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  1. Nothing fights like a smallmouth, can't image how strong a 10lb fish would be.
  2. In typical MA fashion, it is $5 to launch and park a vehicle and trailer and $10 to park without launching. Found out first hand when my friend met me there with his car, the guy working the gate said it was exactly for the reason you stated to prevent people from parking there if not launching. The lot is big enough that I doubt it would ever be an issue not to mention there is really no draw for people to just park there, there is nothing around.
  3. Both were $5 last year, they have envelopes at both places you put your info on and money in, bring singles or a $5 bill
  4. Definitely Kernwood, nice ramp and docks. Popes is also decent but parking isn't great and it is a long ride in no wake to open water.
  5. Lots of the place on 302 in Naples are closed now, earliest I can recall. IMO fishing on Long lake is not very good and Sebago is so large you would really need some specific intel to be productive. I would try smaller bodies of water with less pressure though finding a boat rental may be tough especially this time of year.
  6. Certainly my Duranautic was compared to a fiberglass boat of the same size, but my Pacific is about the same weight as a fiberglass boat of the same size so not much difference in pushing or trailering. One thing I really like is being able to pull it up on any beach be it sand or rocks, also my boat is 17 years old and still looks very good though I replaced the engine last year, the hull and fuel tank should last for a really long time with minimal maintenance. IMG_4388.MOV
  7. I have never had a problem with mine being hot, the hull is essential one giant heat sink once in the water. As far as ride and light weight, depends of the thickness of aluminum the boat is made from and design, same with noise. My Pacific is made from .250" aluminum which is pretty solid and twice as thick or more than some of the boats pictured here, it is also foam filled, noise it not an issue. As far as corrosion I have a large aluminum anode of the hull and have had no issues. Also worth noting there are different types of aluminum, Pacific boats are made from 5086 which is more corrosion resistant than 5052 which is what most boats like Lund or Duranautic are made from, that said I had a 16' '76 Duranautic that was still rock solid when it was 40 years old. My 19' is about the same ride, performance, weight as similar style fiberglass boat. My reason for owning it is low maintenance, durability and safety.
  8. Interesting choice, not too many on the east coast, what other brands did you consider?
  9. What did the hood look like?
  10. I had a '05 Honda 90 on my boat up until last year, it is a good motor, it is carburated not FI, mine had under 500 hours and was well taken care of but some of the bolts were frozen in the block, I had to replace one of the carburetors as well as the choke butterfly froze and it wasn't a serviceable part.
  11. The Trail Special edition that came out this year look pretty good, neat that is comes with a factory lift.
  12. May have been mine, I have posted a couple pictures of it. It is a good boat but I sometimes miss the simplicity of the Duranautic.
  13. Dry as long as you keep the bow up, it doesn’t have a big enough chine where it could knock down the spray when the bow is down at speed. It is a modified V pretty sharp entry but only 14 degrees at the transom.
  14. I had a ‘76 16 Duranautic up until a few years ago, put a new Yamaha 25hp on it it was a great boat I regret selling it. Bought a 16’ Workskiff with a Honda 50, also a great boat, sold that and got a 19’ Pacific with a Honda 90 which I removed last year and repowered with a Mercury 150. I love aluminum boats!
  15. Google tiny boat nation, they have a website and make all kinds of neat stuff to customize interiors of aluminum boats like this.