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  1. Gamefish status!
  2. Yes I am glad you are reading it. Now continue with the data collected and don't just cherry pick the part of the conclusion you like. Your conclusion from the study is poor, no way was it a 'best guess' Furthermore, you won't admit you were wrong with your own statement: "There are zero studies done about catching and releasing fish with lures, but within those studies about bait fishing we can see the mortality rate falls drastically when fish are hooked in the lip with a circle hook. Claiming 9% as fact is BS, way too many variables." 9% was the proven average from the study, with 2% as the best case from expert fishermen. Science matters. Opinions are only that...
  3. Reading facts are way over rated..... DiodatiandRichards1996TAFS.pdf
  4. The infection data in Mass is already climbing again, likely due to the large rallies, beginning back with the MAGA groups 2 weeks ago. But these huge Floyd protests across the nation are going to be situation to deal with. I think we are going to be in for a major Covit19 spike in the weeks to come, expect things to change regarding opening status.
  5. I like the visual..... Also, there is no language relating to Covit19, its all about closure due to nuisance.
  6. As a Mass resident, I am equally annoyed at being shut out of NH hiking trails...on foot.
  7. As its been said elsewhere. The Protesters are Protesting The Looters are Looting
  8. Yea, don't bet on those either, Summer sizes are tiny now
  9. These Spro clips are the smallest I have ever used, pic with comparison to the smallest TA clip. I prefer the Spro shape and absence of the projected clasp end sticking out like some of those other clips suggested in other posts. Less weed catches. The Spro design works as easily as a TA, and you can add a barrel swivel. I would use these on in-line spinners and tiny spoons lot. Other larger sizes available.
  10. And you can tie a bucktail to that for swash action tease.
  11. Vintage top water with a Dalton Special, got a few of these and some pickerel. Things are picking up on Cape Cod!
  12. Opps. I spot burned.....trying to help the guy...
  13. I mentioned Falmouth and Bourne Taylor Point are accepting out of state plates. What about:. Barn Hill Road Chatham Pleasant Bay Harwich (near Wequasett Inn)
  14. This one was 9" Off Mass Maritime flats