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  1. I've had very little time to get out this season but in 2 trips have gotten good fish. One fish we estimated was pushing 50-60lb, she was an absolute monster.
  2. That deff looks like him! Ugh bummer, any idea when he passed? I remember just suddenly not seeing him anymore. (But I also stopped fishing for most part for a while)
  3. I would assume at least someone on here might know this fella. I used to tog the N Jetty in OC a TON wayyyy back with my dad, 20+ years ago. There was a guy who had a hole fairly close to ours and taught me more about toggin. He was from PA and drove a conversion van. A lot of the details are fuzzy anymore but he was very very regular there at the N Jetty. I met him around the time I was 12 I would guess and we saw him there for a couple seasons in a row regularly. Anyone know who this could be?
  4. What you mean!?!?! We have same amount of hair. If he anything like his brother he will love cars too like daddy. His brother has been driving a power wheels on his own since he was 2 and I just got him a new 1 and put upgraded motors and gearboxes and an 18v conversion. 2.5 yr old going 10mph. Lol. Loves going to carshows n loves daddy's racecar.
  5. 2nd boy, first is 2 5. I'll be getting snipped asap. We had a c section and in middle of surgery I told doc I had a $20 with his name on it if he tied her tubes while in there.
  6. Snagged this lil guy the other day
  7. S American, C America, all the same
  8. The ones I am thinking of are deff not of any South American descent.
  9. there's a few DE people who come to mind that I wouldn't put past doing that who very well know what they are doing is illegal, they think they are entitled to the fish.
  10. well how else are they going to feed their 15 cousins who all live in the same 2 bedroom apartment
  11. I saw them show up at a spot where poaching is rampant and they didn't do a damned thing Saturday night.
  12. Can you believe I didn't kill the bite?!?!?!?
  13. Made my 1 weekend trip up Saturday evening. Fished OC out front and it was dead. Moved to the back in MC and had a nice bite of slot fish. Took a nap n then headed out front. Peanuts around with the occasional swirl. Pulled 1 bass off a pod with a metal lip. Moved S to OC and lots of bait with nothing on em. Met up with a buddy and we continued our search. Around 330 hell broke loose and it was slot fish on every cast until about 6 when it got completely dark. It was only us and 4 or 5 other guys spread out on it the whole time. I don't make it up often anymore living even further away now and having kids but this 1 trip was a very satisfying trip for likely my only 1 of the fall.
  14. Why not call it in?
  15. Fair enough, have a nice fall.