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  1. You maybe at the weakest part of your line since it is a worn line but at most, you are losing a max of 30 percents. You lose that much even with the FG knot when your line is brand new. So you have new line at your terminal end and you lose 30 percents to knot. Your weaker worn line near the end of your spool, even though 20-30 % weaker than a brand new line, still has about the same strength since it does not lose any to knots. If you don't reverse the line and keep using the worn end, your overall strength can drop as much as 50% when knots and worn line are factored in.
  2. Take it from a guy who used to modify and strap mr16 halogen bulb to a bump cap to go shrimping at night, buy a Zebralight or the newer Fenix light that use 18650 battery. I have 2 generation of Zebralight H600w MK and they have been flawless the last 4 years. They are sealed, well design, and proven durable by yours truly. The gen 4 H600w MKIV is now up to 1400 lumens and will go down as low as .07 to 2.9 lumens and it will likely last you a month. Stick with good charger and good battery and don't blow up your house in the middle of the night when you're charging it. It's overkill for fishing but it last and you have that option to really light it up.
  3. Photobucket changed their policy.
  4. I tend to avoid braid straight to terminal tackle since I want some shock absorbing with mono or fluro leader. Plus braid to terminal tackle knot is weak in braid and gets weaker as the tackle get bang up on bottom structure. You want thin line to minimize current drag then you want to make the most of your thin line's strength and the FG and PR knot does that very well.. I never do braid straight to swivel even with an egg sinker and bead since that tends to foul up very easy. I always add a 4 to 8 ft section of mono before tying to swivel since it fouls much less.
  5. No. FG and PR are braid to leader knot. Palomar and loop knot are for tying the mono/fluro leader to your jig or hook or whatever, hence the term terminal tackle.
  6. 30 lbs ABS or labeled strength? Maxcuatro is strong in 30lbs with good FG knot strength or use PR knot and go with Seaguar 30lb Flurocarbon. I wouldn't tie a palomar terminal knot since that might exceed the PR knot strength of your line. I would imagine a loop knot of some sort that makes your terminal tackle knot test out to 30lbs or so.
  7. Where are you fishing? How are the other fisherman's gear? Are they using 22 oz reel and heavy spoon for Spanish Mackerel. What is the required casting distance to reach the fish. Macks aren't known as structure charging fish and I don't think you need more than 10 lbs braid. We often step down to 8lbs braid to 40 lb leader for long distance with lighter and smaller lures to match the hatch. Macks like shiny stuff move fast but ironically, they'll only hit on the fall with slower sinking jig. That makes working a heavy lure with a heavy setup very tiresome. Think outside the box and try a 1oz popping cork trailed by 8ft of 40lbs mono leader to a small flashy jig or spoon or even a 1/8 oz crappie jig. Pop the cork fast and keep the small lure behind it moving fast on the surface. Had lots of fun seeing surface strike this morning when the rest of the pier said no, the macks are not here today. 10lbs Fireline on a Stradic 4000 and a St Croix Avid 7ft6 medium action sends a popping cork a long way.
  8. It's still braid. No idea on the terminal knot on braid.
  9. Handi in the reel maintenance forum would be your best bet for answer. Like you said, even if you get matching pinion and main gear, wouldn't you have to worry about gear reduction for the worm gear and make sure it meshes smoothly? And it might sit and spins fine in the open housing but once you attach the handle and close both side plates, things will start to bind with the other side plate now in place and screwed tight.
  10. That used to be my assumption until I test some really expensive hard to obtain Japanese PE line like YGK Oddport and Shimano EX 8. I think both lines are 20-30 cents a yard vs your 10-12 cents a yard USA made line. Their strength to diameter is no better than some much cheaper USA made line like Fireline and Spiderwire. All these lines are made from either Spectra or Dyneema and there are different grades of those materials but they do have an upper limit in S/W ratio. I keep hoping the line manufacturing would find a way to wound, fused them in such a way so that it would be as thin as possible while retaining it's strength but they've seemed to reach an upper limit also. The side effects/benefits of fusing, winding, coating them in different way is that they behave differently on the rod and reel and we get to choose the line characteristics that best suits our fishing situations.
  11. That looks pretty sharp! The color match nicely with the FJ!
  12. You see, even if your windknot problem is 1/100 cast, switching to a more wiry line will reduce it to 1/5000 cast. Actually with new Fireline Crystal, it's more like 1/10000 cast and increasing to 1/1000 cast after the line is worn in. This is why for the 10 lbs class(ABS 20-30 lbs) and thinner, wiry thin line is noticeable trouble free. You just fish and don't even think about your casting. With that said, Fireline above 20 lbs is too wiry and thick for me and I use softer braid in larger diameter. Eric, try 14 lbs Nanofil on a baitcaster. I swear it's like using 8lb line mono but with the sensitivity and strength of a braided line. It has a little bit of memory combine with it's slickness makes it cast better than mono but behaves like mono. You don't get the overly limp feel of thin soft braid. Spool overrun is more predictable since you get that mono coil to warn you that you are pushing the envelope and to add a bit more braking. Using that on an a Daiwa Alpha and Curado 200K for flounder, Pompano and trout and backyard bass. Nanofil on a baitcaster twists much less and the line seems to last longer before I have to rotate it.
  13. The Vicious No Fade Braid seems to stand up to fading and fraying. But it's S/W ratio is just so so. Try the Sunline XPLASMA Asegai but I've heard the larger test is a softer line, not stiff and wiry and tough like the 18 lbs. Lately Nanofil seems to last longer on my baitcaster compare to my spinning reel. Less twist, less stress on the line.
  14. Same problem every now and then. Had to switch to baitcaster and give my right hand a break. Grew up retrieving right on a baitcaster but slowly switching all my baitcaster to left retrieve. Oh the pinched nerve affects my right shoulder and arm.