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  1. Does anyone else have experience with this reel?
  2. Can any of you guys give me a good review on the Sargus 2000. I am getting one this week to put on a Rainshadow XP843. Will use it for 3/8oz jigs, mirror lures and plastics. Any info would help. Saltwater fishing. Thanks
  3. $48 shipped I will take it.
  4. I have 2 Fathom 15's and love em'
  5. If you like Penn, go with the Fathom 15
  6. Looked it up it's XX Small
  7. I do not have one but I fished with a guy that does. Pier fishing with 12' rods...He had a Torque 30 and it was very nice. Casted like a dream..I have the Fathom 15 on my surf rods...Both are very smooth reels with loads of drag
  8. I would think extra small because I have the FTH 15 and it is extra extra small. To be sure I would call the customer service number and they will give you the correct size. The reel list on the Penn site to not list all of the reels.
  9. I have the FTH12 and the 15 and have not had any issues with the drags. If there is a concern I would comtact the Penn rep on this board and he will point you in the proper direction. I love my Fathoms.
  10. I have the RS SUR1385F and I have a Penn FTH12 on it. Very versitile rod.
  11. What is the sweet spot? I'm interested..
  12. Is it still avail?