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  1. Some are good and some are bad. It makes no sense to support a small business just because it's a small business. If they're nice and helpful, more power to them. If they're jerks, take your money elsewhere. Remember, the associates in a big box store are working to support their families too.
  2. For general purpose use go with a Trevala. The Tescata is a more technique specific rod.
  3. If you're going with braid you might as well move up to 30 or 40#. As others have said 15-20# mono max.
  4. Used to love my BG30, but modern reels are so much more enjoyable to fish with. The way they lay the braid on the spool, the instant anti-reverse, tighter tolerances, better drags (the BG series drags are OK, not great), and overall smoothness make them better. I don't have the new Spheros, but I have a pair of the original models. The difference between the Spheros and the BG is ike night and day. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. Why you shouldn't? I thought that was awesome!
  6. Not that there aren't many good bait and wait fisherman, but it's much more fun feeling that strike when a fish hits on an artificial you fooled into thinking it was the real deal.
  7. The ones with the thin metal and the fixed hook are for trolling. They are Clark Spoons or Drone Spoons. I suppose you could cast them if you wanted to, but they throw terribly and will come right to the surface without adding extra weight. The 2nd from the left looks to also be in that category. As far as the other metals, just cast and retrieve. Try retrieving them as soon as they hit the water and also after letting them sink either to the bottom or mid-depth. Try fast and slow and stop and go retrieves. You have to experiment to find out what's working. As a general rule, fish slower and lower for stripers. Good luck!
  8. I'm in
  9. Those little plugs look sweet. Who makes them?
  10. They are not all interchangeable. You may want to call Shimano to find out which ones are.
  11. The 400 would be a better choice.
  12. Because of the double wire the larger size split snaps don't fit in the eye of a Spro (or most bucktails).
  13. Have fun! Bring your rain gear.
  14. It's all for the camera. Notice when got next to The Bounty Hunter and they were all smiling and congratulating them.
  15. The article said to eat canned "light" tuna, which is generally skipjack. Canned "white" tuna is albacore. And yes, that is not a swordfish. Although it may not necessarily be the author's fault for that, as most times pictures and captions are supplied by someone else on the staff.
  16. For stripers and small tuna you'll be fine. If you are planning to do more tuna fishing than striper fishing you may want to bump up to a heavier lb test. But that also depends on the size of your reel and your rod's rating.
  17. You're good with that reel. Although you may be out gunned for larger tuna. Get yourself some AVA jigs in a few different sizes and tails. Sizes A27, A47 and A67 are perfect. Get these with green tails, white tails, and plain hooks (no tails). You could also get yourself a few butterfly style jigs as well (not necessarily Shimano brand) in 100-200 grams. Waxwings are for casting not jigging. BTW, it's going to be tough catching only 30 lb tuna. When tuna fishing you never know what size you will hook up with. If you run into bigger ones you may want to have a different outfit to use. *edited for clarity
  18. Why do you think that is? Do they not work down there? Or is it just the way it's been? Do you not have the baitfish in NC that plugs would imitate?
  19. I'm in.
  20. “Linesider69 Custom Plugs”
  21. " Surf Warrior "
  22. A regular barrel swivel (Spro or not) will not help with line twist. If you are having a problem with line twist (and some lures will cause line twist even in braid) you will need to use a high quality ball bearing swivel.
  23. "White Water Outfitters"