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  1. Gas station at the traffic lights in Sandwich have a sign "Bait sold here". 2nd set of lights 2 or 3 miles past the Sagamore Inn. Don't know what they have or what time closing.
  2. slow burner.
  3. I was fishing the Taunton River yesterday & overheard one bass say to another, "Rumor is that pogie boy has left the Taunton and gone to live in RI". Other bass says " Man that guy threw a mean popper, dinner time will be a lot safer now he's gone". Good luck in your new fishing spots pb.
  4. Turbotage, I can see why the replies you received were less than forthcoming. Unfortunately what you requested is asking guys to break the 'golden rule' about divulging their fishing spots hence the reaction from the guys. If you stick around on here for any length of time you will hear this subject mentioned regularly. We have all experienced being crowded out of spots that just a few years ago you could fish almost alone. As you didn't know about this, I will say "Welcome to the Forum". If you follow some of the more sensible advice given, as in reading fishing reports, visiting bait & tackle shops buying gear and asking for advice and tips, they will look to you as a potential new customer and try put you right. As you get more familiar with what is fish holding structure, the relationship between tide cycles, weather, time of day, best feeding times, food supply, you will identify potential new spots yourself. Actually talking to guys out there fishing you can pickup some good tips.
  5. 2 slow sessions last weekend. 2 small fish Friday, 2 bites no fish Sunday. I think this coming weekend will be big improvement in my area. Also going to have a try at my early season bass spot.
  6. A young mother looses her husband. "Be strong, the Lord is with you"
  7. I was blanked from shore 2 sessions last weekend. Ready to go again.
  8. Heard this on radio coming home tonight. For a 19 year old in '69, being into soul, blues rock & a bit of prog, didn't have much appeal to me then and now. But rock operas were all the rage at the time. When the touring cast of 'Hair', came to our town, scramble for tickets was on. My buddy Martin bought the last 4 tickets, which happened to be a box on the balcony in the old style theatre, at least we could drink smuggled in booze. Turned out I enjoyed the show. how.
  9. I see lots of dandelions in spots sheltered from North wind & getting plenty of sun, false sign, early birds. I like to see clumps of them on open ground as a sign of the arrival of tautog. So I agree, a bit early.
  10. Original version by Buffy Saint Marie sends a message straight to your heart. Here a more upbeat version by Glenn Campbell.
  11. Tsunami slow pitch spiral wrap 7ft conventional, matched it with Daiwa 20H. Pier, jetty, mainly for tautog. Re wrapped a med freshwater spin rod and taped handle for unweighted sluggo, bass assassins. I have tried 6/7 other rods for this application, but none does it like this 25 year old blank.
  12. Another great Liverpool band.