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  1. Selling this 8000FH Stradic, cosmetically it's in decent shape only scuffs are on the gold parts and handle. No nicks on spool lip, I will remove braid before shipping. Mechanically everything works as it should but probably not as smooth as it was new, could use a cleaning perhaps? Located in east hartford,ct $65 + shipping
  2. Small pencil popper I made has been taking some Albies, bass, and blues.
  3. If that deal on the Kennedy fisher falls through. I'll take it, I live in Ct. Thanks
  4. No problem Phil, yeah was hoping to clear $10 after shipping. I'll see if I can dig up another to make it worth your while
  5. $15 shipped?
  6. Any interest in this blue cloud 6" danny? Lightly used plenty of life left in it.
  7. Sorry to hear this was just thinking of him the other day, wondering how he was doing? He helped me out a great deal when I was just starting to build. Always enjoyed shooting the sh*t with him at rissa and plugfest, the plugbash, etc.He had a great sense of humor and was an all around great soul. Glad to have met him. Rest easy Doc!
  8. I have the same darter, asked awhile back and nobody seemed to know who made it. I didn't think it was worth anything so I went ahead and clear coated it and have been fishing it.
  9. Looking for a 3/4-1 1/2oz hot lips mold, also need a jig head mold would consider any style mold 3/8-1oz or 1/2-1 1/2 oz. Thanks
  10. Would you sell the life proof case separate? Thanks
  11. I'll get back to you tomorrow, want to make sure I still have $150 on my e gift card
  12. I have a $150 Cabelas gift card I'd trade. Is there anyway to make sure the declared value is on your card? Mines an E-gift card if that matters?Thanks
  13. If your still interested in the swap, I could go get a $100 card and we could trade. Are you stateside now, how would that work would we just send card numbers via email or something? Let me know thanks for your service!
  14. Would you add cash to make up the difference?
  15. I have a $150 Cabelas gift card I'm looking to swap for a Basspro gift card. Anyone interested in a trade?