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    I used to live in South Ozone Park, NY
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    Family stuff... Boy I miss the surf!
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  1. Frequent Fly-er - That's right, thickness.
  2. and you stopped at two or three after that? Yeah JP, you realy need advice! I hate people who just find fishing so easy...
  3. The foam on top is discarded. The liquid left in the pan is your clarified butter. when you pour it out, just discard any milk solids left in the bottom of the pan.
  4. Nothing. But afterwards...Dunkin' Donuts coffee
  5. Sounds good! I am surprised the scallops were not overdone and stringy. I would have put them in last, after reducing the sauce. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Congrats on the site! I haven't finished looking through it yet, but it looks good. FYI: I gave you guys a link on StriperSurfClub.com Tight Lines!
  7. ...got a story to go with the pic???
  8. WHEW! It's sometimes hard to mend a rift when one's feelings are hurt. I am glad to see you guys were able to do so! TIGHT LINES! Peter
  9. I did almost hit her in the face with a live eel once! It was REALLY close...
  10. No... I actually want to stay married!
  11. Yeah, it sucks! But if you don't do anything about it but complain, you won't feel any better. Call the DEC or the Park Police. A buddy and I called the Parks Police when we saw a violation (not fish related) at Fort Tilden. They responded to the call within minutes... Don't underestimate the feeling of satisfaction you get by doing what you can without even putting yourself in harm's way by risking a physical confrontation with some nut job! It's nice to see so many of you care about this stuff! Tight Lines to you!!! Peter
  12. I beat up my equipment pretty good. I get sand in my reel and dunk it almost every time I fish. Of course I rinse it off with freshwater when I get home. But I have dunked it for years and it still works well, and it was only a few weeks ago that I bothered to pack the reel with grease. I have had some parts replaced over the years but I do not see a reason to switch to another reel. Penn 706Z (and its made in the USA too!)
  13. Hmmm.... Let's do the math... take one two pound bass lay it on the sand for say... four hours and you get .....Striper jerky?