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  1. Huge dangers of any swap regions not freezing well. Decomposing vegitation leads to natural gas up-welling. Also random holes like swiss cheese form and area called "Gas Holes" ...LOL.
  2. Look at the plotted locations...20 hours prior to the MV location, Luna was just outside of the Canal a few miles north, and then earlier than that, leaving the region you say. I doubt any migration South would then turn around and head North & East to go around....where it just came from. All the GW sharks head south now.
  3. Probably gone thru Woods Hole too!
  4. Ok Luna (a 15ft, 2137lb great white) the last of the tagged Ocearch sharks north of Cape Cod has finally made it South of Cape Cod. The question is did she go through the Cape Cod canal?
  5. I trust S&S Stalkers observations, that virgin 2" black ice looked pure a solid. There is much to understanding ICE and what can be determined as "safe" or not. Its never just all about the thickness, age of ice or type. Air temperature is another key factor. Below is a link to perhaps the most comprehensive resource available for anyone who wants to venture out, or just understand more about ice. Included are important designs of safety equipment required. The author Bob Dill from Vermont has compiled this website, he is avid Nordic skater & Iceboater with a lifetime of experience. I am happy to have contributed a few pictures, and I sail on Windsurf type Iceboard and have 35 consecutive years of exploring vast regions of ice in New England. I make time to stop and chat with most ice fishermen, being avid fisherman myself, what to know whats getting caught, but mostly I am interested in your "core sample". Sharing ice thickness information is critical to safe participation for whatever you do out there on it! Hope to see you out there!
  6. Trout Time on Cape Cod! Lake waters finally got stirred up enough to break up warmer surfaces & thermocline layers, now fish are cruising shallows to feed. Most caught on spoons, but oddly one on a wacky rigged Senko?
  7. I just got a few of the new Hogy soft_poxy jigs. Here is an honest test. My conclusion, they are soft, durable for impacts, good for jetty fishing and for your guests aboard who can't avoid back casting into your hull, motor and hardtops. Passed the ballpeen hammer test! But, bad for toothy blues as I can easily drive my thumbnail in to the core. I hope they continue the standard epoxy, but these will have a good use in my gear as well. KVID0206.mp4
  8. 28" MAX size, 1 pp/day All others released....
  9. It's not just seals on the shark's menu, this dead finback whale getting dined on in Cape Cod bay seen this weekend. As reported on Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.
  10. Something about this comment is just not right... But I understand your point.
  11. Just soak that rack in Orange juice , it will be just fine!!!
  12. Wow awesome! Is that unusually large? Or just unusually rare to catch? How long did it take?
  13. Thats a report I 'heard' don't knock me on it. But even if its 10% of reality. ..?.. The truth is...albies don't always make it like you might think. Probably more albies die C&R than those few fisherman (like me) who occasionally keep one to eat! And , trying not to knock a good derby around......the MV Derby probably tosses all albies out to trash as well...or to lobster bait, my point is...they die, not back to the sea swimming.
  14. I'll bet you would be surprised to know how many C&R don't make it either......some years ago, I heard of a divers report off Craigville beach who said they saw hundreds of albies dead on the bottom.....