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  1. 1 minute to go, I'm in.
  2. I pull this old centerpin out every couple of years and give it a whirl. Fishing current I usually flick out a small sluggo or small hook/bucktail with a couple of shot pinched near the hook. When I first started work in 1966, I saved my pocket money that my Mother gave me for a few weeks to buy it. These reels were manufactured by a company in Sheffield, England, went by the name of 'Speedia'.
  3. I see you've been hanging around the butcher dep't at Stop and Shop again Phil.
  4. The show that I watched Sunday was on the Southwest ledge off Block Island.
  5. Good Man jhndoe. Little bit off topic, but I read recently that in the case of a lost wallet, the more cash in the wallet, the higher percentage chance of it being returned to you. human nature can be strange at times. Most of us have 'bagged' a found plug on occasion without blinking an eye, but a full plug bag is a lot of hurt to the unfortunate guy. I don't think we have the heart, and would have the feeling of guilt as if we are stealing, not to offer it up.
  6. Fore grips on these are tennis racket tape. Rear grips are nylon cord with clear auto spray. Tape feels tacky but isn't,I prefer it to the cord for better grip, but the cord holds up better against scuffs etc .
  7. 'way to go' Eddie.
  8. I am experiencing same thing in the Taunton River, which usually mirrors the upper bay at this time of the year. Anything approaching 'legal' size, few and far between.Even schoolies seem to be scattered, not schooling up in the rips, more like a late April first week of May scenario. Water is colder than normal, although today I saw my first horseshoe crab and first fry of some sort.
  9. keep it going ....thank you.
  10. WWII tank antennas were popular among kids when I was growing up in the 1950's.
  11. Congratulations to your Grand Niece on graduating. Carl,U Mass should give you VIP treatment after all these years. If you're outside hope the weather hold up for you. You and your family have a great day today.
  12. Thank you for not mentioning the tackle shops you were dissatisfied with, it's tough enough trying to survive with all the online/big box competition out there. Unless the tackle shop owner has the ambition, initiative and drive to become a 'Red Top', he may be satisfied with his niche in the local market place.Sale of an Ugly stick, line, sinkers, bit of bait and a bucket will give him as much profit as a low mark up expensive Shimano product, and will happen many more times. People who answered the phone you were dissatisfied with, that's the owner or his employee not being abreast of the latest high end tackle available, that's his downfall, then again if most of his income comes from low end tackle and bait, why should he have Teremar rods or super slick sitting on the shelf. You have to do what you have to do to make a living. Most people find out where to go for what they need without putting down the other stores who don't satisfy their needs, I suggest you do the same.
  13. Back in the 1980's you could obtain a fishing/entry permit from the Gate Man with ID and proof of local residency, like a utility bill. All that went out the window later on when the plant was sold to a different utility company. That was before the increase in security at such installations. Warm water discharge provided early season sport, wading/plugging out front, bait fishing from shore and at the ends of the discharge sluice, even fishing small jigs inside the discharge sluice.
  14. Not heard anything, but with water temperature in upper bay making 50 degrees and no spikes or dips, consistent 60deg+ weather, strong SW wind, and of course dandelions it could burst open anytime. I'll be poking around for the next 2 days see what's going on at my usual spots.
  15. Showed my wife the title, "Wow that's early " she says. Showed her the photo, "You and your friends need help".