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  1. That is one of them. I wrote 1-4 oz by mistake. Can you please tell me what the max weight that you feel comfortable throwing on the 10’6” rod you have?
  2. Sorry for jumping on a post that’s almost a year old, but I’m interested in getting one of these rods for surf plugging. I’m trying to decide between the VS1020S106 (1-4 oz medium) and the VS1225S106 (2-6 oz mh). Both are 10’6”. curious which rod you have and also if you’re opinion of it is still the same. Thanks, Bob
  3. Love my Star rods.
  4. I've used that tie-able Tyger leader. It works pretty well. Terminator used to make Titanium leaders which were supposedly very flexible like their spinnerbaits. I never tried them though. They were very expensive.
  5. They're in your profile picture. FinS or BKD lures on a jig.
  6. I will give
  7. "catch & release"
  8. "bucktails"
  9. 2015 Ward Melville Fishing Club Expo!
  10. Any knot will work. If you happen to hook into a fish that takes you all the way down to a bare spool, chances are you're not going to land that fish anyway.
  11. Won't be cheap unless you can find used parts somewhere. But I'm pretty sure this will work for you if you want to spend the money. Stella 5000FA knob (part #RD 8188) which is about $65. You will also need two ball bearings (part #7786 & 7915) for about $20. You may also need 2 washers(part #8169) and 1 washer (part #8171). You will probably have to buy from a reel parts place like Mike's or E-Replacement Parts, because Shimano no longer stocks them.
  12. I'm In. Nice work!'
  13. I will give! Congratulations!
  14. I like this rig. Advantages? 1. Single hook reduces harm done by trebles to fish intended to be released. (You can use a circle also) 2. Bunker stays on the clip much better than using just a hook. 3. Hook point stays exposed. Almost impossible for the hook point to bury itself back into the bunker
  15. From the album Hooking bunker

  16. I have an older 2500 with a 3000 spool on it and it's a great little reel.
  17. Depends on the brand, but high end Shimanos have less than a 30% margin. House brand Okumas, like the ones that are always 50% off at Dickheads have much much higher margins, especially at full retail.
  18. Panther Martin Vivif 6" in Pearl. Heavier than the Storm with a much better (stronger) hook.
  19. What determines which one you will use on a given day? Or are they equally effective under a variety of conditions?
  20. I will give.
  21. I will give.
  22. You're good to go.
  23. Don't know where you're from, but you could try Betty & Nick's in Seaside Park, NJ.