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  1. I missed out meeting Jose. I did get to meet Flip Pallot. One of the most humble guys I've ever met. A lot like Mark Nichols , owner of DOA.
  2. 30 lb & 50 lb I like invisibraid. 10 lb & 20 lb I like yo zuri superbraid.
  3. To the op a 5000 is awful large for a 7' med inshore rod. I'd recommend a 3000. I stick with the aluminum reels.
  4. Brass gears. J&H just posted a video about it on youtube.
  5. I accidentally dunked my FL 3000 when wading about a month and a half ago. I just rinsed it off good that night , it still runs like brand new. I've caught a lot of fish on that reel so far , it shows no sign of any wear. (knock on wood).
  6. Not the best tarpon reel out there for the money.I trashed one in 3 days catching jacks in the bay. Get a BG 5000 and call it a day. If you're hellbent on spending $200+ get a Slammer or Spheros. Studying drag ratings is kinda silly in the first place.
  7. Alberto here also , the way Scoob does it on his channel. Everytime I get hung in the rocks it breaks off at the jig , never the connection.
  8. Idk what's wrong with it but , I saw a guy post a BG on fb with the same issue.
  9. Missing a few sizes from the Tidemaster series. 8' Heavy and 8' Med Heavy in casting and spinning. Oh well.
  10. Same here but , I have my 6k on a 8' xtra heavy carbon shield II. I can't wait to hear if they worked the wobble out of this new gosa..
  11. They should have updated the Tidemaster imo , it's way past due.
  12. I don't think Star rods are USA made anymore even the handcrafted..I also believe they were bought out by big rock sports in NC. At least that's where my email came from when I had a warranty issue about a month ago.
  13. How does their customer service fair ?
  14. Yes , it's called the spheros sw 6000. You're welcome.
  15. I take it , the reel is not over filled. What were you throwing ?