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  8. I have the Team Daiwa 4000, which is essentially an upgraded Capricorn, and have experienced that bail closing problem myself. I went to the local hardware store and went through their assortment of springs, and found one that would fit in the bail mechanism that was much stronger. It was a tight squeeze, but after the switch, that bail closed like a mousetrap. You would probably have to change that spring about once a season. I think the problem is simply poor engineering of the the bail pivots. They are plastic on plastic, and over time, given exposure to the elements, the friction on them increases. One more thing, I close my bail manually by choice, but I would recommend you to do that too if you change the spring. The additional spring tension will probably wear down the little cam that trips the bail when you crank it closed.
  9. Long HD minus the middle hook.
  10. When the temperatures get down into the 60's or below, I do two things. 1. When I mix my epoxy, I do it in a plastic cup, but I have that plastic cup sitting inside another cup partially filled with hot tap water, so the epoxy is being warmed as I stir it. 2. I spin my plugs under a heat lamp, at least until the epoxy has jelled, but usually, I just keep it on until the epoxy has cured. I also agree that using a couple of thin coats is far better than heaping the epoxy on the plug.
  11. ...And I grew up in Great Neck! Small world. I'll send you a PM.
  12. What's wrong with Createx black? I find it to be one of the most trouble free colors I use. Createx pearl white, as with any Createx pearl color must be sufficiently thinned to spray effectively. Use acrylic medium to thin it, and add a couple of drops of Createx Retarder to help keep it from skinning over in the air brush.
  13. The Nautil is not the most durable reel to come down the pike, but most of us that have had positive experiences have had them on the yellow model. The black has garnered more than its share of complaints, mainly regarding the gear train. Pure Fishing, who has handled that product in the USA has always been very consumer friendly. I would suggest giving them a call. Perhaps they can help you.
  14. I like the one I read today. A guy managed a couple of stripers to 35" and another complemented him on "the cows".