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  1. Geeeeez!!! I can always depend on you guys to get a thread so side tracked to the point I don't even remember the actual question I asked!?!
  2. HEY!!! I don't know if I should take it that I am weird??? LOL NIce wheels!!!
  3. Ease up on the common sense. Any one can get killed in ANY car. Teach your kids right and usually life goes on the right track. Safety wise cop cars are #1. Just seeing if any one has had one and get a few ideas. Thanks to all for their thoughts and ideas. Just sending out feelers...
  4. Lookin to get my 17 yr.old his first set of wheels. Thought a used Police car would be a safe start since they are usually kept up with mechanically and are reinforced for safety? What's the consensus out there???
  5. I need to hang out with guys!!!
  6. Jim...ATF knocked on my door this morning...They thought it was house.
  7. Ditto from another Slovak!!!
  8. Pick a nice place in Arlington. Easy ride in on Metro
  9. If they were undocumented illegal immigrants Gov. Murphy would put them right on his Board of Trustees on figuring out way to rip more NJ home owners!!!
  10. Thoughts prayers and speedy recovery from Jersey!!!
  11. Family dinner...Ham, home made Kielbasa from Polish store in Bayonne!!!, non of that vacuum sealed crap from Foodtown! Seeded Russian rye, colored Easter eggs, home made horseradish, potato salad, new dill pickles plus other fixins!!! Just a time to get together and enjoy the family!!!
  12. SOL GATHERING or Reunion???
  13. My son Tyler with Chris a 2 years ago. WHat a great guy who will be truly missed.
  14. Chris Pallies was such a great guy to meet and spend time with. Will be missed
  15. Former Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales passed away yesterday. Such a great guy who was very fond of my son Tyler, with on a few occasions, invited us to stay and watch some NY Giants games at his home. He will be missed by many of his fans.