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  1. Takes one to know one .....I guess too........
  2. ^^^^^ That's a racist comment Vaporizer......
  3. OMG, THAT IS THE B@LLS! I have been doing pretty good finding loose floaters already this year!
  4. I drove my boat thru the canal last Saturday morning....and it was like a freaking contest of the fisherman on the shore to hit my boat with a cast...... I stayed in the middle...not an issue. But this speaks volumes of the attitude down there. Fishing could indeed get banned some day.
  5. and this attitude is exactly one of the problems we face today for all fishing regulations..............NO RESPECT, for the LAW, or the RESOURCE
  6. Today's dig...You should have seen the one that got away! Lol
  7. like to see a pic of it!
  8. the wooden rake handle is already compromised at the basket connection with holes and bolts from the steel collar. Yes it does weaken it too, and I had to reinforce wrap the tip of the wooden pole with fiberglass..... I have not done that to where I drilled for the perpendicular handle and web strap. Some day I will order a custom Ribb!
  9. I know who you mean! The whole shaft was stainless steel too...if I recall the description. That design works well working from style. I do like the way I have this single handle tho, since a lot of your pressure is placed downwards to sink the teeth, then I use the web wrist strap to pull. But using a plain old rake handle is a lot of work.....
  10. You did better than me on my first try. Mod your rake handle with a perpendicular shaft handle, good leverage to press down, and I have a loop webbing strap on the end to also pull, working it like a backhoe. Cut that meat small for your dish
  11. Buzzards Bay has a few scattered, catching on the troll occasionally. Caught a few during a blitz a few weeks ago, now just get a lot of softbaits chomped off.
  12. What I don't understand about the dike road access closure, is it's man made...not natural habitat or geological. It's my understanding that the residents of Mashnee island want to be exclusive and voiced the shut down and closure of a once popular restaurant. Boat access is no issue
  13. Keep at it, the rewards are great! The extra low tide this weekend allow me to reach areas of some big ones this morning!
  14. Good questions. Basically, ANYWHERE that is NOT labeled FAIR GAME. (ok, give you a big secret....the whole Mashnee dike beach is open on Mo beach side) So, yes, that means whole shorelines which have no designation at are NOT restricted to the shaded regions shown on maps. (which are mostly closed anyways) Got a boat? Make landings. Wear good sandals to jump off into unknown bottoms. Rec shellfish on Sunday/Wed/Sat., dawn to 6 PM!! (daylight savings hours) BUT you are limited to only 1 peck PER WEEK
  15. ..if you ever thought asking whereabouts for a fishing hole, or shoreline access was too much info for others to disclose in public forums...good luck with the hogg'in. Fish move...clams don't The town maps do indeed show where you are allowed to go. Upon arrival, there are numerous signage posted along the high water beach, saying Open (Green) or Closed (Red). Town places signs accordingly for the "Seasonal Closure" which coordinates with the provided maps, But the color shading/cross hatch for the maps is not always clear in the legend. To boot, they often write descriptions for where the clam bed boundary stops " the seawall or street sign...." ect. As for 'Family' areas, you are allowed to go there...its all fair game. (as far as I know, the only restrictions there are for commercial) (EDIT) Wow, I just downloaded the PDF Bourne shellfish map, there are way more places closed than I thought... Map does show where several are open...there are a few. Hens Cove (outer), Windsor cove. Basically, anything NOT otherwise labeled is open...and this is a lot of beach real estate..... bourne_shellfish_area_map.pdf