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  1. Well another year come and gone. Wishing everybody a happy and healthy New Year..
  2. Ditch, you must be standing on someones shoulders to take that shot. I can clearly see Matty in his usual spot waiting for May.
  3. Mike, Seems like most places open, and I was surprised by amount of people around although traffic and parking are OK. I have been going to Fort Adams, facing the town on the opposite side of the harbor, place is deserted. Spectacular surf around Brenton Point yesterday.
  4. Really thinning out now, I'm calling it a day for the year.
  5. Going to give it my last shot for the season down in Newport tomorrow. Was still getting a few last week on the piers at Fort Adams, bait was still around. Gets you out and shortens the winter if nothing else.
  6. Down in Fall River we had 3 closures in the past 15 years. First to go around 2005 was Bridge bait on Lindsay street, close to the old Brightman street bridge. Place was run by I forget the old man's name and his son Joey. Both were excellent rod builders, Joey was doing rod repairs for other shops last time I saw him 3/4 years ago. There was more beer than bait in the shops coolers.He had the best tautog crabs around. The other 2 shops, separate businesses started out as one, Bucko Bros', started out by Stan and Joe Bucko from their house, later moving to 2nd street, Fall River.Not sure of the year but a parting of the ways led to Joe starting his own shop on Stafford Road, gained a reputation for reel repair and became the service center for many reel brands.Joe's son Mike took over the business until it closed last year. The original shop passed onto Stan's nephew Ray until it closed around 2007 or so. Long hours and fresh bait was the big attraction for this shop.Like many bait shops this place was like a little community center on a weekend with people with people coming and going all day bringing coffee and eats and some great stories.
  7. Ghost who appears as good looking young maiden, filling sand bags on anniversary of a flood.
  8. Spent a relaxing day down in Newport chasing macks today. Beautiful town now tourist crush is gone. Not lights out fishing where I was but enough around to keep it interesting, although I did hear of some blitzes earlier on the Goat Island Causeway. Also sea herring caught overnight where I was today. Less physically demanding than the Canal,short rods and only 2oz point weight needed to tic bottom. Rigs with tiny silver hook dressing did best today
  9. If you substitute 'big striper' for 'She' in this timeless Howlin Wolf/ Cream song, that's where we are at now. One summer day she went away Gone and left me, she's gone to stay She's gone but I don't worry Cause I'm sitting on top of the World.
  10. Exactly, was down at the bulkhead yesterday after the west turn, worked hard for just a few.
  11. Try calling Main Bait, on South Main st,couple of miles N from riverside. Right on the Ma RI border. 508 679 3853
  12. Good to see you today Carl. You were dead right when you said,"I don't think anything's going to happen today" Couple of stragglers caught later on but nothing much until I left at 2. My wife thanks you dearly for the gift. I'm done now until next weekend, I'll see if I can hook up with Phil next week and work something out
  13. Exactly, 40 for all around use.
  14. Fished today at the east end for a couple of hours around mid day, unfavorable tide really, bottom of west, still managed steady pick for an hour before it dried up.As Angler #1 stated, they are feeding right on the bottom, bare 4oz diamond jig at the bottom of my tree was the ticket to get down in the zone. Saturday is looking like the next decent day, temp in low 40's and wind out of south.