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  1. Hard to go back to soft line for 10lbs test and under. The slight stiffness makes it so trouble free in handling.
  2. You need a second opinion. That oscillating gear is often plastic and doesn't carry much load. You are not getting the right advice or misunderstood the advice. It's not hard to do with Youtube offering full tear down these days. Search the reel maintenance thread. I think I have full teardown of it somewhere. Not the exact reel but a similar twinpower. If you don't feel like doing all of that and send it off to Shimano in California.
  3. So you're planning on doing the oscillating gear yourself? If you can do that, there's no need to ever bring your reel in for maintenance.
  4. I thought they are done repairing your reel? Strange that the worn out gear is the oscillating gear since the main gear and the pinion gear carries the load. The oscillating gear mainly reduces the large pinion gear teeth to make the up and down shaft movement super slow for a nice flat line wrap.
  5. He outsourced so some aspect of the repair is out of his controls. The repair dude screwed up but the shop you dropped it off took responsibility for it. It takes time to get parts from Shimano and sometime they just don't have the parts available even though it is not discontinued. Invest in some good screw drivers and a .9mm hex bit from Amazon and youtube Shimano reels. There are extensive take down guides. They are generally the same and spending a few hours with each reel will give you a very good idea on how to repair them.
  6. TimS, I'm seeing most parts and gears are still available for that Sustain. It is not that old. Only one gen older than the current Sustain FI. Edit: Sorry didn't read the post from the repair shop. Looks like they are doing the right thing by getting you the original handle and or broken gear.
  7. Otherwise you can order your half of the handle without the knob for $17 direct from Shimano plus the knob for another $4 assuming you should be able to use the existing bearing.
  8. Send me the handle. Yes you can trust me. I'll switch it out and make it match except for the small round knob. I need your half of the handle anyway since my rubber knob is getting sticky and riveted in. I'm assuming your paddle knob is removable. If it is, we'll both be doing each other a favor. Otherwise, I would have to order an older stella handle from Japan since I don't want to drill out the rivet.
  9. I just bought the 10 lbs and tested it. ABS is 27.35 so it does live up to it's 28 lbs rating that is on the box. Line mass came in a 12.0 mg/ft for S/W of 2.28. Very consistent with all the other 10 lbs Spiderwire variation. FG knot came in at 78% or 21.25 lbs. It feels smoother and thinner than the 4 strand ultracast invisibraid but the stiffness is about the same.
  10. Just to make sure the derived diameters are in the ball park, I wrapped those lines 20 times around the metal post on the line tester and measured the width of those 20 wraps and divided by 20. Of course the width depends on how tightly you push those wrap lines together. I measured them in a relaxed zero gap state and I measured it again where I push the line tightly together. The average agrees with the derived diameter. Once again proving that you can't really measure braid since it is oval most of the time and derivation is quick and easy and precise enough.
  11. It assembles in this order for a Type B handle:
  12. The 5000 FK is a type B and the 4000 is a type A..BUT THE THREAD AND HANDLE LENGTH IS THE SAME. So yes you can just by a 4000 handle with the paddle knob and yes it will clear the spool just fine. The 5000 spool is 54 mm vs 51 mm for the 4000 spool. The rotor is the same for both reels(same part number so the smaller knob or paddle will not strike the rotor or bail). The only difference in the 5000 vs 4000 is the spool and handle but both of those parts are also interchangeable. The smallest Gomexus knob that will fit a type B is this 34 mm silver one. But unfortunately, I don't see it on Ebay anymore. It's a universal fit that will fit type A or B. It does require some odd bearing sizes and a couple of washers. :
  13. The only reason why I wouldn't invest in a Danco TI plier is that they use the same cutters as their aluminum pliers. Those cutters are crap and need replacing every 6 months if you cut braid and mono. I've gone thru many pair and wish I didn't lose my Donmar. The Donmar is certainly more but their cutter last much longer.
  14. Yes, braid line can take on whatever shape you squeeze or mold it into. The difference between stated diameter and derived diameter is because the stated diameter is often the thinnest section of the line when measured with a micrometer. If you measure an oval line, would you state the thinnest or thickest section if you are the marketing department? Now take that oval line and thread it into a round cylinder. The smallest cylinder that will accommodate that oval line is the derived diameter.
  15. Yes for sure...if you can get the FG knot to hold on 8lb flurocarbon.