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  1. Cant wait easy fishing and good eats.
  2. Google anglr tracker. Get the bullseye with it. This is just what your looking for. You can even enter old photos into your computer log.
  3. Nice, thanks!
  4. What is the boston sports channel? Do I have it on fios?
  5. I'm bringing this topic back. Because I just answered a question in another forum about it. It also seems more people are now aware of the current state of our striped bass fishery!
  6. So anyway that kinda meen I normal way of thinking in conservation is completely backward.
  7. I like a slot limit too but are standard of anywhere around 28" isn't going to work. The fisherman recently did and article stating what the keeper size should be based upon spawning adult recruitment. It went on to say, that striped bass start spawning anywhere from 22" to 28". Then the author stated that in order not to do any impact on the spawning class fish, you would have to set a keeper size fish to 17" to 21" since these size fish contribute nothing to the spawning class fish. He said a lot of people wouldn't like this. I'm one of them. I think you should go with the average age because god know how many in percentage is recruited each year. Figure out that percentage then and divide by number of inches. It will likely still be under 28". Everything mentioned above is the method the used to bring back snook and redfish and other species to the levels they are today.
  8. 100 gallons hardly seams like a environmental disaster.. I just hope they contained before it killed all the herring in the river. With the water cranking like it is, I dont think the shad are there yet thank god.
  9. I always wanted to try the merrimack on the fly. I've done well on smaller Tributaries where max depth might be 6' but average about 2 or 3'. So, the question is at what depths do shad hang out in larger rivers like the merrimack? I usually load my flies with synthetic lead and a bead to get down a bit on the swing. Thinking I might need sinking flyline tips in a larger river. That is if top of water column didn't work.
  10. That baby flat wing eel looks sick. I need the pattern!
  11. Thankyou for all the responses guys. Sorry I forgot about the thread!
  12. The elk caddis is the closest thing to what I saw. But the has got be something better. Couple days ago I saw emerging nymphs fluttering white on the surface. No trout on them yet but last year I caught wild book trout on dry flies i had but they didn't have the best interest in it. So looking for something new. They were about a size 18
  13. Are the Lakers getting an th bigger? Last year I went after alantics. They didnt show up. Didn't see a one..
  14. What about the slot limit article? 16 to 24" is what they were saying. There basing that on sexual maturity being between 21" and 32". I think 11" is too broad of a variation, needs to be narrowed down further. But at lower slot sizes you might just keep one once in a while. Probably with a mix bag of other fish that we target.
  15. Where is the pike around here?