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  10. i have although i usually go to the waltham section of the charles. once the season kicks off i don't get out much b/c of the bass club i'm in and tournaments.
  11. yeah i hear you but you do get what you pay for. i don't know if the hunter can handle a motor. the sea eagle is built specifically to hold a motor and can handle all the equipment with it like a battery. it's also really stable, thick, and 2 people can stand. i just personally wouldn't feel safe in a "regular" inflatable. if you're going on small water and just rowing around, then i guess the others would be ok. but paying a lot is never fun.
  12. agreed. i have the sea eagle motormount inflatable and have beaten the crap out of it and hooked it. not even a freakin' scratch. adam is right about the sea eagle. i would give it a great review. that being said, i don't have any other options. i live in the city limits of boston in an apartment so a boat and trailer are out of the question. i toss everything including a minn kota trolling motor and a series 27 battery in my honda accord sedan. no problem. so if you have limited options, go for it, otherwise i would try to get some sort of real boat at all costs. i fit everything above along with my fishing gear without a big hassle. it's very doable. i can get into places most people can't and you can fly with a 40 lb. thrust motor.
  13. consider a sea eagle inflatable if you go this route. it's very durable, has good space for 2 people, and i throw it in my trunk. you'll need a bunch of accessories though like a trolling motor, battery, anchor etc. but i really had no other choice given my lack of storage option and i'm happy with it. i've been out a lot this year in it and have had no problem catching fish. send me a PM if you want more details. if you're going to get an inflatable, i would not skimp out! you do not want to take a chance of leaking and sinking. i've run this thing into ice, rocks, laydowns, you name it. not even a scratch.
  14. don't do it.
  15. thanks for the advice guys. yes spooks, sammy's and those types of lures. i was wondering more specifically regarding lure control and ease of consistent action - higher ratio pulling in more slack with fewer turns etc. i'd rather focus on presentation that constantly reeling. to me, ratio is very important for specific applications like crankbait fishing and pitching / flipping and frogging. there is no way you are catching more fish with a very low gear ratio in the thick stuff compared with a high speed reel. certain times call for slow reeling and sometimes you need to haul them out ASAP. but i'm definitely not going to spend more since one type is cheaper b/c of a different ratio. sam