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  1. When those SB's get long they start to get some serious shoulders on them. I think my largest might push high 6' range but never tangled with a 7' +.although I have an open invitation. Sand tigers are like pigs with teeth. SB's were very good eating too, albeit regs changed... But I'm fine with conserving the fishery. I know they caught an decent sized bull at 3r's about 10 years ago, thinking it was about 8'.
  2. ^^ yup... That's cool Dave. I got dumped one year and upgraded line capacity and gear for a dedicated toothy outfit. It's so fun, havnt caught a bull yet though. A friends dad has photos from a group of old school AI fishermen.... Guessing 60's/70's.....Dave, Allen or some of the highly experience/knowledgable old school regulars might know more about this(?).....Fighting chairs bolted to truck beds and Hammerheads, Bulls and Threahers on the beach. Obviously all the usually caught species where there too, but the photos highlighted the rarer catches over the years, film was expensive I imagine
  3. Great story and account of the action. Based on your description I'd say big sandbar 7'+ or a Bull. There have been a few Bulls caught over the years...they're around
  4. I'm in btw..... Very cool/generous of you
  5. ^^details, story??? lie to me!
  6. I use/like the super glue with their mini paint brush applicator..... But yes I glue the tip of the head of whatever your soft plastic of choice is. Also handy for 3/4 bites/ripped up repairs...that's were the space age/high tech super elastic SP's are worth the extra cost. Even numerous blues and macks can me caught. Not an issue in colder months
  7. ^^ if you ever get down this way maybe we can fish, afterward we can have a fried fluke dinner and bowl of quahog chowda
  8. You mean tautog?
  9. Hey guys, long time lurker. Thinks it's my fist post on this forum, mostly spend time on Delmarva. I caught my personal largest flounder (yes flounder, I'm from Md) at night. I was targeting rockfish/trout and had no darker colored baits as sun went down. I grabbed a sharpie out from the truck and took a white WE Shad and colored it black with the sharpie. First cast 25" doormat. Fishing IRI
  10. Stay safe guys, hope all you southern guys and those with family down there are fairing as well as possible. ...I was just watching a clip from Surf City, NC....strange video clip, thought I was looking at beachfront much further north, like NE style....high, sharp faced wall of dirt/beach. Waves crashing directly on it base, not a rock/riprap or support structure in sight. Not sure what it looked like before, got to imagine a few hundred yards of beachfront is under water(?) but looks like they'll loose the road eventually. On a feel good side of things I watched two loaded down "rigs" fueling up in Dunkirk, Md.....both full sized 4x4's, one had a enclosed black trailer dragging a flag of Maryland proudly, aftermarket emergency LEDs flashing bright white on super disco mode. Other "rig" was hualing a heavy duty aluminum skiff, guessing 20'.... Attached over and under and all around the boat and even the trailer were canoes and kayaks wedged in and strapped down. Get this.... They topped the larger boat with two car topper style light weight aluminum boats. Believe me when I suggest this wasn't their first relief mission. These guys looked dialed in and everything was strapped tight and loaded smartly. obviously I assume they were heading south to help/volunteer. Don't know them,.... But it looked like private citizens helping out which is very cool to see....heartwarming, honestly.
  11. Great story.... I've long been interested in the southern ESVA tarpon bite. I've r ead the few articles and threads available. Tarpon, VA has a name for a reason I assume Surprised you didn't end up with toothy critter on the cut bait. Question, ....one day I hope to try this exclusive fishery ... What made the area you choose look "fishy"?.... I assume some sort of combination of grass flat near deeper water? Hope you get your picture next time.... A GoPro video would of been awesome!!
  12. Lisa's deli is a classic (relatively new) joint. A few bar stools and a couple tables.... Bring your thick skin, it's a fun atmosphere but she takes no "s" and is fun joint. If you have auto issues on your trip, Daves Auto a block away is top notch and fair.... Btw, I was the super on the Royal Farms build in between them. Awesome fried chicken. Good luck man. Lastly, the Dolphins have really screws up the bite.... Hundreds if not thousands have invaded the bay and are eating everything! Perch, spot, croaker, rockfish and bluefish.... I've heard reports from a few friends of them balling up spot and croaker and pushing them to the surface and cleaning them out. I've never scene spot nor croaker busting on top except one time at AI and the had Dolphins and sharks pushing them. Get an UL and have fun inshore with great eating perch if you can't find river/bay bite. Lastly, take a trip up Pulaski Hwy and try one of the several pit beef joints (a local classic).... There used to be dozens, but still plenty to choose..... I recommend a little BBQ, horseradish and raw onion on you put samdwhich.... Medium rare of course.... Washed down with an ice cold Natty Bo.... Which you will obviously have on ice in your own cooler as most if not all do not serve alcohol.
  13. Anyone have some smack it jr's they want to off load? Pm if so... sr's are also appealing but jr's preferred. Thanks in advance, Pm if so.
  14. Good point.... Guess I posted here out of habit
  15. Was wondering if anyone had smack it jr's (preferred) or seniors for sale? Thanks.... Please pm