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  1. I can't explain that drop but technically it's not a used line whose ABS tested 102.55 lbs when new. We don't know the ABS of that particular used sample when it's new. We tested a new line from a different spool than the used line. Same manufacturer but it's not always 100% consistent from spool to spool. That's why I want to test your sample of Yozuri 65 lbs braid and see if it has better S/W ratio than the one RayS sent.
  2. Did you look at the FG bobbin strength? It's the best way to get close to PR knot strength without making a long knot which really hinders casting thru the guide. Look at app????'s post on the tuna forum. He has a youtube video and it really helps with FG knot in line test that are above 50lbs. I mean no more mid 60% FG knot strength. The bobbin finish will bump it up to 80-90%. I've tested a few in that excel chart and you can see the improvement in Yozuri Super Braid over a regular finish FG knot. Not sure about the metered version of Berkley 65 being the same as the white one quality wise and the limited testing I've done with testing use braid is that ABS drops 10-20% when worn. On higher test braid not having good S/W ratio: App???? has a theory and I think he is deadon. You will find that for any manufacturer, the 10 lbs line is their best line in terms of S/W and S/D ratio. They use the best quality spectra. When you jump up to 30-80 lbs test, you see the S/W ratio drops dramatically except for the Pro Spec and most Spiderwire. To make 30 lbs line that has ABS of 50lbs, you need to braid twice the materials that you used in making the 10 lbs test(assuming ABS of around 25 lbs). So you are using twice the materials and charging the same price per yds! It gets worst when you bump up to 50-80 lbs! So you switch to a lower quality spectra. Makes sense to me. Weave the best 10 lbs braid x 4 and you will have the best 65-80 lbs braid breaking upward of 100 lbs.
  3. Go to the map page, under advanced, choose current predictions.
  4. Navionic seems to be close enough. Arrow indicates current directions. Seems to agree with NOAA 77 degree and 261 degrees for flood and ebb direction.
  5. Google Noaa tides and currents. Type in woods hole, MA and choose current prediction(not tide).
  6. It's coated so it does wear out. I got a sample to fish with. 250 yds is on the Stradic FL but I haven't used it long enough to tell you how well the line is holding up.
  7. Did a 15 secs test with the Stradic FL and it was fine. Don't feel like another disassembly again. Lol
  8. I think it's an upgraded Nasci. Will know more once they release the schematic.
  9. I don't think the inshore one has a body seal. And it's probably a locomotive gear instead of worm gear.
  10. Not a single standard gear option again for the new FL on Shimano USA page! I wonder why I have to fix my own reels and order parts and reels from oversea just because I prefer the low gear option. To hell with Shimano USA. Cheaper from oversea anyway!
  11. Surprisingly, it did better than the newer Stradic FL with a different xprotect mechanism. I don't know if it is because I generally tighten the rotor nut one cover teeth click more than the factory. This was on a previously disassembled Sustain FI whereas I dunk the Stradic FL straight out of the box. I guess I have to go dunk the Stradic FL for 60 secs for the second time now. Maybe tomorrow. You guys be the judge if you see any water in the gear box after 60 secs. Twinpower XD: Stella SW 5000
  12. The 1k-4k comes either with small round knob or flat T handle.
  13. I will this weekend. I put Sunline Xplasma Asegai 18lbs on it (ABS about 24 lbs). No, the reel will be fished with 3 added bearings but I doubt it will improve the smoothness noticeably. If anything, additional added grease will slow the free spin a tad bit but you don't do those high speed spin test in real fishing situation unless I'm ripping a spoon quickly across the surface for Spanish Mackerel. We know for the FK, as soon as you jump to the 5k size, Shimano use the B size knob to stay consistent with reels that are 5k and up and use size A for 1k-4k reel. I'm more curious about the 5k spool of the Stradic FL. I'm sure the height will be the same for the spool and it will be just deeper. This will be an interesting spare spool option that you can throw into existing Stella 4000 and get more capacity!
  14. Look at the break down of the 2019 Vanquish and the 2018 Stella done by . The Stradic FL shares so many parts and the xprotect mechanism is the same on all three reels.
  15. Why are there so many parts from other reels? If I arrange mine randomly like that when I break it down, I'll never be able to put it back together again.