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  1. I had the same thing happen with a Faria tach about 14 years old, it started by not moving smoothly then didn't move at all.
  2. Sold..
  3. Currently have a 19' Pacific, previously had a 16' Workskiff with a 50hp Honda and a 16' Duranautic with a 25hp Yamaha.
  4. 2005 Honda 90hp, 25" 420 hours, used about half the time in fresh water, never left overnight in salt water, flushed whenever used in salt water. Very good condition, never damaged or taken apart, engine and gear oil changed regularly. Runs great, is on a 19' aluminum boat currently can demonstrate. Includes wiring harness, tach with hour meter, trim gauge, keyswitch with safety lanyard, oil pressure sensor and alarm, prop and binnacle. Everything needed to rig it on a boat except steering. Asking $3750
  5. St Croix Premier made in the USA PM72MHF with Abu Garcia 7000iC3 with box and tool oil ect, like new fished once, spooled with 30lb mono $200 Shakespeare Ugly Stick BWB 1140 rod with Shimano TLD 25 with box and tool, new, never used, $165 Shakespeare Ugly Stick BWB 1140 rod with Shimano TLD 25 with box and tool, been on the boat a few times, very good condition, spooled with 60lb braid $165 The two rods in the photo on the top are gone Also interested in trades for Van Staal VR or decent two piece light weight surf rod Located 15 miles north of Boston, cannot ship at this time, willing to meet up within reasonable distance.
  6. IMO the Shimano 3k size are pretty small and light for salt water, I have a 3k, 4K and 5k Stradics. I have a couple Quantum Cabo 40s as well which seem more like the 5k size Shimano, Shimano reels IMO are generally smaller and lighter than other brands.
  7. Shouldn’t be any issue to do it yourself, there is no requirement for any dealer service to maintain the warranty.
  8. It is important to be able to reach a certain rpm at wot, I do not recall what the F250 is recommended max rpm is but it is probably close to 6k, if you prop it with more pitch it puts too much load on the engine and is not good for it.
  9. Any updates on the boat?
  10. I have a couple older Cabo 40s, they are solid reels, the only downside is they are pretty heavy for their size.
  11. So far so good, love the size and light weight
  12. North Ave diner near the train station is pretty good.
  13. Is it only available is black? Don’t want black on my silver reel.