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  1. I’ve got a pile of 5/0 34185s you can have. Close to a full box, like 95 of the 100, just no box. Just send me $5 for shipping. PM me if that works.
  2. I’ve got these three. All size 8s. New ghost, and very good to new looking silver and pink. $24 PP/Shipped.
  3. I'm sure it drug a few extra out of the woodwork this morning. I'd be unhappy if it was done in one of my areas.
  4. That was ugly. Not for any specific reason, the entire thing was not good. The fish probably died, even though it did seem to swim off pretty strongly and was in much better shape than I expected after that prolonged fight. Mike is begging Ron to do the right thing and he just doesn't appear to get it. I don't think you can hold it being foul hooked against him. No one wants to hook a 40 pound bass in the side or back. But as far as the spot burning goes, I'm friends with 125 plus "fishing" people on FBook and I bet half to two thirds of them have either been to the Canal this week or last weekend or are going this weekend or next week. And this was before his videos yesterday. Does it make it right? No. But I'm not sure how much damage was done by the video.
  5. A wiper!
  6. You got them.
  7. The $33 was only for 4. It was $40 PP/Shipped for all 5. If that’s ok, they are sold to you.
  8. I do have all 5. Same condition. Are you interested in all?
  9. They were not sold and I believe I still have them. Will let you know in a bit.
  10. Get one day here and there. Otherwise pretty crappy conditions.
  11. Was able to do the double again this week. Two very nice fish, one of each color.
  12. Gotcha. If nothing trade wise comes and you decide to sell I’d be interested price depending.
  13. What are you looking for?
  14. I’ve got a Stradic 4000FJ. Good to very good condition. Seems to be same ball park price wise.