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  1. I've got a black 150L I'm about to post up. Was serviced this past spring and spooled with sypder wire 30lb blue camo. It's been fished maybe 3x since service, was a back up. Also has a bailed knob on it. $500. China made and external weight.
  2. you got the wrong person, think you meant my twin @Jerseypride
  3. If you want the MMF2 just buy a broom stick and tape some guides on it. Absolute worst rod I've ever used/owned.
  4. @Jerseypride sick my twin!
  5. right....there's a few photos of single sand eels and a certain shop that loves to exaggerate and everyone goes nuts
  6. Double post ftw
  7. Sorry to let ya down but doubt I'll be around.
  8. Invade???? I haven't seen/heard anything thick thus far.
  9. Skip it
  10. What a waste of time. Got out around 4am and the sweep and swell made it tough to fish. Once I saw it in the light I headed home. Dirty as all hell.
  11. all these newjacks been coming in guns blazing
  12. you're the biggest cork sucker I know
  13. So because he puts a ton of effort and time in and gets dialed in means hes lying?
  14. I'll only ever use a TA after having a bluefish open up both ends of a pretty beefy duolock.
  15. sit in driver's seat, recline, sleep.