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  1. Did I? If my Opinions (words and feelings) upset you so much why not just PM me or say that vs using passive aggressive posts, snarky remarks, trolling others and using potty-humor? Pubes? Really? Pubes? The thread was started by a lady looking for advice on a rod for her and her fiancé and you’re talking Pubes? You’re like the most senior guy on the forum with over 40k posts and the way you represent the forum is to talk about Pubes? I’m out dude. Best of luck to you. Apologies that my opinions twisted you that way. I’m all good with this thread. Lots of others on this forum to share with. Thanks.
  2. I know that someone with a “lifetime of posts” has more to contribute to this site than just trolling others. The forum is much more than just snarky comments and “holier than thou” attitudes. Its about sharing ideas, our own opinions and our passion for fishing - no matter how outlandish our comments may be. I’ve read many, many, many, many of your posts. You’ve got lots of constructive things to say and share. Why not start there?
  3. Big Biscut Lots of great advice on these posts. The longer the better - especially as you move from fresh to salt. You’re going to want an SOT with a wave cutting design vs the wider “bass boat” style that seems to be more the norm lately. They are great - just not thar great in waves, wind and current. I’ll add that you can also add an after market powered option - when you are ready and $$ is right. These can fit just about any yak - and can significantly change your life. Think electric motor powering you around the mouth of CT River when the Big Stripers are in thick in June. It’s an awesome fishery that you can’t miss…. Motor > pedal > paddle. good luck!!
  4. To each their own.
  5. Ok ok. Not complete nonsense… and I’m not trying to be an elitist in my passion for catching more fish. These other options do work… just less efficiently. Top water is SUPER thrilling …. But it’s a low % game. Same with jigs and spoons and bucktails and etc. All can catch fish…especially during highly specialized moments when moon, sun, and Venus align and the blitz is all around you (… and that happens how often?). More often, it’s just a regular day, morning or evening and on a regular day, morning or evening T&W out fishes them all on a kayak (important distinction). Boat and shore - completely different. Example - imagine you hit a spot and know stripers are there - so out goes the pencil popper or slug-go and presto magico you land 2-3 fish. Awesome right? I used to think so too. I am an amazing topwater fisherman and can jerk a popper like … well never mind… I’m just good at it. Fish the same spot with T&W and the yield is 3-5x greater. Why? I have no idea? It didn’t make sense to me either. I want the $1,000’s worth of glitz and glam overflowing my garage and basement to work better. They just don’t.
  6. Exactly - the heavy action fast. It is stout but not so much that it will take the fun out of fighting a fish. You can still grapple with beasts without sacrificing the thrill of landing a schoolie too…. I know T&W is the most un-sexy recommendation… tubes don’t have laser eyes or live action paddle tails or other really cool marketing words. They are literally boring rubber tubes tipped with sand worms that explode their guts and bile across your kayak and clothes…. But …. on a yak - it’s deadly.
  7. Stripers - slow trolling tube and worm is the most deadly, lights out, “catch fish when no one else is catchin ‘em” tactic that you can use from a kayak. Something about the speed, quietness of the boat and “tight to structure” presentation that can’t be replicated on a boat, on the shore or from a submarine. I’d recommend casting away any dreams of cut bait or dragging metal or plastics or any of that other nonsense that is designed to catch more fishermen err, I mean fisherpeople than fish. 7’ Mojo inshore HF is what you need. Ideally SEiGLER SG reel (buy used on eBay) with Daiwa measured Jbraid or Saltiga measured boat braid (better) and you’re all set. Hogy has an interesting parabolic rod (shorter) or Star Paraflex that you may also consider especially if trolling. No - the Mojo kayak rods are awful. Stay away from that (in case that sounded interesting). He is a lucky guy to have you asking such a smart group of people like us this question!!!!! Best of luck.
  8. @gellfex This is need vs want. I am South of Boston and the nearby town only allows residents to park on the street and access to their beaches. There are NO options for non-residents - and the parking tickets are $100 every 4 hours and Very much enforced. Oyyy! My town is equally snooty and has a “resident only” boat ramp about 4 miles away and in the opposite direction of my preferred fishing spots. In the past, I’ve launched from my town’s ramp and that’s Ok. (my Plan B). It just takes me longer (20 min) to get out past the harbor, the boat traffic, etc and I wind up fishing different waters (still awesome… just different). I also tend not to go back to my “preferred spots” (at least 45 min or more to motor) when launching from town as there is other fishy waters that distract me. Then there is the whole loading and unloading the car. If I bike, I am only 1 mile from the neighboring town’s beach and then 10 min from my preferred spots. Not a massive time difference to start fishing … but a big difference in my happiness. since I posted, I looked at some eBike converter kits… they are 1/3 the price of an eBike so I am back to considering.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback and perspective. It seems do-able but likely pricey. For now, I can suck it up… but also keep an eye out for a really good deal from a reputable shop. I have a new spot in mind that is 4 miles further. I think I’ll explore that from the water … then come back to this idea. It could be pretty cool… but so are the Flying Tiger P-40 Warhawk vinyls for the bow. I think I will get those to keep away all the pesky Great Whites popping up around here lately……. Oy.
  10. Wondering if anyone is using an electric bike to tow their Kayak? If so, any recommendations on the bike? Does pulling a load (other than my fat @ss) burn out the motor? Would I need a license plate….and be street legal? I am still doing it the “old fashioned way” of human pedal power, Dumb stick and Seattle Sports ball bearing yak cart. It’s about 1 mile to my launch spot on the beach….up and down a few hills. With yak (Jackson Kraken) and gear (battery, motor, tackle, ********** CTug sand cart …and some salty snacks) I am probably pulling like 200 pounds balanced over the wheels (pix below). Got nothing better to do than think about Spring Striper fishing and the “mods” I want to make this year. Feedback appreciated.
  11. Seems like the kayak crowd is flush with “wiser” fishermen, healthy 50+ crowd. I’m 51, Jackson Kraken 16.5’ powered by 55lb thrust Island Hopper after market trolling motor, 100ah litho, Hummingbird Helix 5 and Yak Power electrical system. Most of the time, I attach her to the back of my bike and tow using the Dumb Stick tow bar and Seattle Sports dolly. Good cardio workout to make up for my lack of paddling.
  12. Stohlquist Keeper. I’m fishing from a Jackson Kraken with a “full seat” so I prefer the full back (thin not bulky) vs high-back/half back. Pockets are enough for my important items but not so many that they create bulk. Also, I like my Kayak to hold my gear/tackle - and my vest to hold my phone, whistle and basic survival things.
  13. Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid - metered - for my tube and worm trolling rods for Stripers. I walked away from lead core several years ago and haven’t looked back.
  14. Native Staten Islander - Oakwood Beach - now living on the South Shore of Boston. Looking to plan a homecoming of sorts this Spring and fish the Raritan Bay on my motorized yak. I’m 50 now and haven’t been back for years as the family home was lost in Hurricane Sandy and my folks made the Great Migration down to FL. Wondering if anyone could share some advice as my memories are of Oakwood and Great Kills. I don’t think that would be good in April? Maybe? Perhaps launch further south (ideally from a small boat ramp)? Not looking to expose anyone’s spot - just looking for some general advice and direction. Want to get back to my “roots” for a day and just go fishing. Much appreciated.
  15. I must say that this is probably one of the best Striper seasons I have experienced in quite a while. The exchange rate of Macks to Stripers has been really good. Last weekend we loaded up on a bunch of Macks that would have lasted several trips last year. 'Cept this year we ran out of 'em in about 2 hours chasing large schools of marauding Stripers wreaking havoc just south of Portland (24" to 32" inch footballs). Birds everywhere - bait everywhere - Stripers bitin' and brawlin'. Really good to see that action again.