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  1. Unique cloud pattern in Southern Ma today. This 'Hole' in the clouds stayed over me most of the afternoon, then moved off to the North. Photo shows half of the 'Hole' moving towards the Brockton area.
  2. Dthfrmabove, beautiful fish. Well done.
  3. What color is your new truck, you called it the silver bullet. Whenever I saw your old red truck, I knew you were somewhere around and would try to find you and say "Hi".
  4. Look for min of 50 deg. Right now we are running around 40, which is the historical average for WHOLE month of March, so with 6 days to go in March we should be right on schedule. Towards the end of April a few 50's will be cropping up.
  5. 50 degrees min water temperature. Actually the dandelions flowering is spot on, there must be some temperature relationship land to water when this happens.
  6. Wood balls are by a company called 'Woodpeckers' on Amazon. About $6 for 50, size in photo 3/4dia. I also use 1/2 dia about same price for 100. I drill them just a bit larger dia than the toothpicks .093, which allows line to be pinched when toothpick is inserted, as in a freshwater worm weight. I cut off the toothpick so as not to damage line. Paint is craft shop acrylic, white for primer, orange is 'Neon orange', green is 'crisp Green'. 2oz bottles. When painting, after the white, I do the whole thing orange, then partial green on top, few specks of dark magic marker. Epoxy coat finishes job.
  7. To target them specifically your best bet is when they are in shallow for spawning in late spring. Look for shallow protected areas with plenty of eel grass. Over the years I have caught a few by accident using small swimming rapala type lures. The ones I caught were in a very compact area and only for a short period of time. I feel they were not actively feeding but protecting their spawning site and being aggressive towards the small minnows which eat the eggs. The rest of the year, when they are out of the shallows, around rock piles and piers,wharves, bridge abutments a different approach. Rarely hit a moving bait unless much competition for food, but tautog are a very curious fish, will come to investigate. When bait fishing for them I keep bait stationary then every 30 seconds raise and lower bait about a foot, they are attracted, then strike the bait after it being stationary for a while.That might tell you something towards your presentation. I also use an attractor, a small wood ball like a jig head up against the hook. The attractors are painted a bright orange/green. The number of bites has increased using these attractors and also the aggressiveness of the bite. Hope this info helps you reach your challenging goal.
  8. Last Tuesday, Phil,... that's Punxsutawney Phil, not our Southcoast Phil, says we are going to get another 6 weeks of winter. We have enough bad news currently, I don't want to hear it. My backache has already hiked up a notch thinking about it. You know what they should do. They should give that stupid groundhog a kick up you know where, and stick him back in the hole he came out of till he comes up with something worth hearing.
  9. I've been backwords and forwards over the use of 'hitch hiker' type springs to hold soft plastics, no doubt the strongest way to attach plastic.Even to the extent that I made my own jig for making various styles of them. I still go back to simple rigging with wide gap.I feel action is better. when placing the spring on the bend of the hook,you somehow loose a 'keel' to keep the sluggo upright which increases spin and loosing natural presentation. If you do rig in this style I found rigging hook point down improved keepng sluggo, in this case a bass assassin, upright as in photo.
  10. Hi Codfish, I use the same rigging method but use wide gap hooks. I feel that when the fish bites down on the sluggo the wider gap allows the hook point to be pushed clear of the body of the sluggo and allow for easier penetration into the fishes mouth. I use gamakatsu superline hooks and always tie to my leader with a loop knot so as to not affect the action of the sluggo. To reduce the tearing of the head of the sluggo, I cut off a very small portion of the nose, I'm talking 1/16 inch, you now have a bit more meat around the offset part of the hook which usually rips first. To cut don't use scissors, place on a flat board and press straight down with a sharp knife, don't 'slice' as this pulls the sluggo out of square before cutting. It's really a good method for trimming all plastics.
  11. I am just about to order a pair of Cabelas/Basspro 'Fish eagle' series steelhead rods. They are costing $79.99 each. I already own a 7 ft model of the same series and the blank is top quality. My first spinning rod with micro guides and it seems to function ok. Handles, well it depends what suits you. I find them a bit on the short side, there is only a small foregrip which is the screw for the reel seat. If you hold the rod at the reel seat all the time it's ok as the back is contoured to fit your palm, but after casting,for better balance, I prefer to use a good size foregrip to work lures. Obviously component quality and finish is not what you would get on a top quality brand, but for the price a good deal.
  12. Looking down the Sakonnet from Portsmouth/Middletown side of river.
  13. Last 3 photo's, brilliant colors in the sky. Thanks for posting.
  14. Pac Bay older Rainforest series. That 1208 blank was one sweet mid weight plugging rod for the canal.
  15. CMS, 20%off Lami, Rainshadow and American tackle blanks Saturday and Monday. Bunch of other rod building stuff also 10-20 % off.