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  1. All personal preference...and yes, very expensive. I hear ODM makes some good stuff. I also agree with comments about grabbing one of Jenson’s. Less expensive than some and I’m sure they’re damn good...plus added benefit of possibly throwing a few once on sight. you could probably always rent and save the hassle of travel logistics.
  2. He's a great guy. Might want to sent him a message on his FB site...usually pretty fast on the response. Yea...not cheap. Not what you're after, but I'm really liking the weapons I've been throwing lately. I've thrown some of the newer SM Elites, but not all of them. I really like the older 1505 SS, but I like a faster taper. The Cabo Surfcaster Elite's that he throws are based off the 1505 and a modernized version of it. Wes will sell to you, and might have some used. Not sure where you are, but if you can come down to Hatteras, NC, let you throw what I've got. Ryan White's place is just up the road. A fantastic guy and he'll let you throw whatever's in the shop. He has some demo's for sale as well sometimes. Give him a ring...
  3. Because I speak to him.
  4. Wes uses Century stuff...mainly the new Elites, etc. And mounts Daiwa Saltiga's. One of the well known members on this site did one hell of a writeup on gear for this. His favorite going on memory was the Century SS 1505. High Plains Drifter's post/thread from a while back.
  5. Hey Scoob... Come on man! Rip one of these things down, maybe compare to latest Lexa HD... Joking man...know you’re busy with other projects... No...actually...not joking...get on it man!
  6. So, has anyone grabbed one of these? Any info on build, casting, etc.?
  7. Thank you gentlemen.
  8. I have mainly used low profile and other forms of casting reels for both my salt and fresh, but have started utilizing smaller spinners a little more often as of late. I shouldn’t, but probably going to pick up a Stella FJ for my inshore fishing. This will be mounted on a new NRX Inshore 7’7” MH...when they become available...and occasionally a 9’6” Century Weapon. I currently use a 3k Stradic and a new Daiwa Certate LT 4K for this duty, and they’ve worked out fine. The latter seems to wind a little heavier under load, but it’s an incredible reel for sure. Besides the obvious of more line cap and a little more drag, would the 4 offer a better cast or line management than the 3? The 4 would probably be overkill for my occasional fresh use, but if it offers better line management and casting distance, I’d be happier. Line will be 10# Ultra 8 Crystal and mostly will be throwing ~1/2 and slightly heavier artificial.
  9. Hey ZA! Hope all is well. Yes...I gave thought to the Tat 300 as well, but figured the new Lexa HD would stand up to the light salt a little better. I might give it a shot and sell what I like better. This little coastal for what it is has been awesome. I've been tempted to try a smaller non-level wind for this type of fishing, such as the millionaire, etc., but not sure as all I do is throw artificial. I agree...I like the magnets better as well, but my son has a new 300 Tranx and that thing casts well. Just hate the fact the side plate drops off and with my sausage fingers...I end up popping a VBS brake off its pin when trying to disengage the thing sometimes.
  10. Screw it...I’m buying one. Like this Certate though.
  11. I do my best to keep all dry. So...between the two...FJ vs Cert...which one you liking better? From a casting standpoint...?
  12. This is a great thread...very interesting to me. Great pics and great linked vids...the latter reminds me of fishing with my grandfather. So... I don't throw bait...typically throw lures in the 1 to 2 oz range for Spanish/Blues, etc. And most of my time is spent in the skinny looking for reds/bull reds throwing spoons, etc. I've been using a Century 1265 mounted with a little Daiwa Coastal 200 last several of years (typically don't require much drag for my fishing, and have done pretty well with tarpon on fly with reels that produce a fraction of the drag common these days) The reel...well that came about one afternoon when Ryan White and I were out throwing a couple of his newer rods at the time behind his place and he put this little reel on out of interest on my behalf. After about an hour of throwing...I was completely blown away. Casting a 12.5 Stealth with this little reel with a 1oz sting silver tied on...it felt like I was throwing just the rod and the lure was off and beyond the horizon. I've been using this little reel on just about all my inshore and surf hunts. I honestly believe the little TWS it employs during the cast is a game changer...for level winds and throwing heavier lures (heavier for me and my fishing). I do realize the fragility of this when compared to a sealed spinner, or a larger conventional, but it's to damn fun and the distance is insane with 20lb braid/mono or flouro leader. Having said this, this little guy started acting up a bit recently. After opening it up a few times, it seems to have worked its issues out, but has got me thinking about something similar but maybe a little heavier built for at least throwing 1oz and up out front. This has led me to the new Daiwa Lexa HD 300 that has been marketed as being recently upgraded/beefed up last year. Haven't had a chance to put it to the test yet, but assume, although the line guide aperture is a mile from the spool, it might not be as distance oriented as my little coastal...could be wrong. I've even started thinking about trying a non-level wind, such as a Daiwa Millionaire, etc., and just using my thumb...don't know...
  13. How’s that FJ holding up? I’ve almost pulled the trigger on a 3 or 4K for my inshore hunts, but worried about the magnesium body. I’ve not had my certate 4K long, but it’s held up well across many kayak and wade sessions.
  14. Thanks for the time and information. I’ve got it running now after a few breakdowns. I’ll look into the suggested bearing oil and look for some good grease. All I had on me was Reel Butter Yellow.
  15. Thank you gentlemen. I'll look into both options.