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  1. Same as it's always been.
  2. tie a chicken rig like so , here's a quick drawing of how i rig it (make sure the chicken rig are single lines only not doubled). 99% they will eat the fly end. snap it , let it hit the bottom , repeat. the poof of sand it what attracts them , then they see the fly and eat it.
  3. 8' heavy avid inshore , and a spheros 6000 w/40 lb braid you can catch any tarpon that swims out of a boat. also double up as one helluva snook pole. if the avid is too spendy , get the 8' heavy tidemaster.
  4. scooby has vid on how to work around it..(tackle advisors) on youtube.
  5. I was at icast yesterday. This new torque feels a lot smoother than the old one.
  6. Still built in USA ?
  7. Same as the stradic FK , but MGL rotor and a couple more bearings , sizes 1000-5000 , no big reels.
  8. No , stays the same. I'll be at icast all day Wednesday.
  9. You would be lucky to jump on a guides boat on such short notice ,those guys book months or weeks in advanced..Take a bass rod and pond/lake hop all around downtown (gambler ez swimmer or a weedless weightless senko will do good). Pretty good fishing around ponce inlet , especially at night , that's not real far from Orlando. I'll be at icast Wednesday. Haulover Canal near Mosquito lagoon to Ft.Pierce is good fishing , you might get lucky in the surf on 2 oz spoons or 2oz - 1.5 oz white bucktails.
  10. Old Town is a good kayak. I did a search on their website , it looks like Broxson Outdoors and Pensacola Kayak & Sail , sells them. Native is another really good kayak.
  11. sunjammers in panama city is worth the drive.
  12. You can't go wrong with a hobie mirage pro angler 12 , Slayer Propel 13 or a Old Town predator....predator mx if you want to paddle. Are you closer to pensacola or panama city ?
  13. tell me how much you wanna spend.
  14. google "skyway piers". it's very hot out there during the day , stay hydrated.. nighttime it's not too bad.
  15. buy a kayak , if you're that worried about it... if you have open wounds , don't get in the water , simple.