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  1. I never even knew people other than tourists fished that pier.
  2. this place keeps going down hill....
  3. My buddy did well on fish up in there from his yak a week ago
  4. check out headlight armor, I use it on my GTO and it has been great so far. If you go that route I'd take it to a tint shop n pay thme a few bucks to install it properly.
  5. I still think we really need to limit being so specific with locations, in the NJ thread it's either out front or out back. You don't need more detail than that. DE has much less real estate to fish and tons of lurkers on here looking at reports, just be vague with the location.
  6. this is my solution fro mshore when boats are being dicks and purposefully running close to jetties to wake you. Might cost me $20-30 in line but 300 yards in their prop is gonna cost them way more.
  7. yank the rod n bury the hook, seems like a simple fix.
  8. you n Bob both know I shut it down every time
  9. F your schoolies, 50 or bust.
  10. I should know to just stop coming to NJ, without fail it goes to **** almost every time I make the trek.
  11. came up n got the ole skunkaroo, that wind that kicked up at midnight was not in the forecast 12 hours earlier when I hit the road. Going for redemption tonight.
  12. I am thinking the chessie class fish are hurt even beyond what is thought. Between my own experience and that of many other who fish spring C&R the fish just plain aren't around.
  13. Nats are a totally diff team today
  14. Werth was worthless, so glad they didn't extend his contract.
  15. Well last night sucked. Had front row first base line seats just to boo Bryce. The energy in the stadium the first 4 innings was amazing and my voice is gone but damn do the Nats look bad right now. Bring back Dusty.