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  1. Best advice, don't expect much of a fight.
  2. why ya gotta be so mean
  3. ???
  4. .
  5. I have a 2015 explorer sport, I wouldn't even dare drive it on the beach. No faith in it. Everyone who has no experience hates on Nissan it seems. The last year they had "issues" with xterras and frontiers was 200. Trans coolers are built into the radiators and they would leak and end up taking out the trans. 2010+ they revised the radiator. The xterra has a VQ motor, same engine used in just about every other Nissan platform that comes with a V6. If you look at the pro-4x models they come with some extras like an electronic locking rear diff, skid plates, roof lights, and a pretty damn good stereo. My xterra in the sugar sand of Hatteras surprised me. It handled it with complete ease, honestly didn't feel like I was even driving in sand. I had a 4wd grand Cherokee I took out there before that really seemed to struggle. Here is a photo of my old one. I did a small 2" lift and some 33s.
  6. 2010+ xterra are bulletproof too. I had a 2010 with nearly 200k miles on it. Handled the softest of sand with ease. Some days I miss having it out of simplicity.
  7. Life is boring when you get old.
  8. This sounds like a normal weekend with my buddy's before I had a kid...now I'm lucky if I get a weekend like this a few times a year.
  9. you can get a slammer 3 for under 200 off amazon. I just got a slammer3 3500 and a 7' tidemaster off amazon
  10. check out steepandcheap, they have costas for great prices sometimes. Just gotta wait for the frame you want to come up.
  11. Spanish showed up in the DE surf last week, FYI.
  12. good lord, can you Nancies cry just a little bit more in here?!
  13. you'll hate the 25 on that. I hated my 25 on a 10' century even.
  14. The 9' mojo 1-4 is comparable to fishing with a broomstick.
  15. crazy, i've never had an issue with the long shot and i get some LARGE on them.