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  1. I'm in! Thanks
  2. I'll take it for $40 shipped
  3. Bump $25..Ton of great info in these old mags. They would probably fit in a large flat rate box
  4. Have some old New England edition Fisherman magazines from 1983,84,86,87. Over 50 magazines, would make some good winter reading. Or chase 30+year old fishing reports.. I can post pictures if there's intersest. $35 Local pickup hartford,Ct area or ship on your dime. Thanks
  5. ttt I'll be attending the csa demo day I can bring the 1081m along if anyone is interested in a trade?
  6. Looking to trade this 1081m for a 1081L. Would also consider a cut down 1201L. The rod was custom wrapped by csa member BillyD. Fuji plate reel seat 21 1/2" from butt to center of reel seat. I'm in Hartford area CT.
  7. Interested in any trades?
  8. I'll see what else comes along wasn't looking to spend that much on one, and I don't have paypal.. Thank you for the offer
  9. I have cash or plugs to trade. What do you value it at?
  10. Anyone got a sargus 4000 they want to part with?
  11. I like the one on the left. What do you want for it?
  12. Can you post pics of the darters?