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  1. I'll see what else comes along wasn't looking to spend that much on one, and I don't have paypal.. Thank you for the offer
  2. I have cash or plugs to trade. What do you value it at?
  3. Anyone got a sargus 4000 they want to part with?
  4. I like the one on the left. What do you want for it?
  5. Can you post pics of the darters?
  6. Didn't have a problem with your comment. Let me know if you have one, pretty much if it's big swivel it's likely clear plastic underneath I don't know for sure but I assume in early 2000 they switched from clear/translucent to white plastic. Thanks
  7. Should be able to tell from the pink/silver stripe on the side you can kinda see through it.. forget it I'll take this down and look elsewhere.
  8. Looking to trade for a older white ss darter.Have hab's needles and other stuff to trade
  9. Looking for a older ss darter in white. It's gotta be clear plastic under the white. Thanks
  10. Selling this 8000FH Stradic, cosmetically it's in decent shape only scuffs are on the gold parts and handle. No nicks on spool lip, I will remove braid before shipping. Mechanically everything works as it should but probably not as smooth as it was new, could use a cleaning perhaps? Located in east hartford,ct $65 + shipping
  11. Small pencil popper I made has been taking some Albies, bass, and blues.
  12. If that deal on the Kennedy fisher falls through. I'll take it, I live in Ct. Thanks
  13. No problem Phil, yeah was hoping to clear $10 after shipping. I'll see if I can dig up another to make it worth your while