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    Senior maintenance technician at bio-pharmaceutical company

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  1. I'll grab this bud.
  2. I’ll grab these bud.
  3. Would you go $25 on it? If so, I’ll take it.
  4. Just wanted to thank you guys for the motivation to try one of these. I've always wanted to do it, but never committed. Very happy I did!
  5. Jigsmith still available.
  6. Sounds good man. PM en route.
  7. Peanut is paid for. The other two are still available for $35 each.
  8. I’ll do that bud. PM on its way.
  9. Plugs are in mint condition. $37.50 each shipped. Can do a little better if you buy the whole set.
  10. It’s a killer plug!
  11. Sounds good man! PM on its way.
  12. I’ll grab this bud.
  13. Price drop. Metal lips $30, pencils $25.
  14. Anyone else have one kicking around?