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  1. Dems and libs beware! Looks like Tim has set some new "guidelines"??? I just posted "Trump___tards" as a single word in a topic. , only to have that auto correct to "I obviously have a 4th grade level" Timmy, you making changes to the Righty side of trash talk too? Pedijoe? ect.. I have no problem having words ******* But this a a new low for even SOL PG Censorship is an understatement..and your forum has lost all credibility...
  2. I'm all excited about this news. So Trump TV is gone as well as the orange man in chief? Never expected that. Its WiN WiN Where are Trump turds going to go for media outlets now?
  3. I was unaware of such a disorder the littoral sense
  4. Yes by all means, give you the rope you need. But the self destruction does reach a point of wide spread implosion at the cost to our entire nation. Going down in flames...with all aboard. Scorched Earth mentality. It will take years, even decades to return the election integrity. The Peaceful Transfer of Power will be forever changed.
  5. Not afraid of either . Not afraid to have any of these allegations be heard and ruled. You expecting SC to favor Trump outside of the law? To overturn a US Presidential Election? For the first time in history?
  6. Oh I thought it was "Trumproof" Like some kind of super hero special powers. It's really "Trump Poof"...up in smoke...
  7. Smoke and mirrors. The quest for shining objects. Its all a pagent to appease the distgruntled sore loosing right Bye bye. Billie Barr...
  8. ^^^^^This I like, I don't care who's side you're on. And if you can't take my Gary Larson posted dinosuar cartoon..well you're just lost and beyond hope.
  9. Don't you think if Dems really wanted to steal the election that Lindsay Gram and Moscow Mitch would still be seated? How about that Georgia race? Why make it sooo close? You guys are calling a final football game with a 3 touchdown lead, with a protest on a holding call in the 3rd. GAME OVER!
  10. So glad you posted this, because see all of Section 3? TRUMP IS DENIYING ALL THOSE REQUIREMENTS TO PRESIDENT ELECT for OFFICE & FUNDS .....its the freaking LAW!! HE IS SUCH A SORE FRGGEN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!! and infant ......
  11. ^^^^^ threatens violence^^^^^^^^
  12. NO you enjoy the fact you have internet access and can make fake fraud and sow disinformation......
  13. Nah, so much is just a lot of chest thumping, com'on. I read crap dished out on both sides, plenty. I skip a lot, try not to get too wrapped up in the conspiracies. I only mentioned those members, because you trashed them first. And my point was, you had a good response...up until that last line, which only served your view discredit. (not all voided I take that back) I'll keep reading.
  14. I appreciate the input here. but....I like Zak and Max, Moonbat and Knewbee and a few other lefts just to give some counter balance to this outrageous far right majority PG forum. So, most everything you said prior to that remark gets voided.....