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  1. @TimS it is not about someone posting about a technique or reports It is about the inability to have a respectful, substantive polite conversation about it here and discussing solutions without coming under personal attack and having your posts deleted or moved. This used to be a place you could do that, not so much now in my humble opinion, and there never has been anywhere else you could going all the way back to WMI my example would be 20+ years ago the expression of frustration around the inshore bunker reduction boats and their material adverse impact on the fishery. It was discussed at length here, including solutions, a response was organized here resulting in action in Trenton and the boats were pushed off shore and the inshore bunker population exploded as did the fishery. You should be incredibly proud that this happened because of SOL Could that happen today or would the people who pursued that conversation be attacked by the mob on here that simply wants free access to catching reports without distraction so that they don’t have to put the time and effort in to fill their buckets that is what I meant with my statement These conversations need to take place, but there is no forum today to have them anywhere it seems i will move on you can delete me, tired of being “cancelled “ anyway and I will stay strange forever
  2. You take it all in stride. I also get to some of the most magical human moments / proposals, weddings, ashes being spread Fathers bringing their kids to see the ocean for the first time, kids bringing their fathers to see the ocean for the last time The good very far outweighs any aggravation I am very lucky in every way I think SOL aggravates me the most at the moment After 23 years on here I just thought it was better than this I think I will stop coming on again for awhile for my own well being DMs will be on
  3. Because when the bluefish had bunker pushed over the bar late morning my Zoom meeting got disconnected and 30 seconds later I was hooked up
  4. I caught weakfish pretty regularly on late May nights this year - pink zoom, also on a white magdarter, bigger fish when there was good current - lasted about a week. Will get them again at night starting next month
  5. 14 people I have never seen before fishing the same 1/5 mile stretch of beach right now with their stupid sand crab rake & Walmart specials on a Tuesday in the rain at low - black glad garbage bags flipping around - nothing wrong with this picture
  6. For clarity- the number of people fishing isn’t the issue; it is the number of people fishing for the sole purpose of filling garbage bags with bass on beaches and using techniques they would have never thought of but for the interweb now you might not see them YET but you will. The bug bass are our resident fish, and as they take them all from one place they move to the next and they will eventually get to you. They also leave behind beer bottles cigarette butts and trash which will eventually lead to residents complaining and police pushing people off the beach etc It is RB 2.0 20 years ago when I was standing on the flats in Clifford Beach or South Amboy in April at night all alone throwing big stuff at big fish I literally would go nights without seeing anyone Now is a zoo because every one had to share everything why mess up a good thing when you don’t have to end of report
  7. My posts did not violate the user agreement of this site, were respectful & substantive yet were deleted Please delete all of my posts on this site Respectfully If I can’t have a conversation about solutions I don’t want to be part of conversations that contribute to the problem @TimS
  8. Last night warm water, nice roll remarkably clear given the brisk NW wind all day, no bait present and but for two days last week the absence of bunker continues - big issues for me with the mussels & mess which seemed to be up and down the beach everywhere fouling my line constantly into a knotted mess; made retrieve difficult and limited- had to choose between moving to a completely different beach & stopping- threw in the towel and might give it a go tonight if this mess clears out
  9. Not a criticism of Mike or the other two members of the SoMoCo mafia - just a subtle request for others to chill a bit before we regret making the thing a thing
  10. Bugapalooza stories and pics are going to kill the summer bite; the RB April chunk crowd now filling their buckets every day on bug bite beach bass typically i see 2 or 3 fisherman on this stretch in the evening Now 30 its why we can’t have nice things
  11. Wow saw a diver shoot one last week. When are you coming up to visit?
  12. Water got cold which brought a ton of shad in; beautiful roll clean and clear. There have been some big fish around in the right places at the right time with the right eel Participation at very high levels for this tome of year, lots of scoops on wading belts Seems fluke bite is picking up as well
  13. Was nice out today very fishable in every way Can’t wait until the sand crab bite is over hopefully with the coming full moon as most of the crabs are softies