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  1. Awesome. I'd take one of them over two dozen stripers anyday.
  2. Yes. It’s been even higher at times the last few weeks.
  3. It is flowing about 3 times above normal.
  4. Ok so recreationally with commercial type pots. I don’t use them so can’t help you on a builder or style. Just check you local regs, here in NJ even as a recreationally crabber you have to buy a permit to use commercial style pots and are limited to two. Some bodies of water are off limits to commercial style pots also.
  5. Adam Bomb or Stalker. Won't go wrong with either.
  6. Are you looking to commercial crab with pots or recreationally crab with traps? If recreational with traps look into topless crab traps. They are stackable and work very well.
  7. Thank you sir! Grabbed it.
  8. Anyone have one they’d like to unload?
  9. My Dad liked it. My Mom still likes it and has actually asked me to keep her one for Mothers Day dinner at times. So I've eaten it since I was a kid. But I can only do the big ones once or twice a spring. And I keep them from places I can bleed and get them in a cooler of ice quickly. The smaller ones are better for sure but still aren't something I'd keep with any regularity.
  10. No one. Especially after they've sat on the rocks, on a beach, or in a burlap bag for a few hours. Most are being wasted I'm sure.
  11. I think as we lost the Delaware Bay as a fishing destination entirely, the decline of other species coast wide, and limited open season for other species, the amount of people and boats targeting striped bass has gone up, while as a whole the amount of boats fishing may have in fact gone down. But I just look at areas that I surf fish for striped bass and I can tell you the number of people fishing for them has skyrocketed. If you take Cape May out of the Delaware Bay equation I'd bet there are only 25% of the boats fishing the bay when compared to 10 years ago. There is only two party boats still in regular operation, both in Fortescue. And a quick Google search shows me less than 10 charter boats and I seriously doubt they run with any regularity. I never see them and my boat is still down there. Only looking at NJ side. The flip side of that is, as you said, a lot of those boats have simply relocated and now target striped bass out of the coastal areas and or are trailering their boats to the Raritan Bay. Look at the some of the head boats that target striped bass now when Sea Bass, Tog, fluke is closed. A number of those boats would have never even thought to fish for striped bass just a few years ago. So my guess is boats and number of people fishing is down overall, while number of people and boats fishing for striped bass is way up.
  12. Maybe he meant offshore, but there have been big bluefish in south Jersey the last few years. There are charter boats specifically targeting them. One posted a decent fish this morning on FBook.
  13. No need to delete, wasn’t a big deal. Yeah it was great. Windy days you could just go to #1 buoy and anchor up and do decent enough. And you probably didn’t need to go that far. Big weakfish in the mouths of the creeks in the cove or up against the banks along Egg Point. Used to be a great place to fish. Crabbing is still great though.