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  1. No one needs to care, but calling them stupid? These are the men and women on the front lines right now! A 33 year old department member died from the virus. Some of us actually appreciate and care about or first responders.
  2. I had messaged him upon posting last night hoping we could make an exception to the no GoFundMe me rule, I never got a response. Carry on with this thread all you want. I have a plug swap thread up which so far has gotten a donation of a dozen masks. Thank you, have a great day
  3. NOT EVERYONE. Healthcare professionals and first responders need the masks. YOU DONT. You should be sitting at home in Pennsylvania where you won't need a mask.
  4. I'm glad you think this post is a joke...I'm sure that's the only pu**y you've gotten in a long time after seeing you're Instagram page. Have a blessed day.
  5. **** off ??? I'm trying to something good for the fire department that protects my family and my city. Since I can't buy them anywhere to donate, I turned here as to hopefully trade a plug of choice for a couple boxes of masks. As an added bonus Chris Voorhies offered up a troller in hopes of getting even more supplies to donate. If you don't like someone trying to help their community in a time of need, then maybe you should see a psychiatrist.
  6. Again if anyone has masks or gloves they can help donate it would be more than greatly appreciated. Also as mentioned above if you have neither but are willing to donate any amount there is a GoFundMe page setup by a family member which I am more than willing to send you via private message.
  7. If anyone is feeling generous enough to at least donate to the GoFundMe page please send me a private message since the Nazi's that run the site removed the link.
  8. Hey guys and gals, I currenty have a WTT thread up about willing to trade a rare GRS plug or Voorhies plug for a few boxes of N95 masks to donate to my cities fire department. The city of Passaic and the fire department suffered a tremendous loss as a 33 year old firefighter on the job just over a year, passed away due to complications from covid-19. I know this website has many contractors who are members and I'm truly hoping I can get a decent amount of masks and gloves to be able to donate to the department as the chief of department pleaded with tears in his eyes that the department is starting to run low on masks....hope someone is willing to help a noble cause *
  9. If you are willing to just let them go then sure ill even pay the shipping. Not sure how they will react being open but I'm trying my hardest to get a few boxes to donate
  10. Hopefully someone with a small construction business or something has a few boxes they can trade for a rare plug
  11. Hey guys, this morning my city lost a community hero to covid-19. Passaic firefighter Israel Tolentino Jr. Only 33 years old with a wife and two young kids. A big volunteer in the community and all around good young guy. The fire department is desperately trying to accumulate n95 masks and rubber gloves. I try to help out in my community as best as I can, this particular firefighter and the crew on his rig he was assigned to responded to my house last year when my 92 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip. Anyway I really wanna get a bunch of new unopened boxes of n95 masks and rubber gloves to donate as the chief of the department pleaded for anyone who can donate these items as they are running low on masks especially. I have a black pearl troller that says 2006 on its back , I have several voorhies plugs also. I'll post pics if I get some real interest
  12. I live in Passaic its about 8-10 miles from JC. I would meet in my area I dont ever go to Jersey city its like Manhattan lol
  13. Sorry I replied to wrong thread. I can sell it in person for 260...
  14. Did you mean 360? If so then I would do it for 400 like stated