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  1. yes and this looks like that too. The point being its the east side of the storm. east of the eye, the onshore flow, making the most storm surge. And that puts the Cape at more risk.
  2. Its on a Bob path. The Cape region on the right side will be bad. Unless it goes offshore completely.
  3. I'll bet that great whites are territorial dominant over bull sharks ..they each have their regions.
  4. There is no rust on those hooks, like they have never been used. I mean, I replaced all my VMC hooks this year too, and they got more rust on them already than that...
  5. 3oz Left Hook Pilgrim top plug in whacky mack or dirty mack 3 oz Savage Eel mackerel 3 oz bullet jig head with Ronz green tail 3 different water column strategies for only 3 lures...if I had too
  6. Still pretty tough to tell between a Frigate and a Bullet. Besides the notes shown, the Frigate is absent of an anal fin. Why was that not a clear indication? I like the chart. Thanks
  7. Thats a great place, and only a 3 mile hike. Keep going to 13 Falls , is one of best swimming, jumping pools in the Whites
  8. From my post, top to bottom: Bonita Spanish Mackerel False Albacore You always can tell Bones with the shaded vertical bars and conical teeth
  9. Last year, I caught all 3 of these, in the same cove location, the same day, within the same hour, I think on the same school of bait, because I used the same lure... 2 were delicious! Other was dog food.
  10. Tragic news. I have a Mustang self inflatable, with a ResQLink beacon locater attached to it. I wear it when I see the first whitecaps..has been my general rule. My Grady is a safe ride. Last Sunday the SW winds and swell In Buzzards were psycho. I poked out into the fury for about 1/4 mile, headed back into protected harbor for the day.
  11. Ok, please close this one. Thanks
  12. From the EPO, glad to see the enforcement. ______________________________ On the morning of Wednesday, July 8, 2020, the Massachusetts Environmental Police responded to a complaint regarding a group of individuals possibly poaching striped bass along the Cape Cod Canal and hiding the catch in a vehicle near the railroad bridge parking area in Buzzards Bay. Upon arrival at the scene, Officers observed a male carrying a striped bass towards the parking lot. The individual noticed the Officers and ran back towards the Canal, throwing the fish into the water. Officers pursued the individual who was ultimately placed in custody. A subsequent check of the vehicle revealed three additional striped bass – two of which were over the limit of 35-inches. Furthermore, two of the three fishermen in the group, including the one in custody, did not have a 2020 Saltwater Recreation Fishing permit. The arrestee was charged with failure to display catch upon demand, possession of over the limit striped bass, and fishing without a saltwater recreation permit. The owner of the vehicle was issued a civil citation for possession of a striped bass larger than 35-inches and fishing without a saltwater recreation permit. Further charges may be pending. The catch was seized and subsequently donated to the Plymouth Area Coalition. Striped bass fishermen are reminded that commercial striped bass fishing in the Canal is prohibited. If you are a commercial permit holder fishing recreationally, you are required to also obtain a recreational fishing permit. Persons recreational fishing for striped bass may not retain more than one striped bass and the fish must be a minimum of 28-inches to under 35-inches in length. The Massachusetts Environmental Police remind the public that if you have concerns regarding hunting or fishing in the Commonwealth or believe a violation is occurring please contact MEP Dispatch at 1-800-632-8075. MEP Dispatch is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  13. Its not even a question to replace the bridges due to traffic concerns. They need to be replaced ..because they are falling apart, rusting out from under. The last survey associated the recent renovations of painting, and at that current repainting schedule rate, it was decided that they need to be replaced. Life on the Cape is a constant battle of rust.....
  14. Someone please explain why there are years where the quota is over 100%? As much as 15%! In fact, with 7 of those years over quota, this adds to nearly 50% of another year! Those figures should be subtracted from the target projection of following year quotas. So, not feeling sorry for the 68% year one bit.....