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  1. There was another websight I made a forum on differant rigging options. Most I had back up resources of the differant fishing publication that wrote it. Last year I tryed a few differant ways but not enough time to tell you if one was better the the other. First was the sportsman mag who put a sabile on a bridge and a circle hook. Haven't tryed it but wanted to. The there was the single hooks. Playing around with them I figured you needed to go 2 hook sizes bigger then the original treble to get hooked up. 2 belly hook or 1 depending on size of sabile. Next was a split ring a swivel, another split and then the treble. I don't like this way because, it snags fish sometimes, impeads swimming action, gets caught on the line and scratched the lure up more. Finally I mostly settled on 2 split rings attached to one size larger treble hook. This prevents the one problem it had. That was, with one hook in the front the bass sometimes could back it out of his mouth if he thrashed the wrong way. It's not perfect but will work till I have more time to study other rigging options.
  2. I'm interested. But only if Massachusetts.
  3. Come on! Tell customer to spray it down with lysol and hope aboard.
  4. Finally went! Lot of shorts, 4 keepers, 1 fluke and sea robbin.
  5. It's a bit behind right now. Most places from here to rhoad island are seeing just a hand full of keepers. Never mind something 20 pds.
  6. I think I'll hit after the next warm days. Where the the ones you caught in deeper water say over 30'?
  7. I might be getting a new kayak but my brother goes with me and wanted to at least make him as comfortable as possible. In that regard, I was thinking surf to but I thought the downfall was it didn't have a high back seat. I was also look at the freak pro elite seat and the gts expedition. Not sure what to pick. The problem I usually have is no the bum but the seat straps digging into my ribs and back. One time after a 9 mile trip, I had to go to a physical therapist for a while.
  8. That's kinda what I thought.
  9. Old seat is killing me. Want to put a raised seat. The option of run across are Jackson elite seat 1.O, ascend kayak seat, Brooklyn kayak seat. There was another called budtrol universal kayak seat. It is made in Australia not sold in the United states. Thet state that it fits on almost any sot kayak. Probably cost a arm and leg to ship. What do you all say. Tryed any of these? Thinking about it? What do you think is the best one?
  10. Was wondering what water temp has to be for them to plentiful on inshore waters we can access. Last year it was very slow in the first week of opening. This year temps even colder, I wonder!
  11. Catch and release lures only will solve the rest of the issues. That would keep the litter, beer cans, riff raff and competition to a minimum.
  12. I was thinking, if there trying to enforce the law why not make the canal catch and release. Pretty easy to enforce. If anyone comes out with a fish it's illegal. It will attract a better class of angler.
  13. On the board here. Fish up to about 24" in various south shore locations.