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  1. I beg to differ, last year, Buzz Bay, end of Summer , into Sept-Oct for several weeks and nearly on every outing, I had a consistent runs in the devils, not gator size, but enough to fill my smoker a few times over for holidays. These were large schools thrashing bait up on the rocks, quite a sight.
  2. Nobody catches anything on a naked bare hook, ...unless you snag it. So ya, attraction matters.
  3. My romp is Buzzards Bay, same deal! One day last Fall, I scored a dozen blues, countless schoolies, a couple Albie's and a surprising 36" keeper..all on the same Hogy.
  4. Ready for the action!
  5. New Hogy epoxy jig , limited edition peanut bunker color. I wasted no time ordering when I got the email notification. Of all the lures I own , these epoxy jigs work everywhere, in almost every color. I think this particular combo is going to be quite productive! Only available in 7/8 oz, but that's the best size.
  6. I usually smoke them whole, then the rack pulls out mostly in one piece. I will freeze them in marinade until I have enough for the smoker.
  7. Piks are the Barracudas of the Lake! They seem to like green a lot.... "Now I know why tigers eat their young!" RD
  8. 1) Hook cutters. The bigger size of your hook, the more demanding the cutter you should carry. I've seen some nice compound wire cutters, once posted here on SOL for Canal use and those 4/0-5/0 VMC trebles. Someone please post that again! 2) Contact info in your bag, in case you are found unconscious 3) Bandages
  9. The irony of ads streaming this site and topic.
  10. not my livelihood, but I'm equally concerned, as I clam the region in Bourne as well. EPA regulations eased up? I heard the current Executive Admin wants to just abolish it entirely. Think about that when you vote. Make America Waste again....
  11. Ultra light Fenwick 2oz, 5ft with Mitchell 308, another great trout rod
  12. Ted Williams baitcast on a nice Heddon Pal
  13. I got a lot of nice combos, fresh and salt. I use the Gracia Conolon with the rare Mitchell 908 for trout. The Heddon spincast is best I've used, on a Kingfisher 5ft
  14. trout today at luck
  15. Ice is rotting under snow pack. This recent snow will create significant damage to ice bases. The ice thickness will go before the surface melts back to clear ice. Very dangerous for the remaining iced lakes now. No thick ice in Mass points south. Mid NH through Maine remaining.