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  1. 7 hours ago, Wildcard777 said:

    I have the 10'6  3/4-4 and 2 inshore rods.   Never tried the models you want but I assume they are great.

    That is one of them. I wrote 1-4 oz by mistake.   Can you please tell me what the max weight that you feel comfortable throwing on the 10’6” rod you have? 

  2. On 4/20/2020 at 4:15 PM, Wildcard777 said:

    I don't usually posts reviews on rods but i just had to say the Star Rod VPR Series is one of the BEST off the shelf rods I've ever owned and I own a plethora of rods to include: ODM, CTS, Fiberstar, Lamiglas, St. Croix, Gloomis, TFO, Tsunami, Shimano and of course Black Hole.


    I'm really impressed with the quality, power, sensitivity and castability of this rod.   The low riders are placed optimally and the grips are very sticky in the wash.  These rods are so light yet durable for the rigors of surfcasting...I highly recommend...



    Sorry for jumping on a post that’s almost a year old, but I’m interested in getting one of these rods for surf plugging.  I’m trying to decide between the VS1020S106 (1-4 oz medium) and the VS1225S106 (2-6 oz mh). Both are 10’6”.  
    curious which rod you have and also if you’re opinion of it is still the same. Thanks, Bob


  3. Won't be cheap unless you can find used parts somewhere. But I'm pretty sure this will work for you if you want to spend the money. Stella 5000FA knob (part #RD 8188) which is about $65. You will also need two ball bearings (part #7786 & 7915) for about $20. You may also need 2 washers(part #8169) and 1 washer (part #8171).


    You will probably have to buy from a reel parts place like Mike's or E-Replacement Parts, because Shimano no longer stocks them.

  4. I like this rig. Advantages?

    1. Single hook reduces harm done by trebles to fish intended to be released. (You can use a circle also)

    2. Bunker stays on the clip much better than using just a hook.

    3. Hook point stays exposed. Almost impossible for the hook point to bury itself back into the bunker