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  1. Your constant posts about hating on jeeps gets pathetic. Have you ever personally owned one? I've owned 5 and other than water pumps in my 90s models they have been dead reliable. Jeep hasn't had constant issues of frames rotting out....
  2. Didn't want to mess up your thread but how do u like the tires

  3. There is not. They are only $100 or so though.
  4. Up for sale is my 2010 nissan xterra off road. I am only selling to get something larger that better fits my family. I've have taken this all over from NY to FL and never a hiccup. She has been dead reliable. I have driven her on the sand in Hatteras before where the sand is known to be sugar, it never came close to getting stuck or ever even felt like I was in soft sand, I was seriously impressed. This is one of the cleanest xterra's you will find. There are no dents, dings, or noticable scratches. The interior is in amazing shape as well. The off road trim is an extremely capable SUV, from the factory it has upgraded skid plates, an electronic rear locker, hill start assist, a banging Rockford Fostgate stero, roof lights, and other great features. I have made some small upgrades to it including a small lift consisting of an add-a-leaf and bilstein 5100 shocks, 285s (33s) falken wildpeak tires, shrockworks rock sliders, upgraded to HIDs in headlights, LED flush mounted rear bumper lights, an intake, and a few other small updates. I have a clean and clear title in hand. $7200. 172k miles and going up as it is my daily driver. Located in Derwood, MD (20855)
  5. Thanks Steve and everyone else. Deff a big change. I can't wait for a few years to take him fishing and watch the bobber go down on sunnies.
  6. That he was. 30 hours of labor, 1.5 hours of pushing, ended up needing a c-section. We expected him to be 6-6.5lb and he ended up being almost 8.5lb. He woulda never come out.
  7. I didnt get to fish much this spring. Made a trip up to NJ that was a bust. had one decent night in the DE surf of teen fish. Caught this guy Wednesday night. Hardest fight ever and really put mom thru hell.
  8. I didn't get to fish much this spring, had one good night in DE later in April with a handful of 30-35" bass off the sand. After early this month my spring season was done. Caught this guy Wednesday night. He put up one hell of a fight and best mommy up pretty good.
  9. I never even knew people other than tourists fished that pier.
  10. this place keeps going down hill....
  11. My buddy did well on fish up in there from his yak a week ago
  12. check out headlight armor, I use it on my GTO and it has been great so far. If you go that route I'd take it to a tint shop n pay thme a few bucks to install it properly.
  13. I still think we really need to limit being so specific with locations, in the NJ thread it's either out front or out back. You don't need more detail than that. DE has much less real estate to fish and tons of lurkers on here looking at reports, just be vague with the location.
  14. this is my solution fro mshore when boats are being dicks and purposefully running close to jetties to wake you. Might cost me $20-30 in line but 300 yards in their prop is gonna cost them way more.