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  1. These things have serious teeth!
  2. I ran a 20# leader and lost no gear. But probably lost ops for the bones by not going lighter flouro Hogy was a perfect match. Working all day on schoolies as well.
  3. On the deck bone in Buzzards Bay. Lots of blues mixed in.
  4. Had an order ready for me 2 weeks ago, was told I better reserve them (4) , on a Sunday night.... Got home, too busy to go back, but one lob was not looking too good,,,,,,,cooked it......was wasted white mush junk. Now the thing is, when I came in, within an hour of my expected time to come in, I asked to have them please select the largest ones available, she handed me a plastic bag with them already in it......sitting on the counter....along with about 50 others. My bad for not checking. so, don't do that!
  5. worms, senko style, I use only a few colors. Here is something i have found on a particular large lake in NH. Water conditions vary wide, from open rocky bottom lake to shallow weeded and grassy regions and then to mudded silty regions. The color of the forage is key to dialing in the bait match it. Not 'matching a hatch', rather just the brownish algae covered rocks, or the greenish grassy regions. Fav colors, pumpkin for open lake and brownish rocks. It blends in perfectly! Watermelon for greenish grassy regions. Both types in lemon tails work best under low light, on cloudy days, that chart tail really lights up and brings them in. Then there is the total bright colors, for when its poor water clarity...and thats it. Otherwise those bright colors don't do any better than stuff that matches surrounds. For some other lakes, with sandy bottoms, I still match it, with the lighter brown colors, gold flecks. What is totally obvious, using "off colors" as compared to 'matching colors', the matched color out performs like 10/1! Lure action and likely scent is the main attraction for these senko baits. Color matching makes things look quite real! my 2 cents
  6. ...and they want to place blame on the recs for this, and change regs against recs...... If its so bad this year, what will next year bring? Abolish the comm fishery (would 'almost' stop poaching by eliminating a legal sales market) Change rec size to 32" (or greater) 1/day
  7. Got into a frenzy mess of 5lb size over the weekend, in Buzzards. C&R at least 50 over both days, no time to fillet, but I'll be back! Was hoping for bones or Albie, but no go. The bait is running thick!
  8. My arsenal Favs custom painted and tied crippled herring 1/2 & 3/4 oz. Lots Hogy, limited released colors & all sizes 7/8 0zWaxwings
  9. Pike in there too, but only seen monsters caught thru ice
  10. I was in a full blitz today near there in Buzzards Bay. I was surprised to see such action midday! Landed a few blues and schoolies in the mix. But the way the bait and frenzy moved, I was thinking funny fish could have easily been in there too.
  11. The kid was on fire! KVID0963.mp4
  12. I fish my boat on the West end by Mass M., in the tidal flats and opp side at Grey Gables. The Canal patrol is keen on anyone drifting into the marked channel, not allowing fishing. They patrol the marked channel from the canal entrance all the way out to Stony Pt. dike...and even way beyond up to Clevelend Ledge, not allowing any fishing in the marked channel. I have been yelled at, by being in the channel, and not even fishing! Those guys just don't like you even hanging around. Those modern tankers don't even need tugboats and are super quiet, they sneak up on you fast! KVID0958.mp4
  13. That's a matter of opinion. I'm not sure you can point a finger to those individuals whom offer advice and then those same individuals whom then complain. That's the whole premise of your post. Clearly there are some who offer advice and others whom make hard complaints of the canal activity. And then there are some who toss around some humor... myself included.
  14. Actually no. The OP is asking "why are people freely giving out canal advice here on SOL, and then complain of crowds" ..and because this topic is kind of lame...some of us "trolls" as you insinuate have a bit of light hearted humor with it all, rather than blast insults...well mostly anyways. Sol is not so stuffy.. Lighten up Francis
  15. Like you READ about in.....