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  1. i have mixed feels about this i saw the before and after of the white salmon and i think its going to take a long time to clean up there this a 200 yard mud flat at the mouth of the white salmon that goes out into the Columbia river where there was once an nice hole all we can do is hope for lots of rain to wash all the crap and silt out of the system i have friends that live in white salmon and i was there over thanksgiving 2011 and it was a huge mess the boat ramp and little bay are all silted in you could not put a boat in the water
  2. Bull snake
  3. Well guys sorry i cant make it this year i have a big three day event friday saturday and sunday in gilroy oh well maybe next time
  4. From the album Forum Attachments

  5. well im going to have to see my event book see if i can get the 30th off and if so i guess i can bring my shrimp dip
  6. well some of the best advice i have gotten was you cant catch fish sitting at home welcome to the site anif you can go to the fling in hmb of july 31 you will learn more than u could rember that one time and meet some great people like mike him self maybe good luck and tight lines
  7. well from the pic i saw i call bs the the first person to assume is the first to make a butt out of them self DONT even pull the im asain crap! anyway lets drop this and move on i think he now understands where we stand
  8. i do not support this! and i bet this fish did not make it back in the water. the fish is on dry pavement a good 10 to 20 feet out of the water. Just a friendly reminder the fish and game wardens love when you post a pic of your self and admit to breaking the law im sure that TimS would gladly give them your info
  9. if any of you guys need help finding your twig and berrys im sure DD will help along with the seal pup
  10. tomorrow morning call me to night
  11. i"ll take it please send me a pm with address so i can get you a money order
  12. 2 3/8 to 3 oz cream/flo orange head pencil
  13. im in santa cruz county
  14. thanks guys i think that was the place i was thinking of but could no rember the name
  15. So my reel has said its done and is ready to retire. I have looked at the tackle shops around here and they do not carry surf reels for casting all day. and with the price of fuel at 4.25 i cant just go hit all the shops on a wild goose chase . so if you guys could let me know what shops are worth looking at would be great i have looked online but if im going to spend 250$ on a reel i want to see if it is the right fit for my rod. the rod it would be going on is a lami 1322-2 thanks guys