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  1. I just got the bike from my neighbor, it may be too small as I think it is an 18 inch frame. You are welcome to it if you still want it


  2. Post closed ... I already found the bike. thanks all
  3. Good morning Derrick, He already had a scooter but maybe I will ask him. The bike and to replace the one that was stolen in the park.TKS
  4. TKS....
  5. I stick with the beers with my son take hooker......
  6. KKKKK....
  7. I'll go look ....now.
  8. Tks....
  9. I went to Walmart and don't have a bike to sell.
  10. I will try now...TKS
  11. Like BMX...Mountain bike
  12. This will not end well. kkkkkk
  13. I already looked in several stores ... Walmart, Target and Amazon ... delivery for June.
  14. Good afternoon I would like to know if someone has a bike to donate? I want to gift one to my son; its going to be his birthday (12 year old). He's been wanting one for the longest time now and i really want to make his birthday. I live in Queens and can pick up anywhere. Thank you, Cassio
  15. NMurray....Please send me info.