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  1. Sorry, I didn't get a notification on this reply... my bad. Unfortunately nothing to offer in trade, just looking to buy. Thanks!
  2. No luck on my 275 search, so going with a cheaper option. If you have one let me know, thanks!
  3. Yes, still available, but I am in Costa Rica until early March. Wouldn't be able to ship anything until then.
  4. Yeah, a higher speed reel is on the docket eventually- but for now I need the durability and reliability of a VS. That fine pacific sand is nasty stuff! Will also be good for jigging amberjack, tuna, etc. We’ve done well with 275’s in the past so I’m not sweating it at the moment.
  5. Thanks Mike, but I need to go 275 - moving to central america and I need the retrieve speed for roosters. Appreciate the offer though!
  6. I don’t use this as much as my regal, so no use keeping it as a fancy backup. Vise is in immaculate condition. Also have all of the heads- omni, magnum, and micro. Comes with a pedestal base, neoprene case, and the hex keys required to make adjustments. $250 shipped or pickup north of Boston. Thanks!
  7. There was a south bend automatic fly reel in the same box, so they could likely be originals. Thanks for the info!
  8. Putting out some feelers for a new reel. Will entertain bailed or bailless. Just seeing what's out there! Thanks!
  9. Clearing out some boxes for a move - this stuff was in a garage for years, then lived in my attic. I found some cool stuff in the box (Martin and South Bend automatic fly reels) but don't know much about the rest. The lures were in the box- no idea where the reel ended up! Thanks for any info!
  10. Payment rec'd and getting shipped out today- closing this. Thanks DD & SOL!
  11. Are you on the cape? I'm working in Woods Hole tomorrow, I can bring the box with me.
  12. Thanks, but I'll need to let GraniteSt take a look at it first for the listed price. I'll update if anything changes on his end.