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  1. And yet 1000 year ahead of South Carolina.
  2. Really????? you sure????
  3. Fat Albert party!
  4. did anyone at this party dress as Sgt Kinchloe in gestapo disguise? 2 birds - one stone
  5. Fraulein Helga There were actually two of them.
  6. Major Hochstetter Also wasn't the go to disguise for Hogan Gestapo uniforms?
  7. you never tried to get through the Lincoln Tunnel during rush hour have you.
  8. He plays farmville- hes got this.
  9. Wild West City opens May 5th. He has time before he needs to report as Black Bart for the kiddie train robbery.
  10. Ambition was the case study for this.
  11. Went to bed before she came on. Knew it would be predictable political talking points. On another note- when I heard Rick Perry was designated survivor this morning I kind of shuddered.