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  1. I use a Hyperflex playa, ( same exact jacket as the typhoon, same manufacturer and all). With it, a long sleeve under armor heat base, and a fleece sweatshirt I am plenty warm to 20-25* or so. It does NOT have wrist seals though which sucks, it's pretty much just a normal jacket made of neoprene with a thin fleece lining. Good for doing snow in the driveway too lol Overall it's good enough for me. In realy bad weather with blasting wind and rain I'll wear an actual splash top.
  2. they are real stand up guys, they make detours when moving from spot to spot and grab themselves food without telling you or offering....isn't that right @Sheisty?
  3. you clowns gonna communicate with me in a timely fashion this spring?
  4. why are BIG fish (20+lb) going to come in to feed on small bait when there is adult bunker further off? It's like saying, you can drive 20 miles to get McDonalds or drive 2 miles and get Ruth's Chris for the price of McDonalds.
  5. Hows that a deal breaker? Lighten than a 250
  6. Don't forget we also have a severely depleted biomass now
  7. Gonna have to disagree with that. Stripers don't spawn until the age of 5-6 and a 19" fish(keeper) is only 3 years old in the bay. Most fish in the bay have not migrated yet but how does that make them all males?
  8. combine that with charters that run 2 trips a day all summer long usually with 6-8 people and those fish stand no chance. I was given a Groupon to go on one years ago. The charter was trolling illegal rigs (more than legal limit of hooks per umbrella rig) and pulling in 4 fish at a time per setup. It was disgusting. Their whole goal was to put enough meat on the boat for a limit for all parties and get back to the dock quick as possible. That single charter is effectively wiping out 224 20-25" bass a week all summer long. June-September that is almost 3600 fish that single charter has killed. there are TONS of these charters on the bay too. They on their own are wiping out millions of pounds of bass each summer before they grow enough to migrate and spawn. Then factor in the recs that have boats and go out. Every one of them feels the need to take their limit home usually for the whole boat too. There are even more of these guys out there. From the bay bridge on a nice weekend day you can literally see 100+ boats all out there looking for bass. They need to tighten up regs in the bay, knock it down to 1 fish per person. That would probably cut the kill number down by more than 50% as some anglers only in it for the kil/meatl wouldn't feel it was worth going out for a single fish and I doubt people would want to spend $100+ to go out on a charter and end up coming home with 3lb of meat all said and done.
  9. never seen info to back up the 50" thing, just people saying it. I have seen studies that say the bigger the fish the more eggs she produces and the hardier those eggs are. catch your 50", take a pic and if you really want a mount a few measurements and have one made based off that. She lives and you get your trophy.
  10. just came across this.....
  11. IF they were all over the EEZ wouldn't they still be coming into the Chessie to spawn in the spring? My catch numbers during C&R have been dropping each year and so have many others I know who have a good idea for what they are doing. I did better 5 years ago slinging bait when I had 10% of the knowledge I do now. Hell, even the boats have put up really poor number the last 2 springs during "trophy season."
  12. I've had no problem keeping them alive in my frig for about a week. The biggest thing is to flip the container around a few times a day to keep the worms up in the grass and off the bottom all stacked on one another. My local shop uses a Styrofoam cup with a lid filled with seaweed. I flip the cup in the AM, when I get home from work, and then at bedtime.
  13. Is that price for the pair of rears including install? A pair of rears is only $150 for the bilsteins and you can knock out installing both of em in under 30 minutes start to finish, it's 2 bolts total for each one. In all seriousness, 62k miles isn't bad and I wouldn't even bother unless one is clearly leaking.
  14. I'm thinking of another run to FL at the end of January
  15. glad to see she was released, the mentality of most down there is kill kill kill.