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  1. Anyone know the whereabouts of the Raffle drawing? Had to leave early looking for the results. Trying to see if I won anything
  2. Anyone got a phone number to register
  3. Thanks for the info....I'll try and get it back together on my own.
  4. Had to scrap my old truck, having a problem trying to re-assemble the vault. Thought I could get some pointers from Jimmy on how to rebuild it. I'm enjoying the retirement hope all is well with you Martin.
  5. Does anyone here have a phone number for "JIMMY THE WELDER"
  6. Does anyone here have the phone number for "JIMMY THE WELDER"
  7. I've seen guys hold up a fish by the Gill Plate.....I always thouhght that was harmful to say the least. Can that fish survie after that? Can someone here tell me the proper way to hold a fish so as not to kill it?
  8. Now that we all agree to release the Fish we catch........How about some conversation on HOW TO HANDLE THE FISH SO AS NOT TO DO IT DAMAGE WHEN IT IS RELEASED.
  9. Flysully, How you doing? Hope this email finds you and yours in the best of health. Didn't get out much last season 4/5 times at the most, hope to change that this season. I'll be turning 64 this season hope to do so gracefully. Take care and hopefully we can wet a line together this season. Tom ......teedub8ya@verizon.net
  10. Got mines also.....nice suprise
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