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  1. I'm in
  2. Mumichog, where are you getting this information from?
  3. I like the Gamakatsu a lot. However, there is a significant price difference between the VMCs and the Gammies.
  4. Thanks. Here's a picture from a retailer who sells both the bright nickel and the perma steel. I was curious what the purpose was for the two different finishes. Is one more corrosion resistant? Sharper? Stronger?
  5. I know a lot of people use the VMCs. Anybody have a preference for either finish?
  6. Volksangelrolle. I like it!
  7. I will give.
  8. True. Shimano oil is mineral oil. It washes out easier, so you should re-oil more often using mineral oil than if you use something like Reel X or Corrosion X.
  9. Although not very refined, the Z reels are very simple machines, which makes them easy to work on. Two things that commonly break on them are the anti-reverse and the bail spring (if you don't have a manual pick up). These are easy fixes. The Stradics, Sustains, etc. are more precise and a pleasure to fish with, but contain many parts, which make them more complicated to fix. I'm still wondering about the one you said, "The reel has come apart in my hands twice." Not sure how that would happen unless you had some screws loose.
  10. Explain " Yeah, this sounds strange. Were you hammering nails in with it?
  11. I'm in!
  12. Looking for first hand opinions. How do they compare to Glacier Gloves? Thanks, Bob
  13. I've had the split finger Glacier Gloves for many years. I've often worn them with a glove liner. I was wondering how these Stormrs compared to them. Anyway, at this point, I hope it will be a long, long time before we need gloves again.
  14. Cablz
  15. $15 shipped PayPal. Thanks, Bob
  16. I would try a tin squid like the old Felmlee eels are rigged on.
  17. From the album Gulp Saltwater Eels?

  18. ~200 yards.
  19. Good luck with it!
  20. Yes. They have introduced a newer model.
  21. I'm in. Nice work.