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  1. have a vsb 150 in black very good condition, 500 p/u, your welcome to check it out in person if your in the area
  2. Hey Jim, its a rainshadow su1266f rated 2-5 can do a search on here and probably find some more info on it, it was my pleasure to build and donate for such a good cause...wont be long now, enjoy it.
  3. Hey Jim, ask away or shoot me a pm, glad to answer what i can....glad you like it
  4. i'm in manchester, looking for 500, are you going to surfday?
  5. i have a 150 bailed in very good shape was thinking of selling
  6. B as in bailed or B as in black?
  7. not shipping fishy
  8. I dont think they make line stretchers anymore
  9. i never threw an sp with it, but your welcome to check it out if you like, bring your reel and a plug and see how you like it
  10. i do have one, i'll post some pics later
  11. i may have one, i'll look tomorrow
  12. Thanks for all the info.
  13. think i'll pick one up this winter