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  1. Power Stop rotors and pads are pretty decent, I have had a set on my truck for about 20k miles. At 7500lbs I would be more concerned with the brake system on your trailer, a properly setup trailer brake system will slow the trailer without putting hardly any additional load on the truck.
  2. Does Tsunami have a website?
  3. Went out yesterday, 7/9, pretty nice weather, very calm in Salem Harbor, fished the rocks around the outside of Manchester harbor and trolled some coming back in, got 1 hit that was about it. Those rocks out by the red cans are looked to be a great spot, but no luck, was casting Rapalas.
  4. What kind of cases?
  5. Picture of my Workskiff from a coupe years ago in Salem harbor, and my Pacific at Pope's landing in Danvers.
  6. If it is a well made aluminum boat like a Duranautic it will last a long time if taken care of, I had a '76 up until a few years ago, was a great boat, guy who bought will probably get another 40 years out of it.
  7. That is a great looking Duranautic, I have a bunch of pictures of my '76 16' Duranautic but they are all in freshwater.
  8. Have had a Yeti 80 as a front seat for my boat for years, it has been great, also have a Roadie, Yeti bucket and several cups, no complaints with any of the stuff, still all looks and performs like when I bought them. When I look at prices for the hard coolers the Yeti is not that much more expensive, the soft coolers are a different story.
  9. Thanks for the info on the VMC hooks, ordered a package of size 2 and 3 and a package of split rings and pliers from Amazon, put them on a couple lures, crushed down the barbs on them as well. Will try them this week and see how it goes.
  10. I want to replace the treble hooks with barbless single hooks, what style of hook should I use and where can I get them? if you have specific brand and style that would be very helpful. Most of my lures are 4" to 6" Rapalas or similar. Thanks.
  11. I have a couple Cabo 40s, I like them, only downside for me is they are much heavier than the equivalent Stradic.
  12. Went out today, wanted to fish some of the rocks between the Danvers river and entrance to Manchester harbor but it was too windy, ended up doing some trolling, caught 4 small stipers, good first day.
  13. Caught 4 today, 20" to 24" up in one of the rivers north of Boston, trolling a floating Rapala. Saw a bunch of guys fly fishing from the shore.
  14. Anyone have experience with adding handicap ramps to a house? I am interested in either steel or aluminum ramps with legs that can be adjusted for different heights, I need about 40' of ramps. I am north of Boston and interested in buying local if possible. Thanks.
  15. Any updates, how's it going