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  1. Be aware the Rio Bonefish QS is exactly=identical the same taper profile and head weight, for the same line size, as the Rio Redfish. So if you have a regular Rio BF and a Rio RF, you can settle this question for yourself without buying a new I did my last trip to the Yucatan, finding the standard Rio BF by far the better for softer presentations.
  2. Check out the Simms Zipit SO and I both find them way more comfortable than hard-soled flats boots and no problems finding sizes to fit well. Be aware though we only wade sand-bottomed rocks or coral.
  3. So you have a double pickup that you converted to a single pickup yes? If so do you still have the other roller? I will pm you my email for the pics but all transactions has to be on the thread. I will recheck the box and get back to you in a little while, but from memory I believe that after purchasing the double roller new I contacted Zeebaas and Ron sold me the parts to convert either of the two 25's I own to single roller setup. If my memory is correct, I never installed the extra parts, but just kept them aside in case I ever wanted to change over to single roller. As the reel is new, I never got around to converting. The reel is a double roller as purchased and that is what I am offering to you for $850. I asked for your email address privately because it is an easier way to get the pictures to you and takes up less bandwidth on SOL. I do not do off-line transactions.
  4. I have a Zeebaas ZX25RD Black double roller, new in the box never used for $850 PP shipped to CONUS. I will have to check to be sure, but I think I added a counterweight from Zeebaas to convert the reel to single pickup. I can send pics if needed if you will PM your email address.
  5. Not exactly true, eh Brandon....I posted a Tibor, one of the three brands you said you were interested in, with nary a peep from you, online or PM. But might that be I posted a price along with the description of my reel? The three Nautilus responders and the two Abel responders did not include a price, so maybe those are the guys that received the PMs you allude to. But, as you are still looking for a reel, well....if it quacks, assume a duck.
  6. SA Redfish line , is it a tropic line? Yes.
  7. Agreed. The 30' head of my SA Redfish 8wt weighs 245 grams, by AFTMA standards equivalent to 9 wt.
  8. A Tibor has been listed. A Nautilus has been listed. An Abel has been listed. Those were the makers you were looking for. I'm just gonna cut out the guessing and ask " What reel are you looking for" ? You listed the brands. A Tibor, Nautilus or Abel at a Pfleuger price??
  9. MMMhmmm...that's what it seems like, in theory...just want to get validation from those who do this in practice..mostly thinking about how a piece of (small) hardware might interfere with performance...but then again, multiple knots become their own form of "hardware"...thanks for your input...much appreciated. kegotank. I'm curious...what part of my post do you consider theoretical? And what part do you not consider from someone who uses tippet rings in practice? And as for "mostly thinking", how about "actually using" a tippet ring?
  10. For the last 4-5 years now I've moved on from my own tied leaders to furled leaders with a 2-2-1/2 mm dia. tippet ring built in to the end in lengths from 7-12', just tying 3' or so of appropriate dia. tippet to the ring for bonefish, redfish and permit. My experience has been furled leaders turn over far superior to single strand leaders, either knotted or knotless as well as being less weed prone than knotted leaders especially on the Gulf Coast flats. Long story short, tippet rings simplify rigging in fresh or salt....break a tippet or tippet gets too short, just clinch knot a new length of tippet, add the fly an your back fishing. I've not yet experienced any failure of the ring and would never go back to a "hard wired" tippet set up.
  11. I have a Tibor Signature 7/8 Royal Blue new in the box, never even had backing on it, $600 shipped CONUS and PayPal fees included. Can send pics if you need them.
  12. I have a Tibor Signature 7/8 Royal Blue new in the box, never used, reel for $600 shipped CONUS.
  13. I have a Tibor Signature 9/10 Royal Blue flawless condition with 200 yards of 30# Cortland Micron backing for $600 shipped to CONUS.
  14. Red and artic fox work really well.