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  1. Ok yours. PM coming.
  2. Won these. I’m a Costa guy and they don’t fit my dome right. Brand new. Never worn. Best I can find via Google is $92 to $102. $80 PP/Shipped.
  3. I will get back to you today. K9100 and I were trying to work out a meet up at some point, so I want to make sure he has no objections to me accepting your offer.
  4. Will do. Probably good possibility. We were at the boardwalk with the kids Friday night. I'll reach out when we head down again.
  5. An even more useless jellyfish type being. Though it isn’t a jellyfish.
  6. They are as cheap as $80 on the auction site. The PT version at least.
  7. I’m near West Deptford. Not sure it is worth it for either of us.
  8. Bag yes. Polarized unsure, but I doubt it based on price.
  9. lol Yes that is fine.
  10. $45? Based on the discount you gave on the reel? lol
  11. Ok that sounds fine to me. I'll take it as long as you can ship in the next day or two.
  12. It looks like the handle has been off it? Is everything good to go? Is it new or used?
  13. Striper should be pretty easy to cross off. Go there anytime between late February and Christmas. Wait until night time and go fish around any bridge. 1/4 to 3/4 ounce jighead and a pink Zoom Super Fluke. This will also give you a shot at weakfish and bluefish May to October. Big surf stripers and drumfish are a late April to early or mid June deal. Clams or bunker off the bayside or front beaches. Plugs if you know where to go. Fluke in the back bays and off the sod banks pretty much all fluke season long. Bucktail and Gulp or the John Skinner bucktail/gulp/teaser combo.
  14. I'd be interested in the rod if it split. I reel with the wrong hand ...
  15. I'm still interested shipped to 08061 is the shipping is reasonable.
  16. 08061
  17. If you don't get any pickup offers I'll take this at $75 shipped.
  18. Based on pics it does look like the originals had double footed guides. I'd imagine there is quite a bit of weight savings.
  19. I'm not sure about that, I didn't weigh them before and after or don't remember. But I know it will cast better and fight fish better. Does the original have a double footed 40 or 50 as the stripper? If it does than probably does weigh the same or less. Especially if you go down to size 8 runners.