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  1. $165 shipped
  2. $200 is bottom line. Otherwise I'll let it sit in my garage
  3. They probably look like that from sitting in my garage for 4 years. If you're not planning on buying please keep your assumptions to yourself.
  4. Deep diving troller from around 2008 as I was told by Gary. Blackfish color, appears to have never been used. Can't bring myself to fish this one (especially for how much I paid for it) would rather see a collector hang it up than sit in my garage. $190 shipped insured priority
  5. Black pearl...New condition and I have never used it and it appears as it's never been used no scratches or anything on it. Signed GRS 06 on the top of plug by the tail, early model when Gary use to attach a barrel swivel to the line tie during the build process.....$250 shipped/insured priority mail.
  6. Out of curiosity do the flags stay dry on these lures while fishing them?
  7. Sorry just saw this. Pm coming
  8. $20
  9. You got it pm coming
  10. Yupp old style no rattles. Send me a pm with your adress and ill send you my PayPal info
  11. Sorry cant go belpw $55 they are $45 new and one is brand new
  12. If you want them for $30 still they are yours
  13. Its the normal size bottle. Not sure what the weight is
  14. You got it PM coming
  15. I will send you a pic tomorrow but yes they are in almost identical condition that's why i only took one pic. Let me know if you would like to proceed