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  1. Didn't have a filet knife -.-" I've seen YouTube videos where a pro gets the job done in seconds. Pretty sick lol. Sudsy is correct, the knife is a 7" Shun Santoku.
  2. nomoco around 8-9 pm with big surf and winds water was full of weeds in my first stop so i moved further north and fished on a beach that had much cleaner water instead of exporting seaweed to Japan used a fluke bomb setup with white gulp and a white teaser in cleaner water for this guy
  3. Thanks for the opportunity & pics. Will pass on the bag for now
  4. Can i take the aquaskins small lure bag pending pics? Pretty interested in it
  5. Snag and drop for sharks. Deadly indeed
  6. Do they have any Dogfish Fish and Chips in New Jersey? Would be interested in trying them
  7. When you not catching, at least you can eat it
  8. Oh its missing the top
  9. I'm In Thanks a ton
  10. Must be a big dog house Cya there Master!
  11. Ill be at the one in Islen! See you there Dan, I will be there to stock up on some stuff i should have bought the last time i went to the Lacey event .
  12. No i went to read beside a fireplace, but checked out the lake too. Like i said, 3 inch thick ice
  13. The water had frozen 3 inches in the freshwater lakes i frequented over the weekend. It was darn cold.
  14. Nah. Scouting trip Its like saying you got skunked while buying veggies at the supermarket lol.
  15. Also why do you have 3 threads all of the same topic as OP?