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  1. I primarily fish a 2 handed rod and use a grass leader for practicing away from the water. But I find it helpful when practicing with a single hand rod as well. It helps load the rod much better than a std leader. There may be better examples of how to make a grass leader but I found this one with a quick search.
  2. Are you dead drifting live crabs or crab flies?
  3. Fishpond thunderhead sling
  4. My father lives in Boynton Beach and I fish the beach every time I'm down there. I've caught snook, small tarpon (only once), barracuda and more blue runners than I can remember. I usually walk the beach just before sunrise and sunset regardless of the tide. I don't think the fishing is that great, or maybe my skills are not, but it's always fun to get out and fish in shorts and bare feet. I find the Ole Florida Fly Shop to be a great resource for information. They are on the expensive side but I always buy a few flies when i go in and find the local knowledge they provide is more than worth it.
  5. That may be the case but you are talking about conditions that few people fish in and were not mentioned by the OP. To “avoid something like the plague” it would imply the product is just not fit for purpose. Clearly that’s not the case. Fishing in the conditions you are may very well push the boundaries of mass produced gear but that’s something the majority of people are not in need of.
  6. My Beulah Opal 7/8 throws a 500gr line all day so i have no reason to think the 9/10 would have any issues at 550.
  7. *
  8. Have you tried looking for used equipment? I see quite a few Beulah Surf and Opal rods come up for sale on some other sites. I have the Beulah Opal 7/8 and it's a cannon.
  9. Agreed. Have you tried any other shops? I know Bears Den in Mass carries a lot of Beulah lines. I just checked their site and they show the 550gr but no idea if actually in stock. Also, not sure who you spoke to at Beulah, but James (i think the owner) has been very accommodating to me in the past. He might be able to put something together for you...
  10. That's true. I know they were supposed to be switching manufacturers and also developing a new version of Serum. That's why they repaired my line at no cost. Might be worth giving them a call and asking them.
  11. Makes sense. Thanks very much!
  12. Can you spey cast with it as well?
  13. HT, I had issues as well after my 3rd season with similar usage as you. However after speaking with Beulah they were happy to take the line back and put new ends on it. From my perspective, having gotten 3 seasons of use out of a line that is put under some serious casting loads I was ok with this, but I respect that you may feel otherwise. I've had nothing but great experiences with their customer service. Regardless, Beulah were the ones who recommended the rio OBS line and I couldn't be happier with it. I can spey or overhead cast with ease. Large flies and heavy tips are no problem either.
  14. Why don't you use Beulahs' Serum line with the tip kit? That's what I used on my Opal 7/8 for a long time. I recently switched to a rio outbound order to be able to also make spey casts as well as overhead. Give James at Beulah a call and he can tell you a few other options for your rod.
  15. Steve Kean is the man!. My best striper outing ever was with him. We used kayaks before sunrise to access a large flat that we waded. We used mostly poppers and caught fish 30"-40" non stop for a few hours. He know's his stuff and he's just an all around great guy. Highly recommend him!!