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  1. Went out in Salem, Marblehead area today, pretty windy, no bird activity, no fish either, talked to a few guys with no action either.
  2. So true, I went to Tomo's two weeks ago mid day on a Saturday and it was bad, feel bad for anyone who lives close to that area this time of year.
  3. I had one but found the grip uncomfortable and sold it.
  4. Anyone go out today? Thinking of going out in Salem area Sunday or Monday
  5. I have read the one on Ama... are pretty good and reasonably priced.
  6. What weight? Where in MA?
  7. Went out in Salem harbor today, caught a few schoolies and a small Bonito. Caught them on small epoxy jigs. Good day.
  8. Got my first boat from Fernalds in 1976, 12’ Duranautic.
  9. Only con for me was the price, I have a gen 1, it has been flawless, I also have a couple Quantum 40s and Stradic 4k and 5k reels, I prefer the VR50 over those in almost all situations, it is a very comfortable reel for me to use.
  10. Is that a thing? I had not heard about that.
  11. Went out today in Salem area from Kernwood, had a great day despite the weather caught a lot of stripers mostly on epoxy jigs in shallow water, most around 28" or smaller, lots of bird activity which helped us locate them.
  12. I like to spray the nuts and bolts with fluid film, it can't hurt and only help prevent corrosion.
  13. I have a set of the small ones, no issues with them so far IMO they are very well made and strong.
  14. How does it differ from say a Stradic where you can swap the handle from one side to the other?
  15. Same here, I did a quick search, they look really nice and well made for short money. Very little info the brand that I could find. Edit. They have a site on e… with all their reels.