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  1. I've hung it up, see ya in the spring lol
  2. I wouldn't waste any time off to fish right now
  3. you sure those periodic blow-ups aren't just birds flying over? (they tricked me for a sec too)
  4. anything in particular to take notice of here?
  5. This is how I feel too, I would be kicking myself in the ass for not giving it a shot with those conditions.
  6. yessir. I'm leaving somewhere between 8-10pm tonight and roughly 3.5 hours on the road. I decided to fish until LATE, then work remote tomorrow from NJ and fish tomorrow afternoon into the night and head home after that. I'm coming up from roughly Dulles Airport in VA.
  7. Trying to make the suicide run tonight now and find a babysitter lol.
  8. 250 miles each way for me lol, if the onset of the blow was 8-9 I'd be way more tempted but I won't be there until its already kicking up decently.
  9. Thursday looks sooooo good, really considering a suicide run, I just wish the onset was a few hours later to really sell me on it. Calling these 20-25" fish a "fall run" it pathetic.
  10. I remember mine as well, I had never caught anything of size (schoolies) and then January 3, 2015 I nailed a 30lb fish on a pencil at sunrise in Point Pleasant.
  11. I cant swim either lol. Tried many times to learn and I've given up.
  12. I'll do that. PM coming.
  13. Where would it be shipping to? 5'9, 200. In photo I have a heavy hoodie on under it.
  14. Selling my Large hyperflex playa neoprene surf top. Its pretty much the same thing as the stormr typhoon. This jacket with a thermal shirt and a heavy sweatshirt kept me warm enough down into the upper 20s at night. Been used a few seasons, no leaks or anything. Only selling as I have another jacket and don't use this now. $50. Located in northern VA but in NJ many weekends.
  15. I'll never use PP again. Bought 2 spools this spring, 30lb and 50 lb and both would just break on me soon as they got a lot of tension. Ended up losing 5 bass of 40+lb because of it. Went to jBraid and started landing them.