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  1. Spig, I will take them for $150 shipped. Will PM you with details.
  2. Looking for a good SeaDoo Engine Mechanic on Long Island. The engines were put away improperly and are most likely hydro-locked, and need to be brought back to life. Preferably a dedicated SeaDoo Engine Mechanic. Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Jay........?
  4. Ok, great. I'm in Nassau and Queens most days. IM me where you are we we can work out a FTF exchange.
  5. Respectfully offer $80 shipped.
  6. SOLD. Will lock once completed
  7. For sale one unused unopened YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind in RealTree Max5 camo pattern. Was going to do the kayak thing with my 12 foot Pungo this season, but ended up buying a BBSB and said screw it, why paddle when the BBSB can get to almost the same spots. It's not too late! Long Island Early Goose is open East until 9/30 and West opens on 10/13. Why not cash in on the mild weather and uneducated (somewhat) birds before they wise up. Duck are not far behind on 11/22. Its a universal fit with drawstrings at either end make for 12′ to 14′ kayaks, canoes and jon boats up to 38" wide. There are two flaps in the middle, connected by buckles, to conceal the hunter until you are ready to fire. Lay down and wait for your shot, then sit up and you’re ready to fire. Made of rip-stop material, tears should not be a problem if you run into any thick brush. Also has an oversized velcro flap in the back of the blind for access to the rear storage area. Boat handles are accessible at the front and back through slits that are pre-cut into the cover. You can also add your own brush on the cover using the pre-sewn vegetation webbing straps. Yak Gear is out of them and will not ship until late October 2018 if they come in. You can pick this one up on Long Island today. $175.00 FTF on Long Island including Queens. Other locations can be discussed. If shipping is required all costs are on the buyer. There are no bad days waterfowl hunting.
  8. I guess I do not need to answer. Enjoy the ride.
  9. A few Q's before I bite at $300. Has the rod been registered and where are you located (I forget). Thanks
  10. Without the boxes and bottle its just too close to retail. If you change your mind let me know. Thanks.
  11. I understand you need to get $100. But when I researched the pack I found it new for $89.95 at a fly shop I go to from time to time that that I will not name that is not known for its good prices. Will pass at $100. If you change your mind I can meet you in the middle at $90. Thanks
  12. Face to face. Also, in another way, I will hand you cash.
  13. Just got back to work. The Yak gear site says it weighs 10 lbs. so $20 for USPS Priority works. I don't do paypal, can you send a MO I can IM the address.
  14. Would you accept $80 FTF in Nassau or W Suffolk? Thank you. Fred
  15. If the 8 wt is the same a the 5 wt the Fenwick Aetos is a Hardy in disguise.
  16. That's easier. I will be shipping from 11714. Will box it up on Monday and get the shipping cost. It will be a medium sized box, any preference on carrier? Thanks
  17. I'm away till Monday. It may still work. Need to check the shipping cost. Will try to check tomorrow.
  18. No I do not. The cover is $199 new if you can find one. My counter offer of $140 with split shipping was very reasonable, but rejected. You retracted your $150 counter offer. Your offer of $140 shipped is declined.
  19. Your call. Its disappointing and all too common to find that when someone doesn't receive a reply in a nano second its construed as disinterest.
  20. When I didn't get any takers I took it out of the box to test fit on my kayak. It fit nicely and never left the grass and was never grassed. I tossednthe box and just rolled it back up and out on a shelf in my garage. It'swell made and Damm nice. If your still interested, I can do the $140 and we split actual shipping cost. Let me know
  21. I will take it for $100. PM to coordinate exchange. Thanks
  22. Could you do $130 shipped to NY 11375?
  23. Gents, I have to sell my recently acquired 2002 Ford F 150 FX4 with 71K as its too long for where I regularly park. It's a F-150 Standard Cab with 8 foot bed, 4.6 engine and 4-speed transmission. For the beach fishermen the FX4 package gives you a limited slip rear, which is always a plus. Has a cross bed tool box, and drop in bed liner. Tires are new Goodyear's and the shocks are new. I had it inspected on 10/1/18 by Ford of Smithtown before I bought it and it has the expected findings for a 2002 F-150. Can give those seriously interested a copy of the report. Love the truck, its my daily driver and I hate to see it go, but need something a bit shorter. $5,800 and yes there is a little bit of room to negotiate. Located on Long Island near Bethpage.
  24. Nobody hunts from a kayak? I figured there would be some interest.