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  1. I don't know how many they sold but saw a notice today that they're sold out.
  2. No surfday according to DJ
  3. I'll get more pics when I get home
  4. i have a 12000 if interested
  5. I'll take the lami. Can pick it up or meet you somewhere next weekend, I'm near Tom's river
  6. Price drop. 225
  7. yes i built it, it was a brand new blank, bought it from mudhole when they stopped making the one piece...i'd say the rating is pretty close, made some test casts before the final build
  8. lamiglas ron arra xra 1321 this is a one piece blank, built a few years ago never used...250 p/u in toms river area
  9. iloco can pick his colors, i'll take whatever you send...send your info and i'll pp you