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  1. Take a ride in one on a choppy day before you write a check.
  2. Ever ridden in a fountain?
  3. As frustrating as all of the remaining snow is, we want a SLOW melt. The more water that the ground absorbs the better! A lot of run off will further damage roads, yards, basements... It's melting, just a little at a time! We missed the snow yesterday, so I am happy!
  4. Spend the $$$$$, buy a Grohe, and never worry about it again! I built a new house last summer, and every single fixture in the house (except the Simmons shower valves) is a Grohe. They are built to last, and if parts can not be supplied, they will replace the fixture with a brand new one. They have a great warranty, and are very easy to deal with. Save your boxes is all they ask. Good luck!
  5. The southern most part of the map shows a 10% chance of seeing them about 100 miles north of the northern most point in Maine. Am I reading the map correctly?
  6. Yup, tell me about it!!!!!!
  7. Taking a peak in an L-39