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  1. why wouldn't they if they actually are? DOJ has their back against the ropes right now. By now, if they found something... anything.... a well executed leak would have occurred regarding findings....so far.....nada. why let them off?
  2. it's kind of amusing how he keeps using new right. it's almost like he's single handly trying to make it stick. he's a good little party faithfull isn't he?
  3. most likely who ever was sourced to produce them uses a stock hat that may be produced overseas but the logo and embroidery is done in the states. it's common practice
  4. why should he. let the DOJ explain themselves. innocent until proven guilty right? or did we do away with that concept also?
  5. look who has a new made up term that really means nothing!!!!!
  6. Sen Grassley has been in contact with the FBI whistle-blower in regards to the FBI burying the laptop story to help Biden win the election
  7. if there only was a whistle blower to come forward to claim the FBI buried the laptop story......
  8. yes. the FBI never pushed any story that he was involved with Russian collusion. it's not like there's court documents proving it or something
  9. yes we trust law enforcement
  10. I was correct. wasn't i?
  11. just a theory but I think Nicky stumbled on the left's newest effort to try to rebrand MAGA for the administration so they can can classify them as domestic terrorists.
  12. yes very interesting. one side asking for permission but yet the other side can just post it on every telephone pole in the county ...
  13. it's been a while. anyone decide to get in on this new right yet? .