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  1. Careful how you bend the hook. In manufacturing hooks are bent with steel in soft condition then heat treated. Straightening the bend now could cause fracture. I would clamp as far up the shank as possible and only put stress in the eye area, bending minimum amount so eye goes inside lead. Don't go the heat route, I've done it to long shank hooks making sure I had enough heat transfer out of the shank well away from the bend. With heat, the short shanks you are using could compromise the heat treatment in the bend area of the hook. Admittedly, there is not going to be the same stress on the eye in this application compared to tying to the eye, but something to watch out for. I would check a few after opening the bend making sure they are not at the point of fracture. Good luck.
  2. Swim shads are a good stand by, although I rarely fish them, I prefer a small flaptail on a 1/2 oz jighead. I've also seen rattletraps produce in these circumstances.
  3. With you coming from far away we would like to help you, but the rule is we don't post our spots, if you had 15 posts you could receive PM's. If you are bait fishing I would stay away from the Horseneck area,unless plugging, mainly shallow/rocky. Fish the calmer waters of the Sakonnet River, look for access starting in Tiverton and head south. Also as DZ says, over the bridge, Newport is a great option, Saltwater Edge tackle shop is a good starting point.
  4. I would go with the fishing pier at Scusset. Lot less noise from cars in the parking lot, and less onlookers than the bulkhead. Good access and clean bathrooms close by.
  5. Hi 978, Those Atom Striper swipers seem to be out of fashion these days,everybody's using fancy customs, but when squid are around they are deadly. Besides surface popping, let it sink a few feet, rip a couple of feet then stationary/slow sink a few seconds, jiggle and rip again, get the picture?
  6. I cannot make it Phil. Already scheduled some time off work following week for family matters.
  7. Photo above too far to right, this one should be the one described above.
  8. Looking south from Gooseberry Island, Westport. Rocks on horizon right side of photo known locally as The Knob, Knoll, or Point. Dangerous place, I only know a few who have waded out there, you got to know your tides, and being a little bit crazy helps. Island on left horizon is Cuttyhunk, with other Elizabeth Islands going left out of picture.
  9. I also use cardboard sheets snipped with V's and cuts. This is an old photo that I posted years ago when discussing camouflaged leaders.
  10. While most anglers fishing with lures seem pretty well equipped for storage with plug bags or Plano type boxes, bait fishermen on the other hand seem to be not as well organized. You regularly see bait guys with a bag or bucket full of loose leaders, sinkers and hooks, wasting time at the waterside and sorting frustrating tangles. I have a few photos showing that for just a few dollars will give you that extra fishing time. A couple of times hanging around a Dollar store waiting for the Boss, I picked up a few things. Small zip lock portion bags, 40 for a dollar, perfect for hooks, pre tied hooks or small rigs. Another type of small zip lock bag, 50 per box, thinner plastic than the 40 bag, I have been using these more for home than at the water, the others fit in my pouches better. These flowered pouches are sold as 'cosmetic bags'. they are heavy duty plastic with a regular zip closing, perfect for storing the small hook bags. Small plastic Plano type boxes, small but space saving and ideal for swivels, snaps, split rings etc. I also buy my sun block and bug spray and cheap pliers [which I loose regularly] from these type of shops.
  11. Pre dawn Buzzards Bay this morning.
  12. Talking to a diver at a Buzzards Bay location last week, said he had speared 2 amberjacks, previous day, approx 24 inch. The guy knew his fish, his description was spot on when I researched photos later.
  13. We all live here.
  14. Sometimes we need.
  15. Exactly what I've been using. Cheap felt soled boots with sheet metal screws.