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  1. 17 hours ago, Cpalms said:

    A few thoughts:

    - 20-21 ft boat you are going to get wet - every time you go out. Invest in some quality rain gear and a bean bag chair for the wife.

    - You don't want a 21 ft boat with a cabin. 21 ft is just too small for a cuddy. Other than to store stuff, it's useless. The cuddy takes up way to much fishing room and you could never actually be inside it when the boat is moving unless you like taking rise in washing machines.  Every small cuddy cabin boat I have every rode in pounds.  Especially those Parkers. The only reason to get a cuddy is if it's a deal breaker for the wife.  After one boat ride she will realize cuddy's suck and a bean bag and some goretex is better.  There is a reason there are so few of these boats around.

    - Your motor is as important or perhaps even more important that your boat.  There are lots of reliable brands out there.  If buying used, it all depends on how the motor was serviced and how it was used (abused).   It is also very important to choose a motor that can be serviced close to home.  Not as easy as you think on Long Island. For example, don't buy a Tohatsu if the closest Tohatsu mechanic is 75 miles away.


    Two of the three points here are dead on. 


    I don't get wet on my boat unless it is really rough and the wind is blowing hard. Unless you are sitting in one of the two transome seats. But on a 20 to 21 footer how often are you taking three or more people? Three is the max you can comfortable do IMO. And probably two with a cabin. 


    I would not get a cabin. Seem to be maintenance disasters that you can't keep clean, dry, and possibly leak. And largely limits how much room you have and people you can bring. A 20 or 21 foot boats gets small very fast. 


    When I was looking for another boat, a skiff, I was told by the mechanic I use to act as if I'm buying only the hull when looking at used boats unless the motor is newer/under warranty. Because you don't know what abuse it has taken or how poor it has been maintained. 

  2. On 5/4/2020 at 2:47 PM, canalsharpie said:

    Do you have a lot of boating experience? Because the older Johnson’s are really forgiving for newer boaters. They’re not great on gas or oil, but they’re reliable and pretty cheap to fix as well as being very forgiving for someone not knowing how to pop in and out gear, where you’ll do a little damage at time to the gears by going slow. 


    I run crab traps with my 1995 Johnson Ocean Runner. The amount of idling hours and gear changing that motor has endured impresses me. Especially considering I'm doing it with a 25 year old motor. 


    Boat in action. 



  3. I have a 20'6 1994 Grady center console with a 1995 Johnson. I have yet to replace the gas tank. The floor is still solid but I do see some spidering cracks that concern me. The transom is solid. 


    The motor hasn't had any major work done. I had to replace the lower unit but that was a self inflicted wound while launching the boat alone. 


    The wiring has needed some fixes and replacing.


    Trailer has been an issue more than anything else.


    It is bad on gas. It smokes. It is loud. But thus far, it has never left me stranded. I can take the boat in 2 feet of water ( drafts about 18 inches with the motor down ) but I've also used it in a 6 foot bay type chop to a big ocean swell to 6 to 8 foot inlet swell with no issues. 


    We don't get soaked constantly as was said above. If you are sitting in the rear/transom seat with a 2 or 3 foot chop and the wind coming in off the side you are sitting on, you will get sprayed. But at the two helm seats it has to be blowing real hard for you to get wet. At the seats in front of the console, you'll never get wet. 


    One thing I take note off pretty often is how many 10 to 30 year old Gradys are still on the water. As I pass other marinas near where I'm at I'd be willing to bet 1/3 to 1/2 of the boats around are Grady Whites and many are from the same generation as mine. I'd never pay the price for a new one for what they go for now, but if something happened to this one I'd be trying to find another Grady for sure. 



  4. Kayaker bought the farm on the Delaware River two weekend ago also. No PFD, fell out of an anchored yak on a day when the river was up about a foot or foot and a half and water temp was still only in the high 40s. 


    I'm amazed how little respect people give bodies of water. 

  5. 11 mins ago, levari said:

    Was it recently? They told me in the phone the place is closed during the coronavirus but they are still shipping with some delays. Told me it takes about 10 days but I am well beyond the 10 days.


    I think I had the same issue. Found out when they tell ya "7 to 10 days" they mean your order will be processed in that time. I waited almost three weeks for a c clip I needed. 


    I started paying for express shipping. They process the orders faster and you generally get what you need in under 5 days. Problem is you pay a $15 or so shipping fee for $10 in parts. 

  6. Small freshwater wood lot. Jigman Frog popper, if it isn't new it passes for new. New K4 Micro Pike. Used Winch Micro Pike. 


    $50 PP/Shipped. 




    Mix of Sebile Stick Shadds and a Mirrolure Catch 2000. The used SS is a 114 sink. 


    $30 PP/Shipped. 




    New Chatterbaits. 


    $25 PP/Shipped. 




    Used Spy Baits. Two Duo Realis and a Arashi Storm. 


    $20 PP/Shipped. 




    Seven new Suspending Red Zone Rattle Traps.


    $30 PP/Shipped. 









  7. 2 hours ago, MaxKatt said:


    Understood.  Thanks for consideration.  


    Never threw them, or knew anything about "spy baits", but they are interesting and seem perfect for sluggish fish as we come out of winter like this.  


    Def worth a try. It was a technique that I had never heard of and in about a month or so became a bait I won’t go smallmouth fishing without. 

  8. Used Spy Baits. Two Duo Realis and a Storm Arashi. 

    $26 PP/Shipped. 





    Used Rapala jerkbaits. Three XR8s, two XR10s, and a Shadow Shad Rap. 

    $30 PP/Shipped.




    Used Bandit crankbaits. 

    $20 PP/Shipped.




    Five NIP Chatterbaits. 

    $25 PP/Shipped.




    Seven new Bill Lewis Red Zone suspending lipless crankbaits/rattletraps. Two different sizes. 

    $35 PP/Shipped.