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  1. Pick a nice place in Arlington. Easy ride in on Metro
  2. If they were undocumented illegal immigrants Gov. Murphy would put them right on his Board of Trustees on figuring out way to rip more NJ home owners!!!
  3. Thoughts prayers and speedy recovery from Jersey!!!
  4. Family dinner...Ham, home made Kielbasa from Polish store in Bayonne!!!, non of that vacuum sealed crap from Foodtown! Seeded Russian rye, colored Easter eggs, home made horseradish, potato salad, new dill pickles plus other fixins!!! Just a time to get together and enjoy the family!!!
  5. SOL GATHERING or Reunion???
  6. My son Tyler with Chris a 2 years ago. WHat a great guy who will be truly missed.
  7. Chris Pallies was such a great guy to meet and spend time with. Will be missed
  8. Former Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales passed away yesterday. Such a great guy who was very fond of my son Tyler, with on a few occasions, invited us to stay and watch some NY Giants games at his home. He will be missed by many of his fans.
  9. Been in area for 21 years and still do not know what is the attraction on either side of Route 36? I see people fishing/crabbing I guess...but never hear any reports.
  10. Honey I'm Home!" starts it off
  11. LOL guys in da hood used to say it was like the Perfect STorm bar. Guys would come in with waders on before or after a night of fishin and also mixed in with NYC guys off the ferry.
  12. Meadowview Pub in Belford... aka Club Med...burnt down with a little Jewish lightning 15 years ago or so. It was The Perfect STorm bar !!!
  13. A great Russian rye with seeds makes all the holidays complete. BEST IN THE WORLD...Pechter's rye in Harrison!!!
  14. If I tell you, I will have to kill you
  15. Food Saver from costco...great price and bags are great! I have sealed fish (fluke) for over a year and comes out day fresh. Best investment you can make next to a Weber grill and a cast Iron coated pot!