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  1. Mend-it
  2. It looks to me like the combos you mentioned would be fine for party boat fishing. Good luck!
  3. What size 4X on the SP?
  4. Although I don't use it as much as I used to, I have had zero issues with 30# Power Pro on my 550SS . It may not look as pretty on the spool as some of the newer reels do, but it should be fine. By the way, the original 550SS (metal body) was a much better reel than the newer SSg (graphite body), which was junk. That 550SS reel will last you forever.
  5. I will give.
  6. Does anybody know where I can get parts for an Avet in the NJ shore area? Is there such a place or would I have to order them from Cali?
  7. Looks like just some bearings right now. I will try the Reel Seat and Tackle Direct. Thanks.
  8. I have ordered from them before. I was hoping for someplace local because I would like to have them by this Friday. The last time I ordered from them it took a full week from California and I don't want to pay for expedited shipping.
  9. Does anybody know where I can get parts for an Avet in the NJ shore area? Is there such a place or would I have to order them from Cali?
  10. They are still available. Scotts Bait and Tackle in Mystic Island has them for $30.
  11. Has anyone ever used these plugs? When I did a google search for saltwater wooden plugs they came right up. However, I haven't see any of them ever being sold or traded here. They look very nice, but I'm curious as to how the action is on them - particularly the 6 1/4" Bullet. Thanks in advance, Bob
  12. I started using the Butterfly jigs and Trevala rods for inshore jigging back over 5 seasons ago. My goal was to learn how to use them properly for offshore tuna fishing (which I have since done with great success). When I first brought these outfits on party boats some of the old school captains would hassle me a bit. But I paid my money and was determined to learn what I wanted to learn. The action of a jigging specific rod (whether a Trevala or another brand) definitely helps the action of the jig and makes it easier to work them properly. Inshore I have caught bluefish, stripers, false albies and bonito on them. As of yet, I have not caught flounder or weakfish on them. Do you need Butterfly jigs to catch stripers and bluefish? No. Standard AVA jigs, Krocs and Crippled Herrings will work. But, it is a fun way to fish. And I have found that the tuna love them!
  13. Who is MDM?
  14. Great video John! Thank you. I also followed the link to the boat video. You said you were using 80 lb mono leader and a 7/0 Gamakatsu Octopus. A couple of questions for you: 1. Do you ever use (or have you ever used) a 7/0 Gamakatsu circle with that set up? 2. Have you ever had the need to drop down to lighter leader or fluorocarbon to get bites?
  15. It could be something else, but it's probably the line roller bearing. Take a length of line and run it back and forth along the bearing to know for sure. If it is, order a new bearing and pack it with grease before you reinstall it.
  16. NEW St. Croix Triumph® Surf Rod I was going to hold on to this for the fall run, but I need the money right now. Specs(from the St. Croix website) Model TSRS106MH2 Length 10'6" Power MH Action Mod. Fast PCS 2 Line Weight 10-25 Lure Weight 2 - 6 Rod Weight 17.0 Handle 5 Price $ 180 Asking only $119. Cash only. Willing to meet for pick up in or around Ocean County, NJ. Thanks for looking.
  17. Can't believe this didn't sell here. Oh well, time to list it elsewhere. Thread closed.
  18. Yes. I could get a shipping tube for it. If you want it shipped it would be $120 to cover the shipping and Paypal fee.
  19. Dropping this down to only $99! Next stop ebay.
  20. Bump for the weekend crowd.
  21. From the album Untitled Album

  22. From the album Untitled Album

  23. I love RONZ for stripers, but Gulp rules for fluke.