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  1. you all are awsome people i love you all so much kim a fishing buddy and long time friend of gos was with us today on the river he will be posting the pick he took and i get them over here for you all to see with love and heart mamasun
  2. we will be having hawks memorial at 10 am on thursday dang i dont know what to say im still at a loss of words but all of you are the best bunch of people i have had the pleasure to meet i wish i could give a hug to each and every one of you and thank you all in person for all the wonderful words i have read ill post more later as i cant see the keys love ya mamasun
  3. Thank You all, This is Bassmaster and wanted to let You guys and gals know that im up here and we are ok and thankfull for all of You help Dave Manzi..........
  4. Hi, this is bassmaster and wanted to let you guys know that im up here and we are doing ok thanks all for the kind words Dave.
  5. thank you tim it hard to say just how all you you make me feel but i can feel all the love when dave gets here he is going to go through hawks computer and pull out all the info he has hidden in here im not that good with computers i love you all and even though im having a hard time with my feelings right now i just want to say you all are the best to get ahold of me either e mail all my love andd thanks mamasun
  6. im at a loss for words you all are special people i thank each and every one of you you all have made thing a bit easier for me with just your words becouse it dose help to know so many people loved my hawk he is flying free now with wings of gold to go with his golden heart thank you all with all my heart
  7. thay say you neverknow how much you are love till you pass i not shocked to see all the love he was a very special man with a golden heart so full of care for others so willing to give to orhers and help all he could i want to thank you all for your prayers i feel them your kind words about lars as thay are helping my and im am sure thay are helping david to it just so hard i miss him terrabbly and i dont know where to begin my travle in life with out him
  8. gos as you all call him my sam as i well always love him is realy gone no hoax about it im hurting very badly but i have read all your messages and love you all for the heart felt words and feelings yes he was a cantakerious true yankee with a heart of gold i need his love he is the beat of my heart i dont know how to work this sight that well but my e mail address is ziggynoid_98@yahoo.i dont know what else to say ill post again leat love you all love you to dave my bor
  9. tonight grandpa passed away he had a massive heart attack and is no longer with me dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love him mamasun
  10. diana rigg was hot in her day and still is....
  11. mcmasters and carr bud or aubochons or any good hardeware store with screw bins.
  12. what you have to do is take the pinion and main gear to a machinist with a mill and have him slot up new ones,the new pinion will be minus 2-3 teeth vs stock and the main will have 2-3 more teeth.will run ya bout 40 bucks or so.penn wouldve made a mint if they just gave us a 6 to 1 squidder. the gear diameters have to keep the same o.d. as the stock can modify the inner hole for the main gear if you want to play frankenstien with some gears and a reamer to enlarge the hole etc if ya wanna play "does it fit hey watch this",the pinion gear to cut due to its small size is a pain from my past exp. cuttin gears for old antique mills and lathes in the past from scratch. cuttin it wouldnt be bad but the setup would be a semi pain in the ass with an indexer untill you got the tooth # and spacing correct to get the 6.1 ya want.ya could cheat with dykem and a set of dividers etc on a piece of stock and try it blind as a hit or miss till it was ok then cut it for real. its aggravating but it would be worth it i think at least.basically its just an acme thread pitch on the teeth making life simple theyre.
  13. up here ya get caught stealin someones traps and your a dead man,plain and simple.color dont matter,stealin what some poor guys workin for ta make a livin or feed his famly does.
  14. bill was steaks n chops i was mesquite smokin over hard char wood.the olly and the farmall belong to a close bud of mine,he also has an allis chalmers g model spider,a ford 1210 and another ollie but an 88,also a crapsman rider he uses for out front. the 1020 series and up ta the 4020 is what the small 110's were patterened after actually and a few others as well for looks .a guy i know on the next ridge back from me has a 4020 as well,all sorts a oldies up here. a hellva lotta older forn 2aa's and 8/9's too.mostly j-d though.i live ta drive when i can an some the boys need help,way things been tho' i aint had much time on.heres a pic of the case dozer and my 110 when we rolled out the yard for the neighbors kids pool last year (pool last 3 weeks but we tried). we were a half inch or less on one corner from a dead lazer level,heres my bud on the super H from 2-3 years ago,i managed ta gettem ta rip that damn for sale sign off.the other pic i cant remember what the year is on the case crawler or model number but shes a frign beast ta drive,does the job tho right good.
  15. tendin cows sucks,ya forever gettin pissed on,whizzed on and shuvvlin chit in the manure trough.the other one that really sucked was working at the cannerys gutting fish after fish,its why i cant eat fish to this day.i also did sewer and drain service and that job sucked as well as a kid having to go into a sewer and clean the bell traps.theys alot of suck jobs out theyre.....