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  1. Lots of out of state license plates in my neighborhood today Last report from me for awhile going ghost again for a bit. I am out every day DM me if you need a report
  2. I cannot even begin....
  3. I hate the internet
  4. Beautiful late afternoon flat crystal clear water, bunker washing up but none visible off shore, water still a chilly 48. Might have to slow down on the reports as participation was high for a Tuesday
  5. Nice evening with a super moon & seal
  6. Walked miles of SMC this afternoon during this blow out tsunami level full moon low tide Very depressing little soft structure mostly flat shollow featureless out 200 yards. All the cuts, rips and bowls we had over the winter are gone. Might have to start fishing other peoples beaches Had been sight casting to schools of tiny bass (10”-12”) for the last couple of weeks but didn’t see any today. Tried the river a bit to see if there are any early arrivals with yellow eyes but no. Water crystal clear and the WNW still honking
  7. What an evening out front, big swell & near fm high tide, NW wind knocking down the tops water still 47, clear but just enough weeds to be annoying-throwing bucktails + watch it out there on the steeper beaches
  8. Beautiful morning not so much this afternoon cold SE gusty wind, kicked things up a little but still crystal clear cold 47 degrees-no forage around -
  9. Brilliant sunshine cleanest clearest water I have seen in a long time - stiff west wind continues water temp dropped to 47, no forage evident but with the wind you could cast the small stuff a mile +
  10. Flat calm this afternoon ocean was amazing shades of blue under the sun, wind is laying down 49 degree water temps, definite signs of a shed and some bunker around -
  11. I have seem it before at this time of year, almost like they were cruising a warm layer of surface water that sets up when its calm
  12. Quick lunch trip crystal clear water honking SSW wind which was cold, no bunker or other forage visible water was 49. There has been a fixed gill net about 1/2 mile off the beach that gets tended every couple days. For bunker maybe but strange Any ideas?
  13. Beautiful morning colorful sunrise bright sun light wind, crystal clear water at 48, barely a roll out front with bunker popping just beyond the bar, still throwing small slim profile stuff. Hope to back out later +
  14. Chinese government shut down fishing in the Yangtze River this year for 10 years to allow fish stocks to rebuild-we will need to do something in spawning staging areas as this is happening not just on the bayshore but up and down the coast
  15. Nice to get back out after a week on the IR. Overcast with intermittent sun, incoming clear with a light roll and west wind, minor weeds, no forage evident water at 48, still throwing paddle tails out front MC. Looking forward to putting some time in early next week -