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  1. RC,


    I pulled my bow last night and realizes that 2/3 of that or around the 56# or more mark with the stacking is too much to start with, and would not be fun or productive in learning traditional archery.  Just because I can doesn't mean that I should.  I thank you for your honest advise and council regarding this bow, and not just taking the easy sale to a noob.


    I withdraw my interest in the bow, perhaps until next year after my 1,000 shots.


    Good luck with the sale.



  2. RC,


    I have been dredging for a recurve and saw that your post was never closed.  1, Is it still for sale, and 2. what extras are there?  I'm a long time compound shooter, now shooting with a beginner recurve shooter and want to get similar equipment.  Basically looking for a hunt able full set up recurve.


    Am I in the right place?




  3. Truck.jpg.7642068a67de54d08ce9abcbc0185e1a.jpg

    Had the pleasure of pulling one out a few years back on the Thumb.


    Sad part was a day later the same Officer wanted to give me a ticket for grilling on the beach with a 20# propane tank.  Who knew that was a rule.  More unwritten rules.  However, after a little reminder he left me with just a warning about the tank.


    Next time I will be a spectator.