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  1. Thanks. It is a single layer on the backside of the seat, and three or four layers on the front end. And two to three light layers of epoxy. So far it is held up as well or better than any other method I tried. Four or five guys on here are fishing rods I've done that way and I haven't heard any complaints or seen any rods post use that made me cringe. I can upload some more pics of older rods done this way to see what they look like after a few seasons.
  2. Here is a FiberStar I just finished. I think his is “sleek” and clean looking. It’s just small thread and epoxy ramps.
  3. No one is familiar with that layout lol It appears there should be at least one guide at or just beyond the ferrule. COF or cone of flight is a layout in which each guide decreases gradually to the tip. NGC reduces pretty quick, usually in 4 or 5 guide trains. KR Concept reduces even quicker, usually in 3 ( sometimes 4 ) guides that reduce by half each time. That looks like someone tried to go 30 - 16 - 10 ( or 8? ) and forgot a guide. And used the wrong guides for the application on top of it ( it appears at least ).
  4. All good advice above. I've built rods for 3000 size reels with both 16s and 20s. On the rods I thought I may want to use above 10 pound braid I went with a 20. On the rods/reels I knew I would stay at 10 pound I went with the 16. I have found that when you start trying to reduce the stripper size and distance from reel, your line choice matters almost as much as the size of the reel.
  5. Gotcha. And totally agree.
  6. I’m not sure what you mean?
  7. I’d like to think I’d feel no different at that age either.
  8. I can't understand that either. I feel like my kids alone would keep me going.
  9. As a father of a 1 and 3 year old, I can't fathom it either.