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  1. Showed my wife the title, "Wow that's early " she says. Showed her the photo, "You and your friends need help".
  2. This is one of my spots at almost low water, what you see is typical of tautog structure.Hence strong gear.
  3. That's exactly what I do, short flip out, hit bottom then slowly hop it back in feeling bottom until in the desired spot. Doing this, you know that you are not hung up on the way down, and bait is exactly where you want it. As already said, getting them out once hooked is a different story. I use 50 braid to a 50lb by 3ft mono leader and 50lb hook length, and sometimes that has been shredded when he fights to get back inside his hole.
  4. Water temps still cold. today, Fall River 46 deg Woods Hole 43 Newport 41 Providence 43 All about 3 degrees lower than average for 1-15 April. Think 50 deg for tautog. First bunches of dandelions flowering I see every year are protected from North wind by hedges or walls and facing south in direct sunlight
  5. I have to agree with Jason and Bernie here. I also believe some people are not going to shows to get a deal on gear when in most cases they can find what they want for the right price with online sales. Lots of competition for people's free time and cash out there also.
  6. Great meet up, stories and laughs. Couple of new faces, welcome to Patrick [now Searobin on SOL] and son, Eddie's buddy 'Oldman', and the young gentleman Cal brought along.
  7. I'm in.
  8. Welcome Viessnamuth and dynasty. Good to see another Fall River guy on the board. Big tautog fan here, complete change of pace from striper fishing. Fairly straight foreward when they are in thick and hungry, it's when they are not in too thick and not too hungry that the challenges occur.The little things, paying attention to detail, make all the difference on days like that. Good luck for the coming season. Here's a few.
  9. The two gentlemen in question. Oldgoat and Stewie from 2 years ago. Some people just prefer conventionals. Every couple of years I pull the old Surfmaster out and give it a whirl, but except for bait fishing on piers and wharves I'm spinning. I'm in for any date we decide for casting meet up, will look to make some eats.
  10. Classic photo Mike[RRBridge] I stepped out and took this one with you included.
  11. Remove the butt cap first. Trapped air will expand with change of temperature and push sections apart and also twist.
  12. Bob, for several years they have run guided fishing tours to this area from most European countries.
  13. Warming waters for several years have created an explosion of baitfish in this area giving rise to a huge population of giant fish. It's a 'Perfect storm' environment with structure,depth close in, strong currents and food. Good fisheries management goes a long way as well. Only 2 eggs per female grow to mature size fish.
  14. As much as I like jigging with sluggos/Hurley tails etc, I'm going to put more time and experiment with the good ol' bucktail jig Dropping through the water column faster giving you more time in the 'zone' each cast. Holds it's line better than plastics which due to their size and water displacement get dragged in moving unnaturally across current. Sensitivity is the big one for me, in constant touch, feeling every move and bottom bounce of the jig.
  15. Took a ride over to the show a few years back, Bernie had a stand that year. Not much of interest for myself from a owning gun/shooting aspect, actually more interested in the fine engineering and figuring out the manufacturing processes of some of the many pieces on display. Gun owners, a gun owners paradise.