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  1. How do you tell the difference between Hab's SR and Hab's JR plugs? 1) What is the Difference in Packaging? 2) Without the packaging, what are the tells for Hab's SR.
  2. Friends have the new boat this season, and have asked me to join them fishing this weekend. They are inexperienced fisherman, but I have a lot of experience from the beach and some on party boats and charters, but mostly on the Cape and South Shore of Long Island. Asking if anyone can point us in a general direction for bass - boat is kept in Westport at Longshore. Thanks for any advice about what to look for as well - reefs, wrecks, etc.
  3. Experienced surfcasting thinking about getting into saltwater flyfishing - looking for recommendations based on the following assumptions: 1) No experience flyfishing, fresh or saltwater 2) Don't want to break the bank, already have enough on the fishing credit card with my surfcasting habit! 3) Do want best balance of quality and price, AKA the value proposition. 4) Primarily fishing The Cape and Rhode Island, with some trips to South Shore of Long Island
  4. Checkout this SLUGGO rig! It really works, in rough or calm water, the Canal, Bay or Outer Beaches, inlets, etc. Depending on the color, the 9" sluggo catches bass!!
  5. Finally able to share my pic of this nice 42" striper - caught on the Brewster Flats during a midnight low tide on a clear, moonless night in August 2015. Used a 9" albino shad SLUGGO, rigged a la Steve McKenna of Saltwater Edge - check it out it works!!
  6. For the last 2 years, I have gone to Cape Cod in August. I have had very little luck on the ocean beaches - Nauset (including the inlet), Coast Guard Beach, Head of the Meadow. SEALS EVERWHERE, even at night. With no oversand vehicle or permit, I found the Race just too much walking to get to good spots. Are there any good ocean beach spots where a guy like me may have some luck?
  7. Purchased 9/24! Hodgman Caster Waders (Model 13412) w/Felt outsoles, size 8M regular. Worn ONCE with korkers, so felt is also like new. Completely cleaned inside and out, and dried yesterday. Comes with Box, warranty and plastic storage bag. ITS LIKE BUYING LIKE NEW! Why am I selling? Did not like the boot version, caused chafing on my right calf, because it is still about two inches too long for my short frame. I will 1) Trade for Stocking foot Small Stout/Short or Small Short in similar condition 2) Sell for $125 - that's $35 or 25% of what I paid without tax. (Shipping is $10 extra, but still very affordable and think of the money saved in NY taxes ~$11-14.) Email for photos, showing exteriors, soles and INSIDE THE BOOTS, as well as packaging so you can see HOW CLEAN AND NEW this is! I offer a money-back guarantee if item is not as described! Also, see my feedback rating on eBay as a seller. I always represent items in actual condition, and offer the same guarantee.
  8. Did my first Montauk rock hopping Sat night with FishWeeWee and our awesome Guide Billy. While WeeWee recommended a 704 for my Kennedy Fisher, I waited until Saturday morning to get it, and it was either sold out or just too damned expensive ($125 at a certain Norwalk tackle shop!). Any way, at Hiller Bros (very nice place, but more focused on deer than stripers in the fall), they recommended I try the Captiva. Said it's sealed, takes a beating, and only cost $70. Got an 8000, spooled with FireLine 20lb, and took it out to Montauk. PROS: Very light, casts great with long spool, stayed clean and quiet even in sandy surf. Held up to one punishing night in the surf (this Montauk novice fell at least twice, got very wet, and my Kennedy Fisher will never forgive me for using it as a walking stick!) and caught fish fine all weekend. CONS: Plastic components get easily scuffed on rocks, seemed to be dripping a bit of water on the rack which makes me think it is not really "sealed", no way to disengage antireverse (something I count on at night). UPSHOT: I'll keep for long days (and some nights) of plugging, cause it ways half of my Ahab 16 and casts as well, but I'll get the 704 for my infrequent Montauk trips and more frequent trips to other rocky beaches in RI, and Squibby of course!
  9. As WeeWee's brother-in-law, I can vouch for BassMaster, for his fish finding abilities, excellent teaching skills for all levels of surf casting experience, and those awesome surfer pants! Thanks, Dave, for the best night of fishing in my life!!