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  1. Hi guys, haven't been on here in a while. Hope to see some of you out there in the next few weeks.
  2. That works for me.
  3. Sounds good, I'll send you a pm. Thanks.
  4. It's supposed to be a floater, but i put heavier split rings and bigger hooks on it to make it slow sink.
  5. All yours, sending a PM. Thanks.
  6. Selling as a lot of 3. RM, 2016 Pbau, and small woolfort resin darter. All have been carried or fished. Asking $50 shipped PP.
  7. Selling as a lot of 8. NTA, BM, AH, and SS. All have light use, either fished or carried. Asking $100 shipped PP.
  8. Selling lot of 6 pencils. AH, Salty(i think), small surface cruiser, and 6" CC with rattles. Asking $50 shipped PP.
  9. Selling as a lot. The GRS has been fished, i believe it's a giant but don't have a scale to weigh it. Hickey has been carried but not thrown. Asking $120 shipped PP for the pair.
  10. Nice fish Dave! Wish I knew you were down there, I just got home from there for 4 days.
  11. Most of my spring was spent chasing other species rather than striper. Figured I'd give them a bit of a break, though it was tough. But my dad, 71, just went through back surgery and a hip replacement over the winter and had said he really wanted to catch a nice striper this year. So we made plans to get down a couple days in May. We worked a lot of good looking water and the bite was tough. Had one evening that some smaller blacks moved in and picked up 5 of them in about 45 minutes. Then we finally caught a break one morning and got a good bend, that wasn't a ray, and he got a decent 24#er on the beach. Picked up 2 more decent blacks after that and that was it. He was as happy as could be with that fish, his smile said it all. It's always awesome getting him out in the salt and putting him on fish. To have the roll reversed for the countless times we went when I was young in the reservoirs and rivers near us. Knowing how he felt when I would get a nice smallmouth or whatever we were fishing for.
  12. Good God Lucky! That flea is ginormous! Nice fish too bud.
  13. Schoolies are a lot of fun on a 3wt.
  14. Yeah, social media has by far surpassed the message boards. There's the solution to real time reports, just sick the tavernites on anyone that does!
  15. It used to show how many people were viewing a certain forum, members and non members. The non members seemed to always double the amount of members. When I looked at the main page just now there have been 439 members on this site, not just delmarva, in the past hour. So let's say with non members included around 1000 people total. Just for argument sake let's say 10 percent checked out this forum. There's 100 people in the last hour.