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  1. All are new: 37 - 5/0 VMC Siwash 25 - 4/0 VMC Siwash 3 - 4/0 Gami Siwash 7 - Dressed 5/0 VMC ( Black and Yellow ) New Packs of VMC 2/0 and 3/0 Inlines $33 PP/Shipped.
  2. Appreciate the interest but I’ll hang onto them for now.
  3. Four new spools of Lime Green Sufix 832. 10lb - 300yd, 20lb - 150yd, 30lb - 150yd, 40lb - 150lb. $73 PP/Shipped.
  4. Capt Bucks is pretty well spot on. I will say I ruined a tire at IBSP driving from A-23 to the air stations at A-5 or 6. Was going 35 or less somewhere around 15 to 18 PSI and I got a bubble in the sidewall. So now I drive even slower and try not to air down to less than 18 PSI.
  5. Very few IMO. I could see the argument for it in inlet/current situations in which you wanted to float a jig or bucktail over structure down current. But for what you gain in float you lose a ton in sensitivity. I think there are other ways to accomplish that. I have no mono rods left and haven't for years. Fresh or salt.
  6. It sounds like it was a father, son, and grandson. It appears the rod DL caught was one of theirs based on FBook.
  7. Apparently they had them spiked and went into the camper to eat. Misjudged the tide and by the time they came out they were all gone. Think he said it may have been as many as 9 but they got some back.
  8. If it was in the Park, check FBook. Guy lost 6 or so rods. Was posting to the FBook groups for the “report” tackle shop and some fishing groups.
  9. It was incredible. From early October to mid December. Election day was always the "peak". I still have the boat at Longreach. And I haven't fished for striped bass in the bay in over 5 years. 40 and 50 fish days in the CM Rips. Gone.
  10. That is how I understand it also. All of these migrating "offshore" bass have to spawn someplace if they actually exist. Well they certainly aren't returning to the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays and rivers. Just how far gone is underscored by the state-sponsored Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament. In 2012, fishermen registered 1,331 citation-size stripers, fish that weighed a minimum of 40 pounds or measured 44 or more inches. Included was a state-record 74-pounder. Last year ( 2018 ), the citation count had crashed to 198, according to Lewis Gillingham, tournament chairman. The Delaware Bay hasn't seen good spring or fall striped bass fishing in about the same length of time. Maybe more. My boat is on the Maurice River. What used to be the bullseye of the DBay striped bass fishery. Last year not a single fish was caught by a boat out of the marina. And as of a few weeks ago, none had been caught this year either. There is one decent bite in the spring at the mouth of the Delaware river. Otherwise, it is shot. These fish have to swim into funnels or confined areas in the spring. If the spring fishing in the bays and rivers hadn't changed so drastically, I could buy the argument that the numbers are still good but the migratory patterns have changed ( "offshore" ). But this isn't the case. The spring fishing in these bays and rivers is a shadow of what it was.
  11. Wouldn’t shock me if that were closer to the truth. The fish behind the scallop boat story was told to me by guys I fish with though. So I’d believe there are some. But big, plentiful schools of fish? Doubtful.
  12. You cannot reason with the people who fail to see what is right in front of them. Whatever bass that people talk about have been offshore forever. Guys were talking about bass behind the scallop boats while tuna fishing 15 years ago. When I spoke at the public comment hearing ( 2013 or 14? ) a NJ charter captain speaking after me spoke about bass 40 miles offshore. Those fish have been out there forever. It is the reason the regs in the EEZ were implemented right? No one cared though because you could catch them inshore. But now that numbers are down, those offshore bass are being noticed. Do all those offshore bass spawn? Do they come in the rivers and bays?
  13. Too many people look at way too narrow of a picture when forming an opinion of this fishery. Just because you did well in one area ( spring Raritan Bay for example this year ), may ( probably ) mean nothing. You could have found a good size school of fish that stayed in an area for awhile ( which I what I believe happened this year in the RB ). The guys that fish the Canal have noted a sharp decline in numbers. The VA/NC fishery is 20% of what it once was ( can be researched via VA Citation program ). The CM Rips and Delaware Bay spring and fall fishery is NON EXISTENT. The spring Delaware River fishery has declined sharpy in the last two or three years. Anyone remember the Susky Flats 10 years ago? Yeah. Gone. Montauk the last few years, this year especially? Dead. Guys went up there and caught more albies than bass, if they caught any bass. The guy in the post above states the MA commercial quota is unfilled as we approach December. I see guys claiming the fishery is ok because they think they issue is beach replenishment in Monmouth and Ocean counties here in NJ. That may ( and probably is ) be part of the issue for those of us surfcasting in those counties, but it doesn't explain the issues elsewhere. Take a step back and think about how things have progressed ( or in this case declined ) over 5 or 10 years. Over many different areas. Outside of Nova Scotia and PEI is there any place the fishing has gotten better? Any place that it has even stayed the same? Any place with a good spread of fish that would seemingly make up a bunch of year classes? Not really, you have 20 to 30 inch fish and 30 pound plus fish for the most part. I'd love nothing more than to be wrong. For those who believe everything is fine to be 100% correct and in two years all of these different fisheries and areas rebound. But, the evidence is not good IMO.