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  1. snag n drop em to find anything under them
  2. right there with ya, I got about 8 weeks until he is here.
  3. did you remember the flour this time?
  4. you sure it wasn't just bunker and/or herring with birds on it?
  5. you gotta deal with Harper for the next 13 years, that sucks for ya'll. I got Apr 2 tix right on the field on the first base line just so I can boo his ass here in DC.
  6. did you flour it up?
  7. who carries flour when they go fishing? Planning to fry em up on the spot?
  8. he'd rather catch worms
  9. And often times it's because they found a large pod of bunker and they are snag and dropping hoping the lone few surviving bass inhale their trebles. The fall boat guys are the WORST.
  10. I have a crate 5x more packed than that. I bring it, I'm not driving 220 miles with one small bag of stuff. Often times the wind/weather predictions are way off and what I had planned to throw wouldn't be ideal at all if I only packed what I thought I would need.
  11. what I can tell you is that I am seeing NJ boats coming down to VA in the winter months to go out and target the bruiser tog. Soon enough they will wipe them out down that way too. Tog are f'ed just like every other species that is tumbling down hill.
  12. fair enough then
  13. they also have electronics that help put them on the fish along with a ton more water to cover and a fast means to cover that water. Ask a boat guy if they do a lot more searching/scanning/moving these days than they did 10 years ago. The stock is down, that is a fact that CAN NOT be argued. For me, if striper fishing is banned (not allowed at all), I will likely hang the gear up for a few years.
  14. using those rounds tubes there is a ton of waste space in there, just sayin lol
  15. how do they actually enforce the circle hook req? Do they make everyone reel up so they can view their hook? Curious about the 90* air temp thing, does it just bake the fish/dry them out too fast? Water temps in the bay are up into the mid 80s in the summer.