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  1. Looks like the White House left that off the official transcript earlier
  2. The county sheriff and now the DA. seems to me the Governor misread the room
  3. Just read the transcript. All he mentioned was looking out his Senate office window towards the Pentagon and seeing smoke and flames
  4. One can say "cultist" on his part.
  5. Are you suggesting the left no longer observes 9/11 because they have moved on to 1/6?
  6. Think of the optics the Biden team had to deal with. A red eye back to DC for Joe to attend and sleep through a ceremony or him just not doing anything public. I guess they thought a no show was better
  7. I think it depends on how close in proximity the child grew up to the epicenter
  8. You're living in a fantasy world! Got any proof of the "dark scheme" to replace the government?
  9. Did he try or was he asking for it to be done? The Governor signed an EO, did Trump do the same?
  10. It's not up to the RNC It's up to the candidate to make his or her own case
  11. Even Frank believes the Governor overstepped her authority
  12. So you'll think twice about stomping away on that rake?
  13. Parents need to understand for K-12- they do have a choice. It may take some sacrifice on their part however
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