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  1. That's a nice looking bike,out of curiosity what are you looking to get for it? I just got a Dyno Pro Comp yesterday that I'm going to build..
  2. That's dope!!!! Looking for more of a freestyle bike though..
  3. Sure I'd like to see a few. Thanks
  4. I have this one, fished but in great shape. $20 shipped
  5. The z frame was definitely a bad ass bike... I had a Redline RL22 a few years back That I wanted to build but sold it.... Flight crank and all, I could kick myself..
  6. That's pretty dope, I never had a CW some of my friends did... I raced for a bit. I rode a Diamond Back Formula 1 and a Viper. I'm looking for something that I can mess around with, clean it up and ride it a bit. Just trying to relive my I'd love to see som pictures if they're not packed up.
  7. Look for GT Proformer, Dyno Detour, ect..... Have cash or fishing gear to trade. Thanks
  8. I have a little guy, I'll dig it out when I get home..
  9. Nice grab!!
  10. I have a NIB VS 9-12 in silver I'd swap ya..
  11. I'd like to help you out but due to the rules I can't sell them to you because I make them. Maybe you can ask in the commercial bst for someone that is allowed to sell them on here. I know it sounds crazy but that's the way things are on here. Good Luck
  12. How many are you looking for? I have done in 5/0 and 6/0..
  13. Sure he'll sell the same plug twice.....lmao
  14. Sick deal!!!!! FYI, Steve takes good care of his stuff!!!
  15. Beautiful reel!!!!,,, too bad it's not the next size down. I'm looking for something in a 10 weight..