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  1. Addition-saw someone catch a bass on a clam an hour ago. That is it. Acres of bunker fleet of 20 boats doing snag and drop, no bent rods
  2. All kidding aside the bigger bass don’t regularly push along the beachfront anymore, now and again yes, but is the exception not the rule. Why? Some will tell you it’s because the jetties are gone snd the beaches are flat because of replenishment- but I don’t believe that; its all about bunker. These days there are miles and miles of bunker from 500 yards to 10 miles off the beach; I am looking at them right now. The migratory bass feast on these, no reason to come along the beach and take a risk and work; easy pickens just off shore. We see the boats pound these fish every year. Was not always the case. Years ago the bunker reduction boats with spotter planes would suck up all this biomass; the only big pods of bunker left where those tight to the beach - and the bigger bass were on them that changes with the passing of the bunker bill, led by the people on this site, forcing the reduction boats off shore and TimS biggest contribution to the striped bass fishery when the histories are written, has led to a massive increase in the bunker biomass which is great for the predators of all kinds, but not good if you hope to get into a predictable bite of surf caught fish over 35” - just how it is, and a trade off I am happy to make
  3. I was out in southern Monmouth County this morning and there was no blitz, lots of fishermen, some fluke no bass caught as far as I can see. Clean warm water, no bait, very slow week on the SMC Beachfront- I hear lots of fish at Sandy Hook, all over FB
  4. Afternoon top of the tide trip. No forage around caught many fluke including 5 that would have been keepers on a bucktail. Nothing with stripes or yellow eyes around-lots of folks out
  5. 1998 - need a flux capacitor to find bigger stripers in NJ surf
  6. Lots of people out before sun up this morning but other than the few fluke I caught in a bone SP saw nothing landed, warm clear water, like the wind at the moment but it will change. Seems all the fish are north and inside, might actually have to drive to fish for the first time in 4 months
  7. Just came in from the beach, thought it would be a week of no daytime bass for me but did catch a micro of about 16 inches, no cocktails around plenty of fluke. Did not see any mullet but did see some big sandeels in a few spots. SE wind, very warm very clear water pretty flat
  8. Snag and drop season in full swing on the bunker schools, about a dozen boats just off the beach; no one catching anything
  9. Haven’t caught a bass in daylight since Sunday morning, haven’t seen a mullet since Sunday. Water is clear, warm and calm at the moment-but save for cocktails & fluke barren under the sun
  10. Not posting every trip but now and again. Just spent an hour on my beach, beautiful day felt great to have the brilliant sunshine on my face and not having to fight the ENE wind; was a gentle NNW. Still a big swell & breakers; the water is moca latte out a couple hundred yards but warm and not weedy not a bump for me, no fish or forage visable a few Fishman on the beach so far today have not seen anyone come tight might be back to a night time thing for a bit
  11. Didn’t try today. I can see the water is dirty and weedy by me & work prevented me from getting out there on the right tide. Wind was fishable waves big and heavy; at high tide water pushed further up the beach than at any time this year. Will give it a go at some point tomorrow, there are mullet out there on the move
  12. Jumped off the beach to make my wife a late breakfast and then stepped back out to get after them, much too dirty now didn’t get a bump or see any bait, waves are growing with the off shore swell.
  13. What a great morning. Not big numbers but big fish for this time of year in big water. Difficult conditions with the NNE wind, ripping north to south current and sets right on top of one another but the fish were there on mullet, not weedy but getting dirty. My favorite fishing is when you know they are there and you have to keep experimenting with how to reach, present & catch them also set the high bar on size for the fall this morning- still catching only residents i was the only one on the beach fishing for miles
  14. Wind has laid down a bit, might give it a try after dark
  15. So beautiful out today