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  1. I will also test the new SWA at empty spool with and without bail arm. Easy to do since I have not put any line on it yet.
  2. I have two more 2014 5 and 6k that got more used bottom fishing. I will test that. I came across this old thread and he tested his by bypassing the bail arm. The 90 degrees bail arm adds about 1.4 times the force. I was able to confirm it by turning the reel sideway to bypass the bail arm. The number drop to about 9 lbs without bail arm and max of 12 lbs with bail arm and I swear I would break the knob or ruin the thread if I turn it anymore.
  3. That's impressive and a true drag number even if the reel only looks 80% full. Every Shimano reels I've owned, the max drag at full spool is generally half of the advertised max drag.
  4. If going from full spool to leader to 20 lbs dumbbells and it didn't slip then I'm impressed and we are definitely measuring it the same way with no rod involved.
  5. Not easy but it does turn smoothly with a good grip and the drag clicker clicks with it smoothly also. I'll be very surprise that your scale will read 20 lbs when attached to a full spool of line. ALL SHIMANO reels are rated at empty spool. And if you fish a Stradic 4K consistently with 6-7 lbs of drags, be ready to change the pinion and bearing gear often if you like your reel smooth. I fished bridge pilings a lot so my drags are generally pretty tight. The Spheros 6000 spool is approximately 5.5 mm full and 3.3 mm empty so the corresponding radius is 2.75/1.65. At full spool, let's say I get 11 lbs. So at empty spool, it would measure 2.75/1.65 x 11 lbs = 18.37 lbs. Not even the full 22 lbs but of course I didn't want to break my drag clicker when I maxed it out. Edit: You know what, I just locked the drag down on the newer 2021 SWA and I'll be damn, it is much harder to turn than my 2014 Spheros SW! Working backward from the max 22 lbs advertised drag, I get 13.2 lbs at full spool which is about right when I ballpark how much harder it is to turn vs the 10.5lbs on the older Spheros.
  6. Can you easily turn your lock down spool using your hand?
  7. Whether the spool is full or not, at max drag, you can easily turn the spool by hand. But if you attach the line to an empty spool and try to turn the spool by pulling on the line, it will take twice the force if we go from 4 inch full spool to 2 inch empty spool. I think it doubles every time it's halved. 4-2-1 would mean 10-20-40 lbs if the spool is 4 inch but 3 inch deep. If you can't easily turn the spool by hand, then the drag washers are shot and compressed.
  8. I buttoned it down completely and hooked it up to my dusty line tester. This is what I'm getting before the spool slip:
  9. Nothing to do with the fact that the newer one is an HG compare to the PG of the older model? I have a couple of the older Spheros SW in 5 and 6 K and they have been pretty bullet proof fishing near lock down drag at full spool which is only about 8-9 lbs. Shimano's drag rating are quoted at empty spool. I ordered and have in hand the PG 2021 Shimano Spheros SWA from Plat with the same low gear ratio as the older 2014 SW. I will find out if it's really the material or is it the higher finer gear teeth of the HG or XG that's contributing to the quicker wear rate compare to the 2014 SW.
  10. Early morning is best.
  11. Anclote power plant is a safe bet especially if it's cold. You don't need anything more than a 4000 Stradic or any 10 oz reel 4 oz rod combo with 10-15 lbs braid and 20-25 lbs leader. Big jacks will likely be around when it's cold mixed in with Pompanos and Permits. Big trouts should be in there like they are every year. Light leader and light jigs and even free line shrimp right along the drop off. Honeymoon Island if there's an east wind. Sheepshead are also out on the flats and bridges and during the winter, mud crabs or fiddler is best. Near the full moon or new moon, you can head down to Fort Desoto around 3 am and pick up large jumbo shrimps at night with a good headlight and dipnet walking the shallow flats on an outgoing tide. They will be along the shoreline also. You might want to eat that or freeline it for big winter time trouts along the deep holes surrounding the park.
  12. If you are in Tampa Bay or in the intercoastal, do not use it. Their tide graph is very misleading on two tides day. They'll show all day incoming but in reality, it's incoming until 9 am, then slack or actually slow outgoing until noon, then incoming again until 5 or 6 pm. You show up to your spot at 10 am and wonder why there is no current moving when the graph shows a steady rising tide. Use the free flytomap tides and currents for Android or use ayetides for IOS.
  13. Yucatan or bristol knot is an inherently strong knot because of it's double line nature. Even a surgeon knot which is a 50-60% knot will get you 100% with the double line knot. The weakness is the knot used to tie the double line. A bimini will yield anywhere from 70% to 100 %. A surgeon loop or spiderhitch will get you anywhere from 55%-70% depending on the braid. So you have a 100% knot(bristol/yucatan/no name knot/uni knot) that is only 100% because it's being tied to a double line. The 100% knot is in front of the knot used to double the line. That knot unfortunately is not 100% so the double line knot in that 2 knot system will always be the weak link.
  14. I fish mainly this combo with 10 lb spiderwire ultracast around structure with initial drag set at 8-9 lbs (that's actually near max drag at full spool). Shimano reels drag are rated at empty spool. If I feel undergunned then I'll step up to Berkeley 20 lbs braid which breaks north of 40 lbs. . At maximum drag, none of the line is going to break. In fact I've never had it break due to the knot or heavy drag. I rather break the line than have a large fish break me off on structure due to not fishing enough drag. I would think stripers on the beach, you wouldn't need more than 10 lbs drag maximum. 5-7 lbs of drag is more likely and that's plenty of drag.
  15. Maxcuatro in 20 lbs test is about the thinnest line that has actual breaking strength above 35 lbs and FG knot around 27-28 lbs. It's only a hair thicker than most 10 lbs braid and thinner than most 15 lbs braid. Samurai braid is just so so in strength to diameter ratio. It's about the thickness of most 15 lbs and that doesn't make it the strongest 30 lbs braid since most 15 lbs braid will break around 30 lbs like Daiwa Samurai. Waste of money. I tried it and test it.