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  1. The crabs know it’s fall. Like clockwork. Water temps be damned.
  2. I'm amazed at the amount of guys that believe water temps matter much. Water is real warm right? 72 degrees? Well guess what, the mullet still left on time. The fluke moved out of the bays. The Albies are moving. The bucks have already started to chase does. Geese are migrating. And on and on and on. All despite warm water and air temps. Water temps have an effect on whether or not they will actively or aggressively feed ( and even that is minor ). But the creatures are preparing and moving and it has very little to do with water temps. Guys are arguing water temps matter while watching the mullet stream down the beach.
  3. I'll take the AH. Small needle correct?
  4. This year was the year of the greenheads in most places. I've never seen them so bad. And they are relentless once they find you.
  5. Charlie would be jockeying trailers. Bunky would be manning the lift. The race car would be parked a crossed the street on the flatbed for Bridgeport on Saturdays. And the line would be 10 to 20 trailers deep. The good ol' days.
  6. I could write an essay here. My father or I have had a boat either at Higbees Marina in Fortescue or Longreach Marina on the Maurice River since 1994. Everyone has their opinions but who knows. I think overfishing is a serious issue on the striped bass side of things. Weakfish probably more a cycle or some sort. All I know is I haven't bothered fishing in the bay more than once or twice in the last three or four years. We crab ( which has been good ). You have guys with big center consoles with twin outboards perch fishing in the rivers and creeks. It is a shame.
  7. Even 5 years ago it was common to be fishing and have herring swimming around and behind you. Haven't seen that in two or three years ( granted I put no time in over there this year for the big migratory fish ).
  8. If your boat is already on the river, why not give it a shot. But I would not make accommodations to put the boat on the river given the fishing the last few years.
  9. I think it is a simple lack of fish. The entire Delaware River/Bay striped bass fishery is hurting. The bay fishery is and has been terrible for years now. My boat is on the Maurice River and I haven't even thought about fishing for striped bass in the bay for 4 or 5 years. The Cape May charter fleet that wants to fish for striped bass in the spring have moved their boats up to the Cohansey River and are basically fishing the mouth of the river where it meets the bay hoping to intercept whatever fish are left. Instead of simply going straight out of the CM Canal, fishing the lower bay and finding good fishing and giant fish. The Elsinboro/DoD/National Park bloodworm bite was below average to bad this year also. I'm assuming the OP is looking to fish for the big spawning fish in the spring. If you want to catch schoolies to low 30 inch fish than that still seems to be ok but you are looking at fishing Trenton north. My last decent fish was July 20th on a swim shad above Yardley. Of course that coincides with the start of our 2018 monsoon season. They may have been around even longer or may have never left but it wasn't very fishable via wading. 2017 I had keeper sized fish on pencils in June around Lambertville. You'll certainly need a jet boat or need to be very careful with a smaller outboard in those areas. The shad fishing was very good this year and the smallmouth fishing has been good also ( I've had a great year on big smallmouth ) when it is fishable.
  10. The river has been on a pretty steep downward trend the last three years. And I do not see it improving suddenly next season either.
  11. Yours. PM sent. Thanks.
  12. It’s mint. If you are not happy send it back! I think I closed my WTS. Ill PM you.
  13. I have this one. $50 PP/Shipped.
  14. Ok. In my amatuer mind and opinion, an acid wrap is advantageous. But I have fished and caught big fish ( Cobia ) on conventionals without the line ever touching the blank.