds the pedal on. On a 2016 Revo,..I get squeaking, but it's from the seat not the pedals. The noise comes from the fabric rubbing on the support bar towards the front of the seat,...plus I get some noise from where the rear part of the frame rubs against the kayak hull. I use silicone spray where the seat fabric rubs and a little grease where the frame rubs on the hull. The fix is just temporary though and the noises always come back!! If anyone has a better solution for that squeaking seat, please let us know!
  5. It all depends on you, what yak you have,..and your comfort factor for the conditions. What used to be scary for me, is no big deal now,..just because I have spent a lot of time on the water. Pick and choose your days to be safe and stay within your comfort zone. The best advice I can give you is that if you are there, looking at the water and you are not sure,....then don't go out! Also, if you haven't practiced self rescue to the point where you are very comfortable with it,..you have no business being out there!! And that goes double if you are fishing alone! Just my $.02
  6. I am about to put my kayak away for the season,..is there any harm leaving the transducer on board if it will be outside all winter?
  7. Another vote for the Ken Onion Worksharp! Gets any knife shaving-sharp in a short period of time and doesn't require a ton of skill and patience to get it that way! It's also so quick and easy to touch up knives that are already moderately sharp,...that you will never let your blades get dull again! Well worth the investment! Lots of videos out there too if you want to research it...
  8. Years ago I remember someone posted a link on one of the old defunct yak fishing sites, to a guy that had fabricated a 17ft narrow graphite yak with a mirage drive in it!! I remember it looked so freakin fast, it shoulda had a drag chute on the back!! I had it bookmarked for a while but unfortunately that was several computers ago! :-(
  9. Flylika,..what are those dark hooks in the bottom picture and where do you get them?
  10. Okay Jason it's yours, pending payment.
  11. I have a 2010 Hobie Revo that has been pretty much sitting and collecting dust for most of it's years. I originally bought it as a second yak for my son and/or friends to use if they wanted to go yak-fishing with me,....long story short, it's probably been used less than 20 times. Here are the particulars: - no holes - Dune colored - Turbo fins - Sailing rudder - your choice of the OEM Hobie paddle or a Bending Branches Angler paddle,..neither has been used at all. - No cart,..but I do have an extra hobie-cart frame that I will throw in,.(.it will save you a few bucks to just buy the wheels..) Price = $1200 Note: I have put a few miles on the Mirage drive, since I used it interchangeably for a while with the drive from my other Hobie. It is still in good shape though and ready to go! I am located on the Eastern CT shoreline and am willing to drive about an hour with it.
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