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  1. What is the best way to "waterproof†an otherwise non-waterproof reel? The conditions will be prolonged full submerged operation not the occasional dunk. I know the obvious options buy a VS for $$$$$$ or a Neptune for $$. However, I am psychologically linked to the old style coffee grinder, bucket of bolts, drilled out, bullet proof bailess reels having used a Crack 300 in very difficult conditions up to last year. Sad to say the Crack (had the flyer and main shaft sealed by the Surfcaster) is giving up the ghost and I am hesitant to have it rebuilt/rehabbed again. So, can a 706Z be adequately waterproofed to survive? I am working on two assumptions; 1. That the primary entry point for water is around the main shaft. 2. That the average Penn 706Z can easily have the gear case sealed with the exception of the main shaft. From my point of view the water will impact reel in two areas and in two ways. Short Term 1. Water on the drag washers can decrease drag performance, and 2. Water intrusion into the gear case can displace the lubricant. Long Term 1. Corrosion of the drag washer stack, and 2. Corrosion of the internal workings particularly the bearings. Can anyone seal a 706Z the way my Crack was sealed? What other options other than $$$$$$ or $$ do I have? Fred B
  2. Thanks for the photos, I'm sold. Where in northern Westchester are you? I have to go to Elmsford tomorrow afternoon, is that close? PM details if that's better. Thanks
  3. Interested and can pick up for asking price. Photos no showing and you please repost. Thanks
  4. Where are you located?
  5. Accepted. PM your PayPai address
  6. Ship to 11375.
  7. Respectfully offer $375 shipped, PayPal payment today. Thank you.
  8. RC, Thank you.
  9. RC, I pulled my bow last night and realizes that 2/3 of that or around the 56# or more mark with the stacking is too much to start with, and would not be fun or productive in learning traditional archery. Just because I can doesn't mean that I should. I thank you for your honest advise and council regarding this bow, and not just taking the easy sale to a noob. I withdraw my interest in the bow, perhaps until next year after my 1,000 shots. Good luck with the sale.
  10. RC, Did you find enough extras for a complete package? Does the bow show any stacking near or just past 28”? Thanks
  11. Six foot, shooting a compound, 70# @ 28.5”. Haven’t shot traditional in a number of years but when I did it was 3 under. Mostly ground stalk/ambush hunting.
  12. RC, I have been dredging for a recurve and saw that your post was never closed. 1, Is it still for sale, and 2. what extras are there? I'm a long time compound shooter, now shooting with a beginner recurve shooter and want to get similar equipment. Basically looking for a hunt able full set up recurve. Am I in the right place? Thanks
  13. Sounds good to me. I got booked for tomorrow so it will have to be Friday. Let me know where you are located via PM and we can schedule a time. Thanks
  14. Also, the dimensions of the main and side compartments would be great. Thanks
  15. What truck did you have it on? Looks like I would need to adjust the receiver. Respectfully offer $150 picked up today, tomorrow or Friday. Thank you.
  16. I’m in Queens all the time if we can do a dry fit on a 2016 beforehand I’m good with $70. Thanks
  17. I am available today until 6 and tomorrow from noon to 6. I will PM my mobile number to make this simpler/
  18. Sorry I didn’t check my email. I'm around today.
  19. Respectfully offer $75 picked up rtf. I’m on LI and can meet as soon as tomorrow morning. Thanks
  20. Pork flank steak. Self butchered, Asian marinade. One of the unsung great cuts of pork.
  21. Is $175 acceptable?
  22. Is your count correct. 25 boxes = 500 plus 182 loose = 682 What factory are the loose from? I respectfully offer $175
  23. I will heading down to Charleston mid month and would like to get at least on day of fishing in while I am there. Looking for a back bay/inshore guide. Fly or Spin. Hoping for Black Drum, and Spotted Sea Trout Thanks
  24. I have a Loop CLWC 5-8 reel that I would let go for $50 FTF on Long Island or plus shipping.
  25. Had the pleasure of pulling one out a few years back on the Thumb. Sad part was a day later the same Officer wanted to give me a ticket for grilling on the beach with a 20# propane tank. Who knew that was a rule. More unwritten rules. However, after a little reminder he left me with just a warning about the tank. Next time I will be a spectator.