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  1. Many THANKS for all the kind words!
  2. Ward! Weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night???
  3. He has been "selectively" active for about 2 weeks now in the driveway outside. A friend donated a barbers chair and everything!!! LOL Just family and close friends we know who are being careful during these times
  4. Thank you so much for all the kind words....SO TRUE!!! My 20 yr.old daughter is NOW a senior at Rutgers and could not be more proud of Brianna as well. Amazing to know they are on the right track for personal success!!! Best to your family my friend!!
  5. Yes That is what Ty is doing. Going to go to out local Community college Brookdale but they offer Rutgers Business admin 4 year degree that he is enrolled in now. One of my buddies already approached him to be partners in a new place since his town does not even have a barber shop! But Tyler is staying at/and with his current shop who gave him his first shot 3 plus years ago into the business. His current apprenticeship is under a great guy who himself is a very smart businessman, and Jersey City NJ firefighter!!
  6. WOW!!! Awesome and GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. So my "little guy", who is 6'1" and growing...just turned 18 yesterday. What happened??? He was just a little "Chicken Nugget" running to catch up to all the bigger kids and his older sister in the neighborhood!!! So proud of him to graduate with HIGH honors from Middletown North and will be taking his State Boards for his Cosmetology license. Been cutting hair at a local shop under direct supervisor and on the spot training since he was 15. Also found his passion to FISH again! Mostly freshwater ponds for bass or whatever bites. Love ya Tyler!!!! Dad
  8. Unfortunately IMO,we are many months away from gyms being "SAFE". NEVER was a fan of going to a gym either though it is the thing to do, or was the thing to do. Appreciate the feedback my friend.
  9. Looking to pick up a lifting set for my 17 yr.old. Bench w/ preacher, straight and curl bar,dumb bells... LMK what ya have. Kid is 6 foot plus and lean. Wants to widen up a bit Thanks in advance SOL!! I am in Middletown, NJ area Do not wanna spend a fortune ordering online.
  11. Unfortunately I do not need of want to buy your DAM reel!! Good luck with your DAM reel sale!!!
  12. This POST really shows you guys are horribly bored!!! Carry on please!!!!
  13. Gonna check with the boss (wife), I have a 5s (Verizon) and need to upgrade. Have to check about the CDMA if that will affect in any way.
  14. Den is in neighbors yard. Have to bait him toward my trap
  15. Need about 2 - 3. Rather than ordering on line, wanted to see if there are any yuou guys have just taking up valuable fishing gear space. At war with some rabbits and a few groundhogs. Have A Heart traps not working at all so I am done with them! Do not wanna hear it from tree huggers or PETA fans. My veggie garden trumps any PEST! LMK what any one has.