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  1. Plaskett still trying to tie all Trump supporters and Republicans in the same basket as the instigators of the riot. No proof they are connected just moving forward on the big lie.
  2. ahhh got it. and I'm sure they stayed quiet on the house managers manipulation and editing of videos to push their claim
  3. What did they say they lied about?
  4. Question raised: Does a politician raising money for rioters create more rioters?
  5. Nothing was proven other than the house managers manipulated video to make their point. So in other words, they just lied to the Senate and to the American people in attempt to purge Republicans.
  6. Thanks Tim. Always good to have a new toy to tinker around with.
  7. Can still be serious and tavern like- cant do that in the main and I didnt need to start a fight among the sharpies.
  8. what the rigs in his bag? yep- pretty close to it
  9. Spinning and fly fished since a little kid. Thought this could be something new to me to play around with.
  10. the individual I received this reel from loved party boats. Unfortunately for him, dementia got the best of him and he passed away a few years back. Some of the rigs he had in his bag from those last few years were mind blowing to say the least.
  11. It's a main fourm thing. I really dont do that.
  12. he better not put my kid in a cage when I send him alone across state lines.
  13. yes the grill spray. Reel- Crisco Rod grill spray.
  14. Smaht. Keeps from tangles.