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  1. I wonder if this could have gotten the attention they don't want. Prior to this, everyone in VA and MD knew of and accepted that Omega is here and there is nothing that can be done because they pay off all politicians. Now they show up and get the attention of those in NJ who likely knew little about them prior (outside of the fishing community). I hope that it catches the eye of a group with pull/$ that can step up and start hounding on them. Hope they do something like get a whale stuck in a net in front of watchers and that could really be game on with all eyes on them.
  2. double post FTW
  3. I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean?
  4. Saw people posting live reports yesterday on facebook, I guess everyone wants to be an internet hero and have 100 of their closest new friends shoulder to shoulder with them. I don't get it
  5. Then I'll have you do mine next time. I sent 1 of mine back this spring because the drag was sticky
  6. Falken wildpeake AT3
  7. Sounds good steve. Dunno how long I'll be around, depends on bite.
  8. I feel the love!!!!
  9. I did a 2" lift and 285s and it rides amazing, better than the stock worn out stuff, not rough at all. Rides 4x better than our stock low miles 2014 4 door wrangler. She glided along the sand down in hatteras
  10. Appreciate it . I haven't been out in months so I am hoping to find a few fish at least haha. where you heading to? I'll up on the N end of jerzey most likely. Gimme a shout if you're up that way.
  11. I'm making my first fall trip of the season up to dirty jerzey starting tonight, see some of you scumbags around!
  12. hook rash
  13. If you dont need a usable backseat and 4 doors then its solid.
  14. Even though it's you I'll throw my 2 cents in. If you're looking at one get a 2010+. Prior to 2010 on the second gens the trans cooler that is built into the radiator would leak and take out the transmission. You can bypass the cooler on them but then you're gonna overheat it. You can put a new radiator in too to fix it but my opinion is get one that isnt susceptible to the issue and not worry. I've put 50k on mine in under 2 years. Taken it on the sand and she handles soft sugar amazing, no struggle at all, couldnt say the same for my 04 grand cherokee. I've had 0 issues pretty much, had a cam sensor go out that took 20 min and $50 to replace. I put a 2" lift and some 33s on mine. I have a 2010 off-road/pro-4x. I have 160k miles on mine. As was stated, the timing chain guides are plastic but itll start whining pretty good when they are going out. Other than the guides these motors are bulletproof in my opinion. There is a different variation of the VQ motor used across many Nissan platforms.
  15. Does this make you feel cool? if anything, that contributes the to the problem of places getting shut down. You sure must be itching for attention this week, you have 5 threads started on the first page alone.