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  1. I'll take the last two.... Please send paypal info.
  2. You got it. PM coming
  3. Bump, and a drop.... $40.00 shipped. Paypal....
  4. I'll take the Polarflash please.
  5. Gremlin Spooks. Used. $45.00. Shipped. Paypal. Yellow / White 8" / 2.0 oz.
  6. All we can do is express our voices, and hopefully be heard. There are not many places that have access and parking to such a large beach area as Scusset.
  7. Sadly the gate was closed Sunday morning. I think pressure on DCR may make a difference to get it reopened. Quabbin suffered the same fate, but public pressure forced the opening. Time to make some phone calls.
  8. Yes they did. Light, well made, almost indestructible Royalex. I know WorcBoy sold quite a few back in the day..... I still have my Old Towne 14' Hunter. I've had it for over thirty years. Got it from one of the best outfitters in Ma. It has been through hell, and back. Used for trolling for trout, crabbing saltwater marshes, dragged through countless bushwacking to fish remote ponds, my kids grew up using, and abusing. It's still in original condition except the caning.
  9. That's why it's always wise to carry a really, really, really bright flashlight to warn them you are on the service road too! Not to blind them,.....just to warn them.
  10. If this is still available, I'll take it.
  11. I'm in. Thanks for the chance. Very nice of you.
  12. These are some of my builds that should do well.
  13. If you split the Bunker, I'll take the remaining three for $25.00 plus shipping cost?
  14. OK Thanks!. PM to follow.
  15. Two New Jigman Mini Polaris Poppers. $30.00 shipped. Paypal preferred or MO/ck Wonderbread and Herring. Both New. 3 1/2" / 1/2 oz.